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Map of the Garden

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Map of the Garden Empty Map of the Garden

Post by Reila Tsukino Mon Aug 19, 2013 4:02 pm

Just to make things less confusing for everyone, here is a generalized map of the garden. This isn't a small garden at all; the biggest sphere is about 3 acres or so, and except for the marble room, all of the walls are domed and glass. Think of it as a floating Central Park from NYC, or Kensington Gardens from London. It's HUGE. And on the water.

Map of the Garden Floati10

The first two spheres, the smallest ant the second biggest next to it are the ones connected to the edge of the crater. The whole thing is staked down and can't be brought loose, but those two are the only two spheres that have exits. The smallest one is the only one with no plants in it as it's all marble tiles with names and rows of benches across the floor.

The one it feeds into is the main sphere, and hosts a small herb maze, trellis flowers, small trees and more walking area (This is where the party is until the ceremony). This one is kept warm enough to keep butterflies in it. The sphere on the far right is over the water entirely, and sports a small shrine, benches, trees, a Zen rock garden, koi pond and small waterfall.

The next small sphere that's dark is a giant lotus rangoli. The sand patters are kept in place by a clear acrylic floor with flowers outlining the shape and candles, as well as places to light more candles and meditate.

The largest sphere is the main attraction. It is HUGE, easily 3 acres across, and is situated entirely over the water. The dome on this one is also the tallest to accomodate the large trees, thousands of different types of plants and flowers, and various exotic birds. There are dozens of marked paths in this garden that all empty out to the center where the eternal fire is contained. This fire cannot go out courtesy of a special array, and is fully contained to ensure that it cannot catch the garden on fire.

Hopefully that helps everyone for current and future threads! <3

By Shu


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