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The common people

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The common people Empty The common people

Post by Aaron H Sun Dec 16, 2012 12:53 am

Cold air brushed his face and Aaron couldn't help but wonder why he had to go so far up north. His friend could be a jerk at times, since Aaron's car was without a heater, so driving up there would leave him freezing. He had all the high-tech computer technology a Cretan could wish for, but his car was an old '97 Cadillac Deville. The light brown paint was chipping and the line held more rust than the statue of liberty. There was a dent in the back seat door and his bumper was slightly crooked. He couldn't put the front window all the way up and it made him wonder how his car had ever passed all those inspections. He had to hit the dash twice to open his compartment. With a swipe, he grabbed the wallet inside and shut it with not just one, but three forceful smacks. The damn thing needed to be in a junkyard somewhere, but oh well. He liked his lame car and sacrifices were always to be had. His computers were more important in life and it wasn't like he was driving a lot. It was rare times that he visited his friends and normally the car never went farther than Central, but whatever. His car was parked, he stepped out and fumbled with locking it. He hoped that the snow would hold off until AFTER his excursion. Otherwise he'd have a cold ass.

His jacket was wrapped tight to him, scarf over his shoulders. Wild, wind-blown hair was a mess on his head. He ran his fingers through the dark hair and took a deep breath. Now where the hell was he? The sign said it was where he needed to be, but the shop was closed and that wasn't- right? So, he decided to step over towards a nearby mini-mart. Being it was freezing as all hell outside and he didn't feel like standing there awkwardly until he met up with said person who PROBABLY wouldn't be around. Well damn.

A crackle of the radio in the store buzzed a lazy tune while people spoke in hushed whispers. Over the aisles, their voices carried. Aaron stopped to listen in. They spoke strongly of a storm coming; a blizzard. The Cretan man let out a loud sigh. That would be his luck. The day he comes up, is the day he gets stuck in this store and VOILA! There at the door, the wind was kicking up and people started freaking out, The store clerk idly watched with a smile on his face. Aaron rolled his eyes, while the people ran out and the clerk mentioned something about the store was closed. Weeelll.. Aaron wasn't going to leave, so he hid himself away. Not that anyone notice. The harsh snow flew around like desperate breaths, but luckily he was still warm. That was a way to cheat the system. Once the evacuation was done, he pulled himself away and grinned. A store by himself. Just what he wanted to do on a riday night.


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The common people Empty Re: The common people

Post by Shula Brighton Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:55 am

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