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  • Amestris

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  • North City

    North City is a city in the Northern region of Amestris and serves as the State Military command center for the area. Located to the south of the Briggs Mountain Range, North City is a picturesque town blanketed in snow for much of the year. Despite that, the city is extremely prosperous, relishing in the happiness that comes from the protection of Fort Briggs (North HQ).
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  • Central City

    Aside from its symbol as a military headquarters, Central is also a bustling metropolis and arguably Amestris' largest city, complete with nearly everything Amestrian society has to offer as well as a lasting and rarely disturbed sense of peace imposed by the proximity of the government's imposing presence.
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  • East City

    East City is a highly industrial part of Amestris, owning many workshops, automail fitters, and factories. Although slightly polluted, the people are all employed with little to none homeless.
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  • West City

    West City is a rocky, dry territory whose old HQ is now a museum for the public.
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  • South City

    South City was once a hot, rocky land with beautiful landscapes, architecture, and so on. But once an alchemist destroyed it in his quest at making a philosopher's stone, only a large crater remained. Amestris, not knowing what to do, watched helpless as the Aerugese invaded and took over. Not long afterward, however, Spade Aeries decided to retake their land. The battle cry was: "THIS IS OUR CRATER". After their victory, he and his men filled the crater with water and built a new HQ based around Naval power. South City is now a huge tourist trap with a "pool" that spans for hundred of miles.
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    Mon Aug 19, 2013 4:02 pm
    Reila Tsukino Map of the Garden
  • Ishval

    Ishval (also known as Ishbal) is a region of Southeastern Amestris on the border of the Eastern Desert. Presumably once its own nation, owing to the vastly different cultural practices of Ishval's people and the general populace of greater Amestris as a whole, Ishval was likely absorbed as a part of Amestris' expansion policies. However, the region remains a point of contention and was ultimately razed as a result of the Ishval Civil War. Existing in Amestris' relatively barren frontier and just shy of the Great Desert separating the western and eastern nations of the continent, Ishval has been described as a rather harsh land made of little more than rocks and sand; it has no significant natural resources and very little farmable land, which likely accounts for the strict codes of conduct and sense of resilience adopted by its inhabitants. Despite this, Ishval was a relatively popular crossing point for Xingese traders and smugglers heading into the west. Ishval itself is divided into multiple distinct districts - Gunja, Kanda and Daliha being the only ones named during the series). It is suggested that Ishvallans were previously spread out over a wider area, but that the smaller region of Ishval was created by the Amestrian government to pen them in after conflicts between the Central Government and Ishvallan people began to arise. Since the war, Ishval has become a desolate land with blood and nightmarish memories soaking deep into the sand; Ishvallan people have scattered over the nation of Amestris and in villages around Ishval in the great desert while others have chosen to stay in the land of their birth. Languages: Ishvallan.
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  • Resembool

    Resembool is a rural town in the southeastern region of Amestris on the banks of the Rain River. Though small and relatively isolated, Resembool is well known in the region as a sheep-farming town and chiefly exports wool to be used in the manufacture of military uniforms. As such, the town had begun to grow in size due to its various successes, but in 1907, during the Ishval Civil War, Ishvalan terrorists attacked Resembool with explosives due to its military connections and reportedly destroyed everything for several blocks surrounding the train station. The station was rebuilt and Resembool was able to get back on its feet, but its growth was stunted by the attack and has since remained a small town. Each year, Resembool holds a large Sheep Festival to celebrate the start of Spring.
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  • New Optain

    New Optain is a city in the eastern region of Amestris, located north of East City. Though not shown, it is implied that New Optain is more closely connected to Central Command and may be less of a "boondock" town than East City is.
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  • Rush Valley

    Rush Valley is a city in southern Amestris, just north of Dublith. Due to its rapid growth in recent years as the center of Automail production, it is commonly known as "The Boomtown of the Broken-Down". The multitude of automail engineers in Rush Valley cheerfully celebrate their craft and walk the streets in droves, holding automail-related competitions and pushing their wares on unsuspecting passersby. As a result, it becomes a bit of a hassle to walk through the city with automail, as the vendors will go to great lengths to either sell upgrades or closely scrutinize whatever appendages happen to be prosthetic.
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  • Youswell

    Youswell is a coal mining town in Eastern Amestrian frontier and the nearest inhabited area to the desert border. There is a general distrust for military personnel among the villagers.
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  • Dublith

    It is located in the southern region of Amestris and like most of the south, boasts relatively high temperatures. Dublith's main tourist attraction is Kauroy Lake, in the middle of which is Yock Island.
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  • Kanama

    Kanama is a small slum on the outskirts of Central City.
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