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Tell tale terrors(Lian)

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Tell tale terrors(Lian) Empty Tell tale terrors(Lian)

Post by Silvac Tue Nov 13, 2012 12:21 am

A rough blue sky covered by spares cloud cover and some smoke billowing from the occasional house set the mood quite nicely. The mood for what you may ask? It was plainly simple, the mood for a chase of course! What was amazing is that a chase was not happening and for once silvac was able to act normally in a city. It wasn't by sheer luck that he was not chased either, it was merely due to the fact the police in this city either were dealing with something else or were scared off by the menacing form of the gentle chimerae. He did note that he had quite a few people following him at a large distance... Which worried him immensely if they decided to take action from afar. He didn't consider firearms an issue but there was always the chance they decided to bring something nasty... Like a laser guided rocket propelled chainsaw or a minigun that shot rockets. He hadn't seen either of those yet but he wasn't counting the strangeness of some out yet since he had met so many crazy sort of folks. From small puppet men to homunculus and even had the luck of meeting doughnut crazed chimerae(whom he ultimately worked for in some cases.)

The large chimerae continued his way through the city making notes of places that seemed devoid of life and making sure to keep track of where people were in the more populated zones. The entire time he could feel eyes watching him just waiting for him to make the wrong move. However every time he turned his back he saw no one, in fact half the time when he went into a crowded area it would quickly have people disappear. He wasn't used to such a large city having every disapear so quickly. In fact the last large city he had no one seemed surprised to see a chimerae walking around... Until he killed everyone that was within shot since they tried to kill him. It was quite messy and maybe just maybe that incident made a few headlines or something. He didn't even know what that meant now that he thought of it. Giving a little shrug he walked into what seemed to be a busy bar, a few people stared at him with wide eyes as he sat down at the counter. A few others tightened their grips on their weapons and gulped; he was heavily armed from what they could tell. He was carrying two huge swords on his back that the bartender kept glancing at with a worried expression; this expression disappeared when silvac pulled out a bill wad and tossed it on the table. It still had blood on it but in most places money was money.

The bartender picked up the money and said something in a language silvac didn't recognize. He shook his head and the bartender blinked a few times before speaking another language this one sounding remarkably like Cretan. The chimerae blinked and then pointed at a bottle that he knew was a rather hard liquor; the bartender glanced back and counted out some of the bills before starting to pour a glass. Silvac shook his head and merely took the bottle out of the mans hands. He gestured to the wad of cash which the man put in the register a worried look across his face. The chimerae huffed and downed a bit of the liquor. The liquid burned on the way down and the chimerae snapped his teeth at the taste, it wasn't too feisty but it wasn't soft either. He heard some chairs scoot out and quite a few feet shuffling outwards. He could smell the fact that most of the patrons plain up left... Not wishing to be here if the chimerae got intoxicated.

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Tell tale terrors(Lian) Empty Re: Tell tale terrors(Lian)

Post by Guest Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:09 pm

There she was! Helping around as much as she could. Today, she was helping give drinks to people and busing tables. Her dress, naturally the one they made her wear was a black and white dress with frills. Yes, she felt out of place, but she made her own way through the crowds. Luckily, she was allowed to wear platforms which were a lot less annoying than the heels that most places made her wear. Blonde hair reached her shoulder-blades. Her light purple eyes were wild as she ran place to place, helping the patrons with their drinks and their dishes. AH! This was so frustrating.

Suddenly, people began to flood out. What had happened? Why were the people leaving and where were they going? She couldn't say much, running to go check tabs, pay tabs and collect dishes had her far too busy. Her sloppy movements guided her towards the singular man who looked big and inhuman and... she cowered a bit. Was it THAT MAN who had come back to kill her.

Frightened, Lian pulled her tray over her face and stared from afar, frozen in place. It couldn't be the same beast, but he had changed forms before.. couldn't he do it again? Her eyes closed and she fought tears. This was terrifying, she was genuinely frightened. The manager nudged her slowly towards him, assuring she wouldn't get hurt. Why would he harm a little thing like Lian? Lian didn't know. It was the same question as why the one man had shattered her ribs. Just looking at the behemoth made her hesitate in movements. The whole of her froze and she trembled where she stood, too scared to move forward and too nervous to run away. "H-Hi." She squeaked in a barely audible voice, before falling to her knees and then crawling under the counter.


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Tell tale terrors(Lian) Empty Re: Tell tale terrors(Lian)

Post by Csilla Angelis Sun Dec 16, 2012 11:15 pm



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Tell tale terrors(Lian) Empty Re: Tell tale terrors(Lian)

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