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Arrival of the Imp (open)

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Arrival of the Imp (open) Empty Arrival of the Imp (open)

Post by Guest Mon Jan 14, 2013 8:33 pm

Changing this post, I will post a revised version in a few hours. I did not understand the current lore correctly my mistake!

As the snowflakes dropped towards the earth they fell onto a dry, rough hand of Imperious. Simply ignoring the cold he lifted his foot and pressed on forward, allowing him to stop for a brief moment Imperious looked up and saw in the horizon the massive walls of Briggs. The walls were larger than anything he had seen before, his father had told him stories of the wall and the famous soldiers that lived within but Imperious was still amazed to see such a creation with his own eyes. Imperious knew he was ready and worthy of being called a soldier of Briggs, now all that mattered was to get himself there. As he quickened his pace, the snow fall began to increase and suddenly it was a snow storm. This happened on occasion in the North, from a matter of seconds Mother Nature can alter the winds and weather. Imperious was prepared for this he was not a man who could be bested so easily by the storms of the North.

Nearly blinded by the storm any regular individual would off not heard it coming, but since he had been trained in the North his entire life Imperious heard a distinct sound coming from his right side. Everything happened simultaneously Imperious quickly reached and pulled out his sword, turning himself to face the opposing threat. Then a bear nearly the size of him had appeared out of nowhere before him, the bear was standing on its hind legs and had its claws in mid swing at Imperious. Imperious tightened his grip on the sword he unleashed a swing at the bear finishing the swing Imperious stood behind the bear, blood shot out from his body as his top half simply slide off. Imperious sheathed his sword and turned to walk towards the direction of Briggs once more.

Approaching the walls of Briggs the snow stormed has lessened; the weather began to clear allowing for the sun to peak out behind the gray clouds. Imperious was approaching the gate when there was a shout from above, then more individuals began to shout and it seemed something had upset the balance of Briggs quiet environment. A soldier appeared above him on the wall and shouted towards Imperious.

“Who are you and what business do you have here?”
Imperious lifted his head and glanced towards the soldier. The soldier had a young face on him, he would of appeared as any regular man in Central but here covered in layers of fur and a rifle at his side. He was a soldier of Briggs and not to be underestimated.
“I am Imperious and I am here to become a soldier of Briggs.”
The soldier who was looking at Imperious let out a laugh and said “Not any individual can become a soldier of Briggs, but in any case we shall let you in to meet the Commander”

Imperious disregarded the laugh and ventured forth as the massive black gates unhinged revealing a large tunnel that lead towards black doors. Before him appeared four military soldiers, two of them had theirs guns fixed on Imperious as the other two approached.
“Remove yourself of your sword before you enter the premise, we do not allow strangers to enter armed. You will be given your weapons back once you are deemed fit.”

Imperious hesitated staring intensely at the soldiers eyes, than he unsheathed his sword and gave it to the soldier. The soldier nodded and turned to walk towards the black doors, complying Imperious followed him with the rest of the men behind Imperious. As they approached the black doors, the massive gates let out a loud screech sound as the moved to life once more, they slowly inched themselves shut behind the men. The soldier moved towards a panel on the wall and pressed a button, the black doors opened to reveal an elevator. The men proceeded in and pressed another button within the elevator, the black doors slammed shut and the elevator lifted itself slowly. Imperious stood between the men even with all their clothing and helmets, Imperious stood toweringly above all the men. Imperious had to tilt his head slightly as to avoid hitting it on the roof of the elevator.

The elevator had stopped and the black doors swung open to a tunnel that had gone it multiple directions. The men tried to push Imperious out but with no success, Imperious laughed and took a step out of the elevator. Two in front and two behind of Imperious as they walked down the dimmed hallway, as he passed rooms Imperious peered inside seeing all types of equipment within the rooms. (Machinery, medicine, weapons etc) They stopped before a large door, upon the window was written “Fort Briggs Commander’s Office”, one soldier pushed on the door and walked into the office, leaving Imperious behind with the remainder of the soldiers surrounding him.


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Arrival of the Imp (open) Empty Re: Arrival of the Imp (open)

Post by Csilla Angelis Sun Feb 03, 2013 6:24 pm



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