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Arm And A leg away... (Open)

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Arm And A leg away... (Open) Empty Arm And A leg away... (Open)

Post by Silvac Thu Oct 10, 2013 2:07 am

He had wandered through there for ages, The great sands had almost engulfed him too. If he hadn't decided to leave when he did he might not of even made it at all. The chimerae was tough this was fact, but one cannot survive on the flesh of the slain and water that had slept for so long. It had been just as harsh of a journey from the Great sands as it had been into them. He was fairly sure as well that he couldn't of stayed in the plant for any longer than he had. Sure he was able to barely survive there but it was better than some places where HAD to hide. This place... This automail rich canyon seemed like a place where he had to hide as well. But there was far fewer military bits here than he had expected. The tall creature rolled it's arms wincing a bit as his automail one popped a bit. The joints needed to be taken care of and the rest of the arm wasn't too far behind on requiring maintenance. The chimerae had stumbled upon a small group of travelers right outside of another town, they were terrified at him at first but when the large creature simply asked for directions they did their quickest to send him on his way. It was strange, Silvac wasn't usually the type to ask for directions but it seemed to ease the nerves of those that he directly spoke to. The tall chimerae gazed about, the street he was on was deserted... Then again it was more of a larger alley than anything. He sighed softly; when he first got here someone took a pot shot at him with some kind of rifle. While the thing didn't directly hurt him (simply bouncing off of the thick chest-plate) It did start a bit of a panic around him; within moments of him arriving the dual wielding chimerae was alone in the streets.


The chimerae looked around; it was far too quiet for some reason. Usually there was the buzz in cities or towns that would accompany the middle of the day; but as of right now it seemed there was nothing going on. The high tensity that followed of a predator stalking a prey; even though he was not on the hunt. The chimerae sighed a bit before striding forward; he blinked a few times as he heard something scrape against what he recalled to be dumpsters a few paces back. The chimerae spun about his favored sword Insanity ready to come down on someone if they decided to cause him trouble. The large creature paused and refocused his eyes onto what appeared to be a kitten; weak; young and unprepared for the world. Two of the poor creature's legs were replaced with automail variants. So it MUST of had an owner at some point. The chimerae slung it's weapons over it's back and squatted down making a small snicking noise to gain the cat's attention. The creature tilted it's head and limped over to him sniffing at the chimerae's armored hand; it looked up at him and meowed very softly; weakly... As though looking for something.

We're both looking for somewhere to go... Aren't we? Let's find your owner....

The creature tilted it's head and scooped up the kitten who curled up against the chimerae's armor while Silvac made sure that he was holding it right. He seemed to be mistaken as far as the age of the cat that much was certain. He glanced about a bit and sighed wondering where he would even start. The chimerae slowly started to pad towards what looked to be a hotel, maybe some of the travelers there would know where to find this creature's owner. The chimerae didn't even get as far as the first street when he ran into a problem. There was alot of very filled to the brim streets of both automail salesmen and people that did not appreciate chimerae's roaming about their city. Nor did they want to even deal with the fact he was trying to find a kitten's home and someone willing to do repairs.

The large chimerae paused at the beginning of the street his eyes roaming a crowd who hadn't yet noticed the monster in their midst. Many people averted their eyes after a few moments while some hurried along; a few paused and glared in the direction of the chimerae who could feel their eyes boring into him. The chimerae slowly started to pad towards where he saw the flickering lights of the hotel. Many salesmen closed their stalls when he was approaching; a few didn't but continued to wave him forward. The chimerae wasn't looking to create trouble here; he was in too much need for it to. Sure he had ample amount of money from the men he had killed back in the great desert but he doubted anyone wanted blood soaked money.

Silvac paused when he saw a group of burly looking men approach them; one of them looked quite irate. He glared up at silvac; his diminutive stature rather amusing to those that would even considering his size. The chimerae however just blinked a pair of times and growled at the man who took a step back his hand pointing at the cat. The chimerae glanced down at the kitten who was looking like it was getting ready to jump down on the ground. The chimerae gently placed the kitten on the ground whom after a moment got it's bearings and padded over to the man. The man leaned down and picked up the automail burdened cat. The man glanced up at the chimerae and then suddenly grinned at him. The man started speaking in a heavy accented creten; not to the point where silvac couldn't understand him but still.

Been looking for this cat all afternoon; been worried sick! You have a place to stay?

The chimerae paused for a moment then gingerly shook his head; he hadn't a place to stay for a long time and it was fairly obvious with where he was that he wouldn't have one either. The man frowned a bit and crossed his arms with the cat laying across his arms rather comfortably. The man glanced behind him at the other pair of men that were with him; they looked to be guards of some kind. Neither of them blinked or moved past when the center man did. The man took a big puff of air and glared back at them for a moment. He then looked back at Silvac who was busy lighting up a cigar. Then man grinned a bit and Silvac paused; he gave the man one of his cigars after scuffling about his side bag.

Well how bout this... You stay at my hotel for free whenever You're in town. My treat.

The man gestured to the hotel behind him before trudging off leaving silvac standing by himself for a moment. The chimerae seemed skeptic but eventually decided to follow the man to the hotel. Silvac glanced about the place before following the man further into the hotel. The man gestured around after the two men left his side and were just simply standing by themselves. The man went about explaining all the facilities. Silvac was only able to keep up with maybe about half of the words that the man was using. Most of which were FAR outside of his understanding. The man paused a few times and kept checking behind him to make sure silvac was still there. After almost an hour of explaining his hotel the man finally stopped. Silvac hadn't said a word nor had he drank from anything offered to him.

You.. Don't talk much?

I Don't.

Fair enough, Go ahead and take room number Four. The current occupant should get along with yah just fine~

The chimerae blinked a few times and then glanced around his eyes roaming over the plaques that were on the entrances to each hall. The man blinked a bit and gestured down one hall. The chimerae did a little bowing action (He had picked that up from a friend way back) before heading down the hall. The chimerae stopped when a man in a blue shirt gestured to the room which the chimerae had passed. Silvac nodded in thanks and turned the knob; the door didn't budge, it took only a moment for the man next to him to provide both a key and some weird door hanging thing with what looked to be a sleeping man on one side and a maid on the other. The chimerae sighed a bit and unlocked the door. He went inside and twisted the lock mechanism for a quick moment wincing at his arm again. He turned about and flicked on the light the sudden change in brightness messing with his eyes for a brief moment....

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