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Beautiful Unseen Colors (Open)

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Beautiful Unseen Colors (Open) Empty Beautiful Unseen Colors (Open)

Post by Zayne O'Reilly Tue Apr 16, 2013 11:57 am

The temperature was wonderful. A perfect degree just between too cold and too warm. The temperature made specifically for picnics or walks. The breeze was such that it ruffled clothing and hair the slightest bit and offered a gentle touch to anyone that ventured outside. Puffy white clouds floated above, offering shade for those that followed in their shadows. The perfect color of blue painted the sky, fading to a lighter shade as it neared the horizon. The sun burned high in the morning sky, signalling that it was near noon. Birds called out to one another and butterflies drifted along. Yes. It was definitely a good day.

A certain red haired Creig strolled along leisurely. His head tilted upward as he traveled along a nature trail. Trees bordered each side of the path, stretching high above hikers' heads, offering their comforting shade to those that chose to travel the trail. Old wooden benches could be spotted at various areas where the path branched. They served almost as thinking areas. To choose the right path, or to continue onward to the left?

Zayne traveled onward. Listening to the calming sounds of everything around him. Squirrels running along through untouched forest and birds hopping along while chattering to neighbors. Occasionally, Zayne would whistle back a soft and short melody so that a flying friend might answer him.

Zayne could have walked on the same path for ages, safe not for the threat of hunger. But he was quite prepared for such ordeals. A messenger bag bumped against his side with each step. Inside were sandwiches and water, the petfect lunch for the perfect day. Of course, the bag also had a book or two inside. The best places to read were quiet areas in the shade of large trees. Where the breeze would seemingly time itself so that it would turn the pages for him. If he wasn't careful, Zayne would sometimes feel himself dozing off.

Ah, there was that special place. That one place where the tree branches cast speckled shade, the lush green grass offered a nice pillow, and a nearby pond rippled lightly as ducks made their way across the water.

Zayne smiled just the slightest bit in contentment as he sat down, leaning his back against the tree and crossing his legs. With calm, somewhat lazy, movements Zayne withdrew a book from his bag. The pages were old and slightly yellow, giving off that musty old book smell; it was the best smell to Zayne though. Opening up his book, Zayne leaned over and began to lose himself within the text.

Time slipped away from him, the dark blue sky had shifted to a warm orange and the clouds had rolled away. The temperature had grown slighter colder but Zayne had yet to notice. Where the man had been so engulfed in his book earlier, he was now leaned back against the tree. The book was left open in his lap, one hand splayed across the pages as the wind tried to read onward. The man's eyes were closed in slumber, his face relaxed as he dreamt.

The sun continued its slow trek through the sky as Zayne slhmbered on. He'd wake up, probably groggy, come nightfall....maybe. Unless of course someone bothered to wake him up. Of course, he'd probably growl at them at first but it'd be a lot better than waking up stiff and cold.
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Post by Guest Tue May 07, 2013 12:20 am



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