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WHY AREN'T YOU SIGNED IN!$#%@? -sends Aurel after you-
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Secundinasci Invidia (V2) ((WIP))

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Secundinasci Invidia (V2) ((WIP)) Empty Secundinasci Invidia (V2) ((WIP))

Post by Sec Invidia Wed Oct 02, 2013 8:03 am

CASE FILE: Civilian
Secundinasci Invidia (V2) ((WIP)) 2nixn42 Secundinasci Invidia (V2) ((WIP)) 2nixn42Secundinasci Invidia (V2) ((WIP)) 2nixn42
My duty is to serve my Captain. My job is to serve my crew. And my responsibility is to be of service whenever and wherever my service is so necessary. This I do solemnly swear.

      FULL NAME:
      → First Mate Secundinasci Amor Invidia, of the "Ole Miss" Pirate Ship of the South City Waters, True Crown Prince of Gelemorté and The Ciel Dominion

      → 25

      → Male

      → Central City, Amestris

      → 50% Gelemortian, 50% Cretan

      → 1/1/1988


      → 7'5"

      → 291 lbs

Secundinasci Invidia (V2) ((WIP)) 362-19

      → What are your first few thoughts as you let your eyes hover over an imposingly tall mountain, one not in a range, but cast aside, alone, quite literally the odd one out? Well, you surely view it from the distance, and it looks nice, but it couldn’t possibly be TOO big… Could it? You move a little closer, and a bit closer, and inch even still a few feet closer, and then you notice it, from the very foot of the mountain- this thing is massive. That summarizes one’s first thoughts about Sec, as well, essentially. At seven feet and five inches, he is a tower of a man, and the fact he wears platform shoes and a hat only make him appear taller. But for all his great height, he is very slender, built with loads of lean, compact muscle, but not to an extent where it is visible at a distance. His features are all crisply defined and distinguished, from the sleek cut of his hair to the well-pressed manner in which he keeps his clothing, his slightly longer and more pointed nose than most people, and even the manner in which he carries himself; every step he takes is poised and consistent in stride, as if he counted the very inches of ground below him when walking.

And indeed, nearly everything about him is done with the utmost grace and poise. He was instructed from a young age to walk with his back straight, his chin level with the ground, and to roll his steps, never bouncing as he walks, always seemingly gliding across the ground with an elegance rarely seen. When he stands, he stands with the stillness of a statue; when he sits, he maintains perfect posture, no matter the situation. Even during casual periods of time and such, he instinctively implements a level of etiquette that clearly distinguishes him from most. But when one is raised by rich aristocratic entrepreneurs, and is, by birthright, a prince, what could one expect, but that? He has every reason for such grace and smoothness in his actions, or indeed, his lack thereof.

This extends to his wardrobe as well. Almost the entirety of this wardrobe consists of white suits, all custom-tailored, with white shirts and scarlet neckties. There are some with a bit more variety, such as the occasional bowtie, the subtle differences between his suit coats, sport coats, blazers, et cetera, and the odd ruffled shirt, or one with a slightly larger collar. But of course, most are almost exactly similar, and while HE knows the differences between them, however slight, most people will not. Mind, he does own other clothing. Namely, he has a century-old Gelemortian military uniform, burgundy with gold buttons, complimented well with a regal lavender cloak and the Crown of Gelemorté, given to him by the current king when he took office, alongside the uniform and his rapier, all of which once belonged to his great-great grandfather, the first king of the Ciel Dominion. He also wears a suit, similar to his normal ones, but for the fact it is made of silk, and intended to be worn as pajamas, alongside a pair of bedroom slippers styled as dress shoes. These were a gift from the good Captain, and as such, he dutifully wears them every night, with seldom an exception.

Moving upwards on this incredibly tall man, we can see black hair, sleek and shiny, with a sort of crispness to it that few others can boast of. It hangs down to just below his chin at its longest, which is on the left side of his face, while the right side cuts off just under his ear. It is very neatly combed, and the hair on his left side drapes over his eye on that side, almost always there. He dislikes when this is moved, and will attempt to resolve such an issue post-haste.  In addition, he has eyes of a bold golden hue, which he attributes to his obvious Xerxian ancestry, (it’s totally obvious and legitimate. Obviously.) and a very angular, strong-looking, face. A man of both relative youth and of the highest of class, he is almost always very clean-shaven, with nary a single strand of facial hair left uncut. As a final note, Sec has a rather deep voice, but is always eloquently spoken, with a subtle Cretan accent which borrows slightly from Amestrian, Gelemortian, and Xerxian accents, allowing for a nice blend of culture whenever he speaks. This voice is somewhere in the bass or bass-baritone register, and holds to it a sense of power and restraint; for a true gentleman does not raise his tone without cause to do so…


      → WIP

      → Calmness, Solitude, Classical Music, Jazz, Swords, Work, Sal, Amalthea, The Pirates, Sailing, Water, Suits, The Color White, Punctuality, Eloquence, Chivalry, Saxophone, Arched Doorways, Ballroom Dancing, Wine, Being Classy, Ritzy Nightclubs, Being Protective of Others.

      → Stupidity, Ignorance, Careless Error, Slips in Etiquette, Casual Clothing, Feeling Powerless, The Color Yellow, Beer, Cheap Wine, Smoking, Men Who Mistreat Women, Liars, Cheaters, Thieves, Cowardice, Sugar on Grapefruit or in Coffee.

      → WIP


      → WIP

After joining the Pirates and being there for a bit, Sec did his First Mately duties quite well. He chatted with Sal in an alley first, and ended up wasting 17 cops which Sal ate afterwards, and then drove Sal back to North City in his swank mercedes, blasting Mozart through their ears. Then, he sat with Sal at the Ship, discussing plans for the rebuilding of the majestic dump. After that, he went to the Xerxian Ruins, his homelands, as he believed. There he met Rolego, a dog-lion-human chimera, who he managed to bring back to North with him, after much convincing. He brought him back to meet Sal, and then a few days later, Sec met Jan Eisenhaur in the Crew Storage room, where he had a talk with him about the Crew and stuff, and gave him a pep-talk speech. As he became more asserted as First Mate, he also decided to treat himself to a new toy- Sec's rapier is now matched with a 14 inch knife. And, as a result of being busy with pirate stuff, he doesn't dye his hair as much anymore, and it is reverting back to it's original blonde.

Well, as of late, Sec has done a bit more. Firstly, the Pirates held a meeting with a miss Shula Brighton, of South City, where Sec did his First Mate-ish duties. In the end, it was decided they would go, and Sec is rather pleased with the outcome. After those events, a few words with his brother, whom he’d recently found, and a discovery that he had a little sister, Sec has been on a quest to find her, and has traveled to several countries in a search for her, combing through records many times, until he could find her, to no avail. Next, Sec had the LOVELY experience of meeting Wrathful Reaver, Sal’s uncle, as it is. At first, Sec really didn’t like Reaver, but as soon as he learned that the RUUUUUUDE man was a relation of Sal’s everything was much better. Sec was then sent into Creta, where his sister may have been, but found nothing more than a woman called Crystal, who took him to the library. There, he found nothing, and on his way back to Amestris, he met a girl called Shokolat. Shokolat is a rather friendly girl, by the way, and Sec was rather interested in the stories she told, and even offered her a ride aboard the Ole Miss. Soon after, Sec was on a quest to Central’s hospital, hoping to find his sister’s records. Unfortunately, upon arrival, he was barred by a guard and by the time he’d convinced the guard that he was NOT a terrorist, the building blew. GREAT. He was then plunged headfirst into a series of events involving escaping cops with Syphan, the source of the blasts, fighting off a psychotic girl trying to KILL Syphan, and ultimately losing his car in an explosion, caused by a military assassin of sorts. That SAME assassin shot him in the bum, during his semi-lunatic assault, and he then fled the scene with his two companions, until he could limp to North City, to see Dr. Cora Nikita of Briggs.


    → Puts salt on his grapefruit.
   → Incapable of drinking anything with any number of ice cubes unequal to zero or five.
   → Owns his own ship, "The Grand Salazaar," which is normally docked in the Ciel Dominion's main naval yard.
   → Plays saxophone. Rather skilled at it, but rarely plays. When he does play, he prefers tenor over baritone, alto, and other types of saxophone.
   → Can't stand to have the hair hanging over one side of his face moved. If such were to occur, he would somewhat irately readjust it.
    → Sec has been known to speak Cretan, Xerxian, Amestrian, Rouenian (Gelemortian Dialect), and Ishvallan


      → Ze Zplendeed von Called Jay.

      → Jay, Nyx, Wolfy, and Molly.
     → Backburnered, but also Lily, Tsuritsa, Kelly, and William.
     → Eventually, Question Mark.
     → Used to play Darkamaru on V1.
     → Also played Inimeg, Kean, Animos, Red, Tas, Einy, and Valdis. All but Einy are off doing whatever it is they do. Einy died. >:

      → Revamped from scratch, ftw!

      → Knight of the Lake

Sec Invidia
Sec Invidia

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