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Post by Lunesa Sun May 05, 2013 10:32 pm

CASE FILE: Amestrian Militant
Lunesa Marques  2zyin8i
"Maybe I'll at least be useful now."

→ Lunesa Marques

→ 17

→ Female.

→ Paris, Rouen

→ Rouenian

→ Soldier, South City

→ April 14, 1995


→ 5'5

→ 110 lbs

Lunesa Marques  10mslk9
Lunesa Marques  5lxsns
Lunesa Marques  Vvsz6
Lunesa Marques  2ls8ylj
Lunesa Marques  3159785140_1_8_jfXsDBen

→ Lunesa is a petite little thing without much of anything to her. Her body form and build is that of a young woman. She's a skinny thing without much to her. She doesn't have a lot of curves or distinguishing characteristics. Aside from her bright yellow-green eyes and strawberry-blond/ginger hair. Whatever color you wish to call it, it really depends on the lighting of the room. Her hair is kept to her chin, cut with bangs and normally just let to sit. She rarely ties it back or does anything with it. Her skin is a pale apricot color.

As for the clothes she wears, Lunesa tends to wears anything modest. She doesn't like to have dresses or skirts or even shorts above her knees or any collars that dip below her shoulder blades. She prefers to wear long sleeve shirts and jackets. Lunesa prefers to wear flat shoes or tennis shoes or even no shoes to heals or anything fancy. She's always preferred simpler aspects.


→ -Lunesa is the quiet kind of girl. Not to just say she's shy, but more long periods of talk strain her throat and hurt her. She keeps to herself mainly and tends to hide out away from people or do her own little thing. Once she's opened up though, she can be quite the social butterfly. Her voice is hard to hear in a crowded place and she's a bit hard to pick out in a crowd, but her eyes stand out pretty well. Lunesa is the girl that had to stay after school and study harder. She was the girl that needed help on her homework and often needed tutoring as a child. It wasn't that she was dumb or couldn't really apply herself, but more complex things were hard to master. Lunesa is a one-track kind of girl. She can't work so well with a bunch of things on her mind at once.

As comparing a Lion and a lamb, Lunesa is definitely a lamb. It seems she lacks a mean bone in her body. Fight or flight will always end in her fleeing. Her body language feeds off as timid and naive, which she is. It's easy to lead Lunes ainto a trap or lure her away from the path she needs to go on. Now that doesn't go for her personality, as she is very consistent, but she has a bad habit of believing everything a person tells her. She is far too trusting and at times she suffers greatly for it.

Lunesa has an ear for music. She could spend all day playing the piano and daydreaming of the times she spent with her brother. It brings back fond memories and Lunesa never feels quite the same unless she's sitting behind a piano. At the same time, sour notes play in her head as she sorely misses her brother and the sheets they would play nightly. At some times, Lunesa will sit and play only half of a song; as if pretending her brother were still beside her. She has a hand for most musical instruments and if she would speak up, she'd have quite a voice, but she has a major problem. Lunesa has severe stage fright. If it front of people, she tenses and can't even move. Her whole body rejects the idea of working through so much attention. The only reason she could when she was younger, was because half of the time Lunesa didn't even realize the other people were there.

Like-wise, Lunesa is bad under pressure. Just like easily being tricked, she easily cracks under pressure. She's frightened of harming someone else and honestly can't seem to say 'no' at all to any request. In the face of someone flirting with her, Lunesa melts easily and tends to flee the situation with no idea how to go about it. If cornered, she could be caught red faced and even faint.

The only other real notable traits of Lunesa is for one her hard-working tenancies. She often puts her all into everything she does. This naturally includes her music. In fact, Lunesa often exclaims that the music she plays reflects her very soul or feelings. She has 'mood music' for each of her every emotions. She is in a trance when she plays and some songs she can even play with her eyes closed. Even in some cases, she invents her own songs for her day or for someone important (though she'd never play it for them! She'd more likely pass out). So far the only people she's constructed songs for are Didier and Fiasco. Neither have heard them and unfortunately unbeknownst to her, he never really will.

Her other trait is her dire fear of old people. This is from her past and comes from months of harassment by perverse old men who used to lift her skirt. She now is afraid to be around ANY old people, partly for fear of being old herself and the other part as a fear of being humiliated further and again.

→ Sugar, donuts, sweets, eating sweets, making sweets, baking, cooking, dressing up (Though she's rarely able to), Relaxing days, the sun, the sand, Didier Marques(now known as Jackyll Marquez), eating, hiking, singing (When no one is around), Doing Fia's hair, eating a fresh and ripe apple, tacos, colorful things, counting my ten, Even numbers

→ Crowds, being put on the spotlight, centipedes, spiders, perverted old men, being useless, reading long books, Sleeping in the rain, people being sick, getting sick, gerrrmmmmmmsss, drug addicts, a lot of old men (nothing personal), shots, needles, people in masks, when her throat starts bothering her, her old job

→ She's afraid of old people
-She had cancer

→ Didier Marques
→ Ludwig Van Beethoven


→ Didier was Lunesa's best friend even in school. It was one of those strange families where the siblings didn't often try to murder each other. Her parents would call it a miracle. Most people would just call it cute or luck. Lunesa adored her brother more than anyone else on earth. He was graceful, attractive and so social. Lunesa was envious, but not in a way that she would try and ruin anything for him. At times she tested the waters, but found that groups were not her thing and she just didn't have that talkative instinct that he did. She shelled up and let her words coil in her stomach.

It didn't leave unnoticed, as Didier wasn't easy to pass by. He caught on and tried to introduce his baby sister to some other ways to enjoy and express herself. Oddly enough, her first gift was found on a simply Xylophone. Lunesa was able to keep pitch well with something so silly and often mentioned if the silly little thing was out of tune. She'd toddle over to Didier at three and offer it up to him.

As she grew, so did her musical taste. She practiced and evolved from little toy xylophones to the small piano their neighbors wanted rid of. Her father was never the guy that got rid of free stuff because it was free and that was when Lunesa found her first love.

Shaky at the start, Didier helped guide her and they played together for at least an hour every day. Lunesa didn't need lessons. She had a natural ear and just like her xylophone, she could pick up when a key was wrong. She'd play songs over and over until she started to fall asleep. It was peace to her, it was beauty and it was love.

Beneath the surface of their family, however lived a secret that no one outside really knew of. Didier had a heart problem and Lunesa was having problems speaking and at times, breathing. Her parents brushed her off as simply having asthma, since both were heavy smokers. It would only worsen in time.

Every night her father had a party. The main attraction? The six year old who played small pieces on the piano with her older brother. It was usually the same three songs, but soon the two could play side by side, backwards and with their eyes closed. Day after day, for hours until Lunesa fell asleep. People chain smoked, did drugs, whatever they pleased as the two simply practiced on the piano. Eventually Didier was sick of the same songs and tried teaching new ones. Some were Lunesa's favorites though and she wouldn't let them go. Begrudgingly he'd play them with her.

In time, the pain grew unbearable and Lunesa began getting severe headaches simply by speaking. In a matter of weeks she ceased speaking at all and simply stayed curled in her bed, crying from pain. Worried for their daughter, they called the doctor.

The news was not good. There was to be an operation in a few days, the family figured out. Their seven year old daughter was going in to have the cancer removed at its source. There were risks and naturally, the highest risk was going to be Lunesa would lose her voice. It was terrifying, not only for her as she watched her family fuss, but to simply know she was going to the doctor's. They didn't tell her it was surgery, her father demanded she be put under before, even despite the doctor's requests. "She'll wake up if we give the medication too soon." Mr Marques was determined and stubborn.

"I don't want her to feel the pain. She doesn't even need to know it happened." A rather flabbergasted doctor agreed.

The next day came and Lunesa was simply confused. Why was her family acting so strangely. How come they kept feeding her all her favorite things? Why was she allowed ice cream for dinner... in fact mother had encouraged it. Even Didier wasn't himself. He sat at the piano silently a while and just seemed so bothered. Worried for her brother, Lunesa moved up to his side and simply began playing her half of the song. It was so foreign when his keys didn't reach her ears.

"Brother?" Lunesa barely managed over the pain it took to speak. Her golden eyes stared up at him.

Didier simply sighed heavily, as if he had a weight on his shoulders. There was silence, words attempted to be formed. "Lunesa. What do you want to do more than anything?"

Lunesa smiled and looked distantly in thought. Her hands rested on the piano keys, softly and slowly playing a tune. "Dance."

Didier seemed a bit confused by her words. "Dance? Why dancing? There's so much in the world you could do."

Trying to focus on speaking, her brow furrowed and she stopped playing. "You're.. so graceful.. I want to.. be like that too."

"Lunesa, you're just going t-." It was a fact his sister was probably the least best dancer he knew, even for a seven year old. However, a few moments of having his toes stepped on wouldn't be so bad. "Alright. I can't teach you how to be more graceful. I will dance with you though." He stood up and looked around. "But then there's no music."

Lunesa frowned. It was true, there was no music, but she didn't mind. "It's okay." With a bit of a hop, she got to her feet. Her face was alight with glee; something Didier couldn't help but smile at. Her small hands fit in his kind of awkwardly and she was nearly half his height, but he'd make do.

He was right about the stepped on feet, though. Lunesa really was a bad dancer, but he didn't mind. At least not that once.

The next day came and went and the following was the day of the surgery. "Don't worry Lunesa," mother cooed. Her eyes closed as she hugged her daughter tightly. "They're just going to give you a shot. It might sting a bit so, we're going to give you medicine before.. okay?" A lie, but Lunesa was oblivious. She hated shots, so she was already in tears. Her father was slightly embarrassed as she had her little cry-show, but as the doctors came in and she got ready, the shot given had her out in a few minutes.

It's a terrifying moment, as she stared at her family through drowsy eyes. They looked back with such worry, wondering if she'd be the same even IF she made it. The last thing she could remember was her mother turning to try and hide her tears. Why the woman was crying..? Lunesa couldn't tell, but she was fading into the distance.

There were a few moments when Lunesa could feel. Her eyes opened and all she could see were men in white masks and blue shirts. There was red... places. Voices hit her ears and she began to panic. Who are you. One of the men shouted something in a frenzy. Slowly Lunesa felt her pulse escalate, she could hear her heart in her ears and everything was blurring. She couldn't breath.. There was nothing there but the dull vibrations of noise and slowed motions of the world.

Lunesa was pronounced dead officially for two minutes. How the doctors managed to bring her back was a medical mystery and some damn good luck. However, Lunesa never knew of this. In fact she wouldn't know anything about it until a few years later.

It was three days later when Lunesa finally showed signs of consciousness again. Her eyes opened, but she could barely remember how to move after dormant for so long. Her body ached from being stiff, from IVs and from the smell of the sterile everything burning in her nose. The people by her bedside were her mother and brother, both relieved to see her alive. Father had disappeared. Lunesa never understood why, but Didier and their mother knew the man felt a slight pang of guilt.

It wasn't much longer down her path of recovery that her life took a turn for the worse. Didier had to leave her for something. Oh she couldn't stop the tears as they poured down her face. Day after day until he left, she begged him to stay in what was left of her voice box. Unfortunately, he had things to do and thought his sister was just being dramatic. Little did they know life has a tenancy of fucking things over.

It had been two months after her surgery that Lunesa sat alone at the park. Her mother was only away for a moment, when a man came up behind Lunesa. The last thing she could remember was a strange fragrance and her body falling limp. Everything went black and she was unconscious.

When she stirred, she could hear snippets of the conversation. Lunesa had no idea what was going on? Ransom? A number was sputtered into the phone as smoke.. disgusting smoke was in her face. She couldn't see and her throat hurt too much to speak. Slowly she fell back down and curled into a ball. What was going on? She hadn't the slightest clue.

Apparently a man had caught wind of Lunesa' family. Though what he had wanted, she never quite figured out, because they weren't the richest. In fact, sometimes they were shoeless. How her father went about his parties and such, Lunesa never understood.

When she was unloaded, it was in an unfamiliar place where people didn't speak a lick of anything she did. She was an outcast: a foreigner. The worst part was being alone. To have no piano to express upon and to be stuck in a world where no one wanted you. Days turned into weeks and the man still hadn't gotten what he had wanted. Eventually, he just dropped Lunesa off at his friend's house and mumbled some gibberish in Amestrian.

It seemed Lunesa wasn't the only one there. A few kids had been abandoned to this man. What he was exactly wasn't ever specified. However he did take basic care of the children. He was nothing like a parent, but he did make sure they were fed once a day at least (Depending on how many children they had). They had basic clothes, mainly from thrift bins, but it was better to live in the old house than out in the street.

Nesa found one other boy who was there almost as long as her. He seemed kind of different from the other children. One day at dinner, Nesa offered hers to him, just curious on how he'd react, besides he looked so sad. The two ended up getting along and spent a lot of time together. After all they had been there longest and they continued to remain as others came and left.

It was an odd feeling when her family never came to get her. It was as if she had never left them, as if they'd never noticed. It was as if SHE never existed. A terrifying existence, that made her shiver and sigh. In the end, it left Lunesa and Fia to fend mainly for themselves. Lunesa picked up a job when she was 16. It was only a small job and barely paid, but she needed SOME sort of income for them.

Her new job wasn't treating her very well. She had to dress in an outfit that was nearly too small. The dress barely covered her and she spent the day catering to old men and women who often either picked on her or told her long stories. It wasn't just old men, but young ones too. However, considering Lunesa was only 16 at the time and working part time, they were far too old for her.

On one such day, an older gentlemen dropped his wallet. Lunesa, being kind as she was, went to pick it up, but the old man flipped up her dress with his cane. Humiliation wasn't even the right word. She was in tears by the time she came back. Her face red, wiped over and over again into her sleeve. It wasn't just a one time thing. It was almost daily some pervert was trying to look up her skirt or sliding money in the front of her dress. She wasn't a stripper, why was she being treated like one?

At that point, Fia told her it was time to get a new job. The only other option for her was the military, so off they went to sign the papers. Then came all the fun of basic training. Lunesa never thought she would make it. It was a miracle to her.


Rouenian(mistyrose), Amestrian(mediumpurple), knows a two-year old's level of Cretan(lightsteelblue) and knows sign language(gold)
→ Is teaching Fiasco (Othello) how to speak Rouenian
→ Bad dancer (she had two left feet really)
→ Wrote a song for Fiasco and Didier, but neither have heard it
→ Can't sit through a romance movie (she gets too red in the face and has to leave)
→ Can't watch horror movies as she gets terrified easily
→ Was once so bored she began counting the hairs on her head
→ When she's really tired she sits in a corner and pokes her chest (She's not even sure why)
→ She has either be on the right or the left, never in the middle
→ Has a great ear for music and can tell an off note right away
→ Enjoys the quite so she can play the piano
→ Has never owned a piano of her own
→ Loves Light or pastel colors
→ Wishes she had a more artistic hand (Sadly she can only draw stick figures)
→ Can't wait until she can play sheet music blindfolded
→ Has a poor taste (Either from eating poorly cooked meals or otherwise) Even the stuff she bakes a lot of times barely have flavor to her
→ Has periods of times where she just communicates with sign language
→ Believes that Fia can sometimes understand her silence


→ Ammy

TOO MANY 8D Iris, Tat, Aaron, Val, Yoshi, Caj, Amadi, Rie

→ 8D

[b]Uta no Prince Sama[/b] - [i]Nanami Haruka[/i] - Lunesa Marques

→ Pianissimo Pianist


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Rouenian(mistyrose), Amestrian(mediumpurple), knows a two-year old's level of Cretan(lightsteelblue) and knows sign language(gold)

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