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Time Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

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Time Makes the Heart Grow Fonder Empty Time Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Post by Guest Wed Sep 19, 2012 1:34 pm

The mid-day sun was shining in through the modest windows of the small apartment on the second floor of the building facing out into the residential area. The curtains were parted to allow that welcoming glow, their color a soft purple that added life to the room. It was your standard apartment in Aerugo, the door opened into part of the living area with the kitchen off to the right. Sliding doors were to the left, often remaining open to reveal the living space beyond it. There was a table set up in the middle with pillows for people to sit upon, a tv sitting on an entertainment system facing it in the corner on the far left. A desk was set up in the other corner with papers neatly piled on its surface, a few books perching on the shelf above. A laptop remained closed for the moment with a notepad beside it, some scribbles of notes written in a delicate hand. There was a futon across from it by the sliding doors, the covers a plain deep purple that almost looked black. There was a door to the left that led to a bathroom in the wall, that particular corner by the sliding door housing a small bookshelf and a couple of chairs. Overall, the apartment was rather welcoming in its appearance, and distinctly organized and neat. The person that lived here clearly did not like a mess.

But where was the owner of the apartment? There was a soft jingle of keys as they twisted in the lock to the door, sunlight streaming in as it swung open to reveal Kasumi in casual wear. She was lucky to have another day off for the moment, her mind still trying to process all that had happened in the last few weeks. They had assaulted Xing and won, the country now in their semi-control which seemed so distant to her. She certainly wasn't concerned since it wasn't like she was about to get restationed there with Kaede or some shenanigans. Oh. Right. Kaede.... Then there was that. They had begun.... a relationship of sorts that she STILL had no clue how to take! What was it that made it so hard for her to wrap her head around? He had seemed rather surprised when she warned him that it would be hard to brook her habits, much less change how she felt about such ties. She loved love, and affections could certainly be bestowed upon more than one person. And there was one particular person that she knew remained in the back of their minds constantly. Ran.

The door closed quietly behind her as she sighed lightly, placing her keys upon the counter to her right before striding into her living room where she placed down her bag. She had just been to the gym, her curvaceous body robed in a sports bra, fitted gym shorts, tennis-shoes, and sweat bands on her wrist. Her long hair was pulled back into a ponytail, her bangs still clinging to her forehead with sweat. "Now what to eat..." She murmured softly to herself as she stared at the sun pouring into her room through the window in the center of the wall, placing her hands on her hips as her muscles groaned at the exertion from the gym. Humming softly to herself, she walked over to the iHome that rested on top of the bookshelf and turned it on, placing her iPod in the appropriate slot before selecting a random song to play while she made herself lunch. It was [ur=]Rise[/url] by Origa at the moment, which brought a smirk to her lips as she turned and headed into the kitchen, pulling out a bottle of water which she promptly downed half of.

Then she paused, bent over so to consider what she had in her fridge. Choices of food should not be so difficult! She pulled out a few things to make and began to set them out, her mind still drifting through all those things troubling her so. She had almost lost Kaede, and that had called forth to her attention just what he meant to her. When had he wormed his way into her heart so? With his goofy smile, stripping habits, ripped muscles.... She paused as she closed the refrigerator door, a small smile rising to her lips as she shook closed her eyes for a moment. But it was in that moment that another well-toned man popped into her mind again. Ran's face as he pressed against her, the feeling of--- A blush rose to her cheeks as heat flowed through her body, her eyes popping open at the sudden return of that memory. She shook her head of it and continued with her preparation for her meal, the pitter-patter of her heart increasing as she puzzled over why. She was drawn to these two men that were so different, and so similar. Ran... She hadn't seen him in so long, was he alright? Though they had not quite talked about it, she knew Kaede was as worried as she was, if not moreso. After all, the two of them had been friends for much longer than when she stepped into their lives. The song played on as she put rice in the cooker, cutting up the vegetables, the lingering sensation of their warmth still upon her skin. What would happen to their trio?


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Time Makes the Heart Grow Fonder Empty Re: Time Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Post by Guest Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:19 pm

Well, this was certainly odd. The man could feel almost butterflies in his stomach. Training and the war. It was all.. Incredulous. The way he was so nervous about something like a simple meeting. It wasn't as if he'd never met her before. Hell, he'd slept with the beauty the first day they met, but still. Ranmaru always felt a bizarre twinge of excitement when Kasumi was around. Hence, he would avoid her like the plague most of the time. She struck an odd feeling within him. Something he recalled only those years ago. A broken heart still wrapped by the horrid actions of another being. He'd loved and lost and the feeling of even that height of attraction was something he found hard to cope with. There was no cure for the achey breaks of a solemn heart. Despite how drastically he tried to bury the feelings, there would always be lingering ones for his best friend and the.. beyond beautiful concubine that he guessed was dating him? He couldn't be sure but it sure seemed like Kaede and Kasumi were closer than he could ever hope to be. So where did that leave him? The odd one out, the third wheel? He had stood back for now, but things were.. complicated. They always had been.

Despite how wrong the actions may seem, the man strove to speak to the gorgeous woman. Even though, he felt less attractive, what with his albino roots coming in, he definitely needed to dye his hair again, when he got the chance. The top he wore was his usual Aerugese-style apparel, red in color to match his blaring crimson irises. Tanish skin was surprising beneath the mixed white and black locks. His first reaction that morning had been. "I look like a skunk." Just to make sure he didn't fit the part, he showered for an hour straight and scrubbed every inch of his tattoo-ed body. His muscles ached and fatigue had settled in his very bones. That happened with war and training, though. Maybe one day, he would feel awake and vivid again, likely upon her sight.

He couldn't get her out of his mind if he tried. At a point he had agreed to just let her stay there. The sensual touch, the soft skin and that.. wild side of her. Well, who could blame a man for being human? Brushing his bangs off of the scar on his nose, he took a deep breath and led his feet further. Closer he moved to her apartment which, oddly enough, was not that far of a distance from their own. Oh well, wasn't like he was a stranger. As was accustomed to his hand, a bouquet of red roses matched to his side and his other hand pressed a menthol tight to his lips. Sweet nicotine rolled into his lungs and delighted his mind. He was pleased with the results and at the nearest bin (which was hard to find), he threw it out, only the bud. Wispy smoke escaped his mouth, followed by a cough and and clearing of his throats. Bad habits, bad habits. Scold him later, Mother Nature.

After he fixed his top and dusted his pants free from any ash, he gained the confidence to walk to the door. The initial second made him hesitate. It was the same as any day, but- he had to say hi- at least? Groan.. he hoped he didn't catch her and Kaede in the throes of ecstasy.. that would be awkward. Who was to say he might not offer to join in, though? A silent laugh on his own joke and he let his finger press the buzzer. For the second time in his life, he prayed Kaede wasn't there.


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Time Makes the Heart Grow Fonder Empty Re: Time Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Post by Guest Mon Sep 24, 2012 1:29 pm

Even as she was wondering this, she added the vegetables to a pot of water she had placed upon the stove, a knock at the door making her pause with the knife still held delicately in her gentle hands. Who would be visiting her today? If it were Kaede, he probably would have told her before hand, and she knew they didn't have anything scheduled for this particular day. He was still checking back in with HQ regarding the incident and offering his reports so she knew he wasn't going to swing by (unless it were much later in the day). Her brows furrowed slightly as she placed the knife down upon the cutting board on the counter, striding over to the door while eyeing her gun holster that resided none too far from the door. She seriously doubted she would need it, but one could never be too careful. Gripping the handle, she undid the chain and lock, the bolt sliding back with a soft click as she turned the doorknob to swing the door open and allow that sunlight to spill in once again.

The sight that greeted her.... was not something she was prepared for in the least bit.

Her eyes widened as she stood in complete shock at the figure that stood before her seeming so uncertain and hopeful. Her throat clenched as her sapphire eyes took him in in his entirety, her hands beginning to tremble as they moved away from the door, hesitantly taking a step forward. This was real.... wasn't it? "....Ran?" She whispered even as she looked over his face. She knew that face anywhere, she knew it as it hung above her, as it planted kisses upon her flesh and lips. She knew it as it had laughed with Kaede and her around a dinner table in a restaurant. It was him. No mistake. So without anymore hesitation she moved forward and hugged him tightly, her face pressing into his shoulder as tears stung at her eyes. "Idiot.... where have you been?" She murmured as she held him tightly as if afraid to let go. If she let go, he might very well vanish again without warning and leave them alone. Her heart began to race within her chest as she breathed in his scent that was so familiar and yet distant even though he was right there.

Taking a deep breath, she stepped away as the tears glistened in her eyes, not necessarily falling as she stood there smiling at him. God... it was so good to see him. It was then that she noticed he held something in his right hand at his side, blinking at the fact they were roses. He... had gotten her roses? She chuckled as she gestured for him to come in, stepping back towards the kitchen since she did have the stove going. "I was just making lunch, would you like some?"


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Time Makes the Heart Grow Fonder Empty Re: Time Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

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