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» Training Private Daw (Open to Amestrian Militants Only)
Modern Day Alchemists: A Fullmetal Alchemist Role Play EmptyMon Nov 04, 2013 6:07 pm by Dawsic

Modern Day Alchemists: A Fullmetal Alchemist Role Play EmptyMon Oct 21, 2013 12:59 am by Silvac

» Baldursdóttir, Ymir [done]
Modern Day Alchemists: A Fullmetal Alchemist Role Play EmptyThu Oct 17, 2013 5:56 pm by Jay Furor

» Practice Makes PERFECTION
Modern Day Alchemists: A Fullmetal Alchemist Role Play EmptyMon Oct 14, 2013 11:19 am by Zayne O'Reilly

» Just a Checkup
Modern Day Alchemists: A Fullmetal Alchemist Role Play EmptyThu Oct 10, 2013 8:55 am by Crassus

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New Members please first browse this section for the rules, etc. and read The Timeline for an understanding of the plot. Once you are ready, fill out a character template and post it in Character Creation under PENDING (the Templates are here). Don't be discouraged if there aren't any other applications there; that just means that we're on top of things for once. I know that joining something is a feat, but throw yourself into it and you'll be fine. MDA has down times during the school year, so make sure that you post a hiatus and always come back. We won't judge you; <3 we're the most loving forum you'll find. Join ussss ☼_☼

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    The board is the home to things like the FAQs and announcements area. Things like site updates, competition updates and other things will be posted up here, as well as site polls and the likes.
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    Character profiles are to be put here~! You have to post your profiles in the Pending category, as all other forums are locked. An admin will look over your profile and make sure you meet the criteria for it to be viable before it is put into any of the other categories. They are sorted into the 'Female' and 'Male' categories.
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  • Open Threads & Character Concepts

    Looking to join a thread, but have no idea what you want to do? Lost in the void of your own character? Hearing too many voices? Losing your mind and slowly going in-- Okay, I'm getting a little off track here... If you need to join a thread or want to advertise one already posted to get more people to join or so forth this is your place! Also, if you are in need for a character to be made to enhance your plot or want to run an idea by us or other members, post here!
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  • Character Logs

    In this board, you may make a thread for each of your characters. What you put in the thread is up to you, but its main focus is to organize your character's threads and mini plots. You may add other things as well: random trivia, quotes, relationships between other characters, etc. Again, it's all up to you.
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  • Missions

    Missions start as basic ideas. Everyone collaboratively creates them in the Mission Topic. The Mission Topic, once finished, will basically describe the idea of what is about to occur, following a variation of possible outcomes (one of which will be met). Conditions for victory should be explicit, involve plot transition, and will rely on staff verdict. After the decision is settled between everyone, the Mission will start. In every Mission, death is allowed so be wary of you character and any possible mistakes at all times. To suggest an idea for a mission, use the basic outline from previous missions and post it in the mission idea section.
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    This is an entirely out of character area. Talk and chat about whatever you'd like. Give us contact info, post videos, music, art, hilarious cbox moments, etc. There are areas where you can share stories or poems for friendly advice and post roleplay scenarios that do not affect the story line.
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    This area is where things like competitions, polls, and the like are kept.
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  • Absences & Farewells

    This is where you announce if you will be leaving for a while. Please note if this is an extended period of time and your character holds a position, they may lose it. Also be sure to post here if you have lost your muse--your drive and just want to take a break. Everyone gets here eventually. Just make sure to come back; we'll be waiting! <3
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  • Queries and Suggestions

    We build this together. Anyone and anything is taken into account 100% so please feel free to ask us any questions and give up any input on plot, Mission idea, how things are run, etc. You can always find us in the chatbox, but on occasion there are times when it is empty or you feel unable to get the spotlight on you. This is for you guys!
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  • Amestris

    The geography of Amestris is quite diverse, varying from desert areas in the East to an icy mountain range in the North and plains to the West and South. Amestris is a mostly land-locked nation, with no access to any known sea, as it seems to be bordered completely by other countries (Creta, Aerugo, Drachma, and the East Desert, followed by the country of Xing). It seems to be a quite extensive country with a large countryside population and low urban concentration. The biggest city is the capital, Central City, that also has the largest buildings and busiest urban life. The population seems to concentrate itself in the east, south, and central areas, being the north quite isolated and the west with very sparse cities. The climate is also highly diverse and can vary from a typical Mediterranean climate near the southern border to near glacial in the region of Briggs. But most of the country varies between a temperate and a subtropical climate.
    Language: Amestrian
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    Mon Aug 19, 2013 4:02 pm
    Reila Tsukino Map of the Garden
  • Xing

    QUARANTINED (desertlike at the western ridge, reaching out into a more terential area, considered a jungle & is mountainous).
    Language: Xingese
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  • Drachma

    QUARANTINED (tundra & mountainous landscape)
    Language: Drachman
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  • Aerugo

    Aerugo is a nation that borders Amestris to the south. It is also due south of Creta, and west of the Great Desert. Aerugo is run by a monarchical government, (as it has a royal family), with Yoshida Izanagi at its head. The land is prosperous and largely known for exported goods. These are a people being reformed to prosperity. There are large lands owned mainly by farmers for which to grow rice and grains and other foods. They are currently pursuing better relations with other countries considering the shaky past. A lot of the bustling cities are HUGE with hundreds of thousands of people packed in. Occasionally ffestivals are held to raise morale.
    Languages: Aerugese and Aerugese (Kansaiben Dialect)
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    Tue Jul 09, 2013 10:13 am
    Ayaka Nanakorobi All The Birds and the Beasts Were There
  • Creta

    Creta is a nation that borders Amestris to the west. Also off it's coast lies a neutral nation called Carraig, and to the north is Drachma. While a small country, it has in recent times become a very defiant country. Creta is a country that has been forced to be reborn out of the ashes of a war, and in the rebuilding process the country's common man has garnered an attitude of new beginnings. These are a people who see themselves as survivors reborn, hoping to mould an entirely new, better world. The political landscape currently favours the left wing schools of thinking, particularly socialism, positive liberty and even some more moderate branches of communism. The landscape of Creta is varied, but much of the population is concentrated on the coasts, with plains and rolling hills make up much of central Creta and northern Creta being mountainous. As of now, the highest authority of Creta is the Queen.
    Language: Cretan
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  • Carraig

    Off the coast of Creta within a few hours sailing distance is a large island made mostly of sharp, jagged cliffs that peak into small mountains. Because of the dangerous coastline and the mountains that surround them, Carraig is able to keep itself rather secluded from the rest of the world as few ships feel like navigating to get to the few safe ports, giving them quite a good advantage to keep themselves safe from invaders. In ancient times, the people of the island were separated into large warring tribes, only coming together slowly over time as they began to find a niche for themselves in working for other countries as mercenaries to pad their armies. The Creig have built up a long and glorious reputation as being fierce warriors and tacticians, known for their tenacity in battle and policies against taking prisoners or leaving survivors. Swearing allegiance to none, Carraig has learned to survive solely on trade as the world moves to more civilized times, the majority of the country's populace working in blacksmithing, engineering and mechanics that contribute to the small nation's exports. With the world growing tense once more due to invasions and issues on the mainland, most of the population is wondering if they will keep their neutrality and carry on with their exports, resume sending battalions of mercenaries to other armies for pay, or if they, too, will be dragged into the struggles.
    Language: Crieg and Cretan
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  • Ciel Dominion (Gelemorté)

    A dominion of nations, ruled by Gelemorté, and its head of state, by extension, consisting of Gelemorté, Lokheim, La Cilligia, and Maginea. The government of Gelemorté is a Monarchy, with the Roi` de Royaume de Gelemorté at the head of the nation, with his second in command the General de Gelemorté (Regardless of actual Military rank).
    Languages: Rouenian (Gelemortian Dialect), Cersian, Lokhyn, and Ishvallan (Doe'ann Dialect).
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