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A beautiful thing

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Post by Emmelin Thu Feb 14, 2013 11:37 pm

Well, such were Val's rounds to make way through various shindigs and the likes. It was but a simple task to attain an invite. How did she manage? Well, how did any woman of such charm and charisma NOT get pulled into such 'parties'.. Sure they were exclusive, but pull the right cards and you could go anywhere.. or so she always managed. Her Grandfather had surprisingly NOT killed her upon sight. It was rather surprising to her, honestly. He, instead offered forgiveness that he had no place to give anyways. She didn't care about what he wanted at that point. Her eyes closed and she pulled her hair back into a ponytail. Normally she let her hair fall to her shoulders, but why not gussy up more?

White gloves inched up past her elbows. Her dress was wrapped around her back with one strap that pressed so close to the ribbon around her neck, that it could have been a part of the dress itself. There was lacing up the back, nearly exposing the whole of her spine, but stopping just above her tailbone. The dress draped past her knees, with a slit to her hip. Silver flooded her midriff in rings. The fabric, was naturally velvet, because Valeria LOVED velvet. The feel of it.. was simply sublime. ANYWAYS! After fixing her white knee-high boots, she gave herself a second look. She couldn't tell the hand was fake, she couldn't see any flaws.. today.. she looked perfect. A single pistol slid into place on her right thigh, beneath the fabric and her kitchen knife was naturally hidden on the other side of the same thigh. Today.. she had business. Not with the host, no.. with someone else to attend. She WAS after all, back into the hitman agency.

The lighting was a bit irritating, too dim to see accurately. Where was this man? Hell she knew very little about him. The night grew long as she sought a face she was unfamiliar with. It seemed forever before she reached the man she had needed, but as he wandered off, she found herself following. How irritating. She was silent, reaching to grab her invite's arm, but just out of reach. Infuriating.. she debated just shooting him then. That lacked tact though, and she couldn't BEAR that sort of idea. Death was an art, after all. She needed to do it well and easy.

At last, she thought she'd isolated the man, the door opened, but she found he was - not alone. Immediately, her hand moved away from the gun and she swiftly kept on a smile. "There you are, senior. I was afraid you were trying to leave me all by my lonesome~." The smile was a torn irritation with an intrigue. She turned her gaze to the other man. He was, naturally the host. How.. inconvenient. Damn everything, the victim knew the truth? Or some 'divine intervention'? Either way, Valeria would make the best of the moment.

Her eyes closed briefly and her body moved to a slight of a curtsey. Her victim muttered something of an introduction that Valeria ignored, but gave the greeting of a playful smirk, she did only by nature. "Aaa. You are quite the popular man. I have to say, now seeing you in person, I cannot blame them." After her words were spoken, she gave a wink.


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Post by Csilla Angelis Sun Mar 03, 2013 4:00 pm



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