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A bump to the left (Lian) Empty A bump to the left (Lian)

Post by Guest Fri Nov 02, 2012 6:06 pm

Laven didn't know what section of the palace she was in at this point, she was still getting used to being here and had very little idea of what area was what. The last part that she had been in had been a big library with a ton of books. Of course she picked out a few good looking ones while grim was off to the side doing whatever it was that grim did. Laven glanced over to grim who was silently walking with his hood up; he never did say a word to the priestess even when they had first met. In fact if she thought about it she had named him grim since he always looked so morbid and stuff. She blinked at the thought and snorted as she pulled out one of the books so that she could perhaps kill some time whilst walking; if she was going to bump into anything Grim would more than likely just stop her. The priestess didn't even get a few pages in before she heard one of her cultists run up to her out of breath with an irritated snap of the book she looked over to the man who was babbling about something. The poor fellow was going on about something back on their base so Laven had to listen.

We just got word of a chimera of matching description from our operatives in Aerugo. It appears that there's a creature that's wandering about there. We're not sure where he is as of now but they think that he was part of the group of cultists that broke off and went there. If not that we think it may be from another area sent to there, it's been moving a lot lately and is starting to worry some of the lesser priests.

Laven blinked at the man; Another chimera on the loose? Oh great this would make her job even harder. They had heard about this creature a few months ago from an operative in the sand sea, he had been traveling and spotted him traversing the dunes. The chimera priestess rubbed her temple, if this creature was to continue to evade their attempts at capturing it... well. They couldn't have that; they had to either control the damn thing or kill it.

All right then, just see if we can monitor it's movements... You said it was in Aerugo? just send someone over there to see if they can track it's movements within the last few months. And tell The lessers that they shouldn't worry, we can contain a single chimerae.

The cultist nodded and ran off leaving Laven with grim; the priestess turned to her bodyguard who just shrugged. Laven was sick of having to always deal with information regarding this strange one that kept popping up. She continued to walk with her head down and wasn't exactly looking where she was going; about five or six seconds later she ran into someone and knocked the both of them over while grim in the back round stopped his frantic waving and just face-palmed....


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Post by Guest Mon Nov 05, 2012 11:27 pm

As usual, Lian was in her dazed wonderland. Some called it her happy place, but really, there was no happiness in it. She was simply in a zone of nothing, watching the world that spilled out and about in the land around her. It never registered, it only passed by as if she were in some sort of cage. Just the thought of it made her shiver. Cages were for beasts, not her. No more. Lian feared them, and as such, she clutched her arms and shivered. She didn't want to remember the feeling; the memory of being poked, prodded and slashed while behind iron bars. The mocking voices and evil eyes and yet it was all just a dream. The recurring nightmare that was often flashes of blood red in her eyes. She couldn't stand it. The way it recoiled and replayed as if by a broken projector. The tears were there for a moment, but she sucked them back in. She wasn't a baby. Not anymore, she wasn't.

Her voice trembled and her heart dropped. It was so sad, that she was so weak. She couldn't do much of anything and yet, the emperor had employed her. Maybe it was all just a crazy coincidence? Her sleeve ran along her cheek as she zoned out, recalling the countenances of her past. If only she could be a stronger person, like Xiao and Ace. Jeu-hee was stronger than her too. There were so many people aspired to be like, but no one she could even compare to. Maybe she should actually train or study some more...

"Umf!" Her voice was sort of a startled grunt as her body was knocked backwards. Her eyes batted and she brought them in a daze to a woman..? A rather odd looking woman-beast was in her presence and Lian instinctively jumped to her feet. "I-I am so sorry!" She stammered as sh bowed once then twice and offered a hand out to help the woman up.


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Post by Csilla Angelis Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:27 pm



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