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A Girls Day

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A Girls Day Empty A Girls Day

Post by Guest Sat Apr 13, 2013 11:43 am

The sun was setting on the beach, a couple sitting beside each other with the womans head resting on his shoulder. The waves lap gently over and over onto their toes as they sit there watching. His arm rests over her shoulder, gently kissing her forehead---


A hand came crashing down on that alarm clock, the crunch notifying her that she had at least cracked the outer casing of the damn thing. Lisbeth was laying stomach down on her bed, her head turned to the left on her pillow as she opened her eyes and stared towards the wall. Again. Again she had these dreams that plagued her, her soul crying out to the man that no longer shared her bed. Sighing heavily, she pushed herself up while shaking her head, pulling her silken robe from a chair as she headed into the bathroom for a quick shower. She tried to keep it a short one since today was to be a day meant for relaxation. After the tensions that had blossomed in Central, for now it was time to be silly. At least for today. A lot was changing in the world, so why not change ones wardrobe in the process?

It wasn't just her for this outing, however, her stiff subordinate Jocelyn would be joining her. In reality, Lisbeth was both hoping to take this opportunity to get to know the woman, as well as possibly helping her loosen up. About 45 minutes later she emerged with towel dried hair, wrapped in her robe which she cast aside once she dressed enough to be in her skivvies. At that point, however, she paused before her closet and armoire, wondering what exactly it was she wanted to wear today. It was time for some retro. She began to furiously pull out pieces here and there, the clothes scattering on top of her bed until she had them all and began to pull them on. Her hair got pulled up and curled beneath a blue cap though her bangs still dangled out from beneath it. In the end, she had an 80s appearance with some killer red peek-toe heels that raised her up another 2 inches (not that she really needed it). She only put on minimal makeup, just some lipstick that seemed to soften her features a bit.

Despite her curves, the outfit hung a bit loosely on her, adjusting the necklace with the rings on it. Her fingers lingered on it for a moment before she shook her head and straightened, pulling together a small purse that matched before hurrying out the door. She didn't bother to drive today, there was no sense in it. She'd have to somehow find parking by the Bazaar which was always impossible, and they'd be walking around for the most part anyways. Catching a bus, she was dropped off about a block from the one side of the bazaar, checking her watch to make sure she was on time. It only took her another few minutes to get to the corner where they said they would meet up, taking a deep breath as she ran through her head again a list of places that they would, or could, go to. Yes, the day would work out well. She hoped.


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A Girls Day Empty Re: A Girls Day

Post by Guest Tue Apr 16, 2013 4:18 pm

The night had been productive, to say the least. Even with the obstacles of empty coffee pots and the noise complaints, Jocelyn was able to finish her replacement right arm. Sacrificing 5 hours of her usual 10 hour sleep cycle, she went to bed content with her work, even if she had damaged most of the decorative engraving. She'd fix it tomorrow, she thought. No, she wouldn't. Lisbeth had invited her on an outing, she'd almost forgotten it amongst the nuts and bolts and wrenches. Once she woke up from her "nap", she shed off her nasty clothes and went into the shower, scrubbing down every inch of her body. She didn't always shower this thoroughly, but this was an outing with her commanding officer. She hadn't socialized much since coming to South, but this would be a good chance. True, she didn't ENJOY it half the time, but Lisbeth was a fine woman to have in company.

Once she dried herself off, she walked out into her bedroom then cracked her closet. She needed something that said "I got my best out for today"...something that looked stunning. So she pushed her hand into the racks and brought out her best and favorite ensemble. A white ruffled jacket and skirt. Her skirt only covered about 9 inches below her waist and the jacket reached the bottom of her ribs, and it was bell-cuffed. Her thigh-high white stockings were perfectly silky smooth and complimented her white leather boots nicely.

Once she had made herself up, she was out the door with a hint of skip in her step. It was still very early in the day as she walked down the dorm halls, faintly recognizing an alarm clock going off then was suddenly silence. She made her way outside and hitched a ride on a taxi. Jocelyn HAD no use for a car, she didn't travel much, so she always carried cash to cover taxi fare. Once she arrived at the Bazaar, as specified, she handed the driver her money and went off to the corner they had agreed to meet on. It had a shattered streetlamp which made it easy to spot. She waited there, but not for long as she saw Lisbeth's unmistakable body and brilliant black hair. Jocelyn had always admired Lisbeth's beauty, as if she didn't even need to try. She looked like she came out of a Paula Abdul music video, but she owned that outfit. Jocelyn stood, coming off the streetlamp and saluted to her, her yellow locks swishing in the light breeze. "Good morning, Ms. Holmes."

There was just one thing that Jocelyn wasn't told. She put her hand down and clasped it in her other one behind her back. Her head turned so that she gazed at the Bazaar. It certainly looked bazaar. "May I ask what we are doing here?"


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A Girls Day Empty Re: A Girls Day

Post by Guest Thu Apr 18, 2013 2:28 pm

Alright, it hadn't been too long since they were supposed to meet so there was no need to worry about that then. Even as she walked up to the light, she saw Jocelyn come into view like a beacon with all of the white of her clothes. Well now wasn't she adorable in her outfit? It was an excellent outfit to be sure and fit her rather well, though there was still a formality to it that made Lisbeth wonder. She rarely went shopping for clothes either, did she? Not just for the purpose of practicality, but the purpose of just to have some fun. Smoothing some black strands away from her face, she gave a somewhat lazy salute in return, grinning at her subordinate. "Good morning, Ms. Holmes." "Good morning! At ease." She responded as she slowed to a stop before her, her earrings tinkling a little as they swung from her earlobes.

When Jocelyn shifted, Lisbeth couldn't help but note the militaristic "relaxed" stance and it made her want to sigh, not that she actually did. "May I ask what we are doing here?" The older woman smiled and nodded her head towards the bazaar to signal for them to move, her hands swaying at her sides gently. "Well Jocelyn," her blue eyes turned towards her subordinate, "I want to get to know you. Not at work as the soldier that I know, but as one person to another." She grew quiet for a moment as music began to waft over across the air towards them, spices just barely tickling against their noses. Ahh she did love the bazaar.... It was glorious and so vibrant with life, a welcome change from the stresses of the failed festival at Central. But no need to think about that, today was a day for happier things.

"And, well, what with recent events I felt that a girls day out was the best choice for getting to do this. Might as well have some fun on a day off right?" She asked as she chuckled, shrugging her shoulders a little as the bangles on her wrist jingled together. There was a bit of a bounce to her step, thankful for the shade from her hat against the bright Southern Amestris sun, glancing over towards the lake. "So what do you like to do on a day off Jocelyn?" Those blue orbs slid back over to rest upon the golden haired woman, offering her a gentle smile.


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A Girls Day Empty Re: A Girls Day

Post by Guest Tue Apr 23, 2013 2:12 pm

"At ease." If she could, she would've laughed. With her, ease wasn't something that could be commanded, even achieve, just feigned behind a dainty figure such as herself. Jocelyn simply had her eyes follow her C.Os movements as she began to move towards the chaotic looking shopping plaza, following in turn. She never noticed it about herself, but she walked very akin to that of a fashion model: foot right in line with the other, hips swaying. Her hands were behind her back, bare and callous to the frilly garmant she wore.] "Well Jocelyn," Then she felt those eyes, those endless blue eyes on her. She straightened up, looking to her with a twinge of raised brow and blush, this whole situation was new and she was beginning to lose composure. Why now? "I want to get to know you. Not at work as the soldier that I know, but as one person to another."

Her face almost burst in surprise her eyes grew so wide. She stared at Lisbeth long and hard, trying to...figure this out. Someone was trying to get to know her...a first in her career here. Most soldiers said "How de do" and went on their business, but no officer took the time to get level with subordinates. But this wasn't about commander and subordinate, but as two women. Jocelyn couldn't remember the last time she even TRIED to act like a lady...besides her clothing choices of course. " And, well, what with recent events I felt that a girls day out was the best choice for getting to do this. Might as well have some fun on a day off right?" She meant the utter horror of the festival...of course, after that anyone needed a vacation, and she DID need to know the area better.

But something about Lisbeth being here made it all the better. She had so much bombastic life, such It had been blazing away at Jocelyn's stone, and only now was it starting to crack. Jocelyn had remainded quiet for most of this time, embarrasment and hot sun reddening her cheeks. Then, as Lisbeth looked towards the efervesant sapphire lake, she asked a question that Jocelyn had never heard before in her lifetime. "So what do you like to do on a day off Jocelyn?"

Ice skating. She loved, absolutely loved to ice skate. Ever since she was little. But her mouth wouldn't move, refused to share that much detail about herself. so she responded with the a true answer. "I've never had a day off in my life, Lisbeth." Then she walked over to her, watching her smile. She stood shoulder to shoulder with her, looking out towards the bazaar. "Can we go explore it? Her voice echoed with some variant of excitement, though her face betrayed nothing.


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A Girls Day Empty Re: A Girls Day

Post by Guest Sun Apr 28, 2013 8:25 pm

It was good that she didn't seem to be too late on her arrival, her eyes glancing over Jocelyn's outfit with approval. It was a beautiful, simple, and rather feminine outfit, the white perfectly complimented by her golden hair. She was a beautiful girl, and would probably get hawked by Lisbeth's mother to try modeling. She had the height, the right build, and she was gorgeous. She had to inwardly shake her head at that thought since she knew how persistent her mother could be. That, and she could already guess at what her subordinates response/reaction would be already. As she glanced over after expressing her reason for this visit, she only smirked though she wanted to chuckle at how shocked Jocelyn seemed to be. It was true that it was a rather unusual thing for a military leader, but it was also a fact. She was sure that those at South would get used to it sooner or later.

"I've never had a day off in my life, Lisbeth." Now she had to blink and mentally pause at that, looking at her subordinate in some dumbfoundedness. She.... what? "How..." That couldn't be true, could it? "Can we go explore it?" She had to snap out of her daze, nodding as her smile renewed itself, gesturing with a hand towards the Bazaar. "Of course, it is why we are here. I figured we could do some clothes shopping, get some drinks, nothing fancy. Unless you have other preferences because that is perfectly fine." She answered, stressing the last part with a slightly worried expression as her eyes searched her face. It was... a little hard to read. She thought she had sensed some hidden excitement, but how she could not be sure as they walked along, the various stalls and stores rising up alongside them. Voices called out from either side for them to try their wares, that their fruit was better than someone else's, the usual things to be expected from a place such as this.

"Yes, if there is anything in particular that you would rather do, please let me know. I do want the day to be enjoyable."


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A Girls Day Empty Re: A Girls Day

Post by Jay Furor Wed Jun 12, 2013 4:08 pm



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