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You're not my mom! (Kelly)

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You're not my mom! (Kelly) Empty You're not my mom! (Kelly)

Post by Guest Thu Jan 31, 2013 4:49 pm

Pierce idly drank her tea as she listened to Kelly, her overprotective and slightly crazy cousin, drone on and on. He was lecturing her about her values and how she should stop seeing a bunch of different men just for sex. He does this every. damn. week. Pierce was pretty fed up with him. It was her life, she'd do what she wanted with it! She didn't need another parent ordering her around. Telling her "it's for her own good".

No, Pierce was a grown ass woman. She didn't need this crap! With a tired sigh, Pierce set her tea aside and sat up properly. Now it was her turn to do all the yelling. Kelly could just shut his big trap for a second and listen to her.

"Kelly, I think you should stop trying to control me. It's my life, I'll do what I want with it. You aren't my mother, and you're not my father. SO JUST STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO DO!" Her hands were balled into white knuckled fists. Pierce rarely blew up at people like that. But this time she just couldn't control herself. Kelly didn't understand anything at all! Nobody would ever understand why she does the things she does.

"... Sorry," She muttered under her breath as she sunk back into her chair and resumed drinking her tea. At least the tea calmed her nerves a bit, but boy could she go for a smoke right about now.


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You're not my mom! (Kelly) Empty Re: You're not my mom! (Kelly)

Post by Captain Kelly Tián-Yé Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:07 am

Tianshi. Xingese word for angel. Term of endearment, in this case. Her actual name? Pierce. Tián-Yé Pierce, to be exact. Or Pierce Tián-Yé; Dual-heritage was especially baffling when it came to the surname-or-first-name-first internal debate. She was his little cousin, and Kelly'd always been rather protective of her. Never really let his angel spread her wings and fly away... Well, what would one expect? By the time she was even born, he was already twenty years old, and she grew up with him being more like an uncle and an older brother to her than her cousin. "I mean, c'mon Tianshi, it's not right, and you know it's not right! I'm still not sure why you do it, but please, just please stop. What could be so important about all that sex anywa-"

And thusly cue him being cut off mid-question, by a rather irate Pierce. It seemed she'd gotten tired of the weekly rant thing; said he was trying to control her? Ouch. That kinda stung... He was DEFINITELY not trying to control her, just to help her! AND OF COURSE HE WASN'T HER MOTHER, THAT'D BE PREPOSTEROUS. KELLY IS A MAN'S NAME, AND MOTHERS TEND TO BE WOMEN. As for being her FATHER... Well, he certainly ACTED like it, and was fairly close to being one. And as the somewhat mundane thought fled his skull, he caught tail-wind of "...TELLING ME WHAT TO DO!" Eh... He really couldn't counter that...

A few minutes later, after a brief and awkward silence, she slumped back, took a sip of tea and a sigh, and muttered an apology. Closing his eyes and bowing his head a bit, he offered a smile sad smile, which was barely perceptible, as usual, and not the most beautiful smile ever, given his scarred to bits face. "Ahhh, me too, Tianshi... Sorry, didn't mean to put ya on spot like that every single week... I just worry about ya, that's all." Grinning a mischievous grin, he leaned hlfway across the table and stretched his arm up, just barely being able to boop Pierce on the nose with his finger, before his poor chair flipped over and he fell off the table and the chair, landing on the floor, but quickly recovering, with a laugh as he sat up. "And if I didn't worry so much about you, you'd forget to worry about yourself! Though I should probably remember that better myself..."
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Captain Kelly Tián-Yé

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You're not my mom! (Kelly) Empty Re: You're not my mom! (Kelly)

Post by Guest Sat Feb 02, 2013 4:20 pm

"I don't really care about what happens to me.." Pierce muttered as she crossed her arms.

She scratched her head a bit and grumbled before getting up to pick up the dishes. "I'm gonna go have a smoke." She promptly grabbed the two teacups that were in the room and stomped into her kitchen. Pierce then saw she had a huge pile of dishes in the sink waiting for her. Damn it. "Nevermind," she said under her breath as she began filling the sink with soapy water.

Pierce dipped her slender hands into the water, one of them clutching a sponge, and began scrubbing away. She hoped Kelly would get up and leave her in peace. Since, she had a date planned in an hour or so. It got awkward when a man came over while Kelly was lecturing her about being with men. Also Kelly usually scared her dates away.

"You can go now Kelly. I've already heard this same speech over and over again," she called from the kitchen. Honestly, Pierce was just flat out sick of people now. She loved Kelly, but god damn he could be annoying.


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You're not my mom! (Kelly) Empty Re: You're not my mom! (Kelly)

Post by Csilla Angelis Sun Feb 17, 2013 7:25 pm



You're not my mom! (Kelly) 34ga6tz

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You're not my mom! (Kelly) Empty Re: You're not my mom! (Kelly)

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