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An Assassin's Arsenal Empty An Assassin's Arsenal

Post by Guest Sun Nov 04, 2012 9:48 pm

CASE FILE: Custom Weaponry/Equipment
An Assassin's Arsenal Bulletsleft An Assassin's Arsenal Bulletscentre An Assassin's Arsenal Bulletsright

"I'm the fear that keeps you awake, I'm the shadows on the wall..."
→ The Children (Asmodeus and Astaroth)
→ Fangs of Deliverance
→ Grenade satchel
→ Phial bandoliers
→ The Hunter

→ Interceptor
→ The Twins (Canis Major and Canis Minor)
→ Andromeda
→ Perseus
→ 'The Audi'

→ Typhon
→ Echidna

→ Dual pistols.
→ Twin tanto.
→ A bag of grenades, mainly smoke and flashbang.
→ A pair of crossed bandoliers of blood phials.
→ Harpoon gun

→ Silenced pistol
→ Dual machine pistols
→ Sub-machine gun
→ Sniper rifle
→ A car

→ A shotgun
→ Break-action grenade launcher

→ Two unengraved, black-finished, .45 ACP Colt M1911A1 semi-automatic handguns, with a smiley face inlay on either grip. Seven-round box magazines.
→ Two tanto, short dagger-like swords, almost miniature katana. Aerugese in heritage.
→ A bag of grenades!
→ Two bandoliers of blood phials, relatively simple, and relatively small. About 100ml in each.
→ Lightweight one-hand retractable harpoon/spear pistol.

→ Suppressed FN Five-seveN pistol fitted with a tac-light. Uses FN 5.7x28mm rounds, with the standard-issue 20-round magazines.
→ Twin Brugger and Thomet MP9 machine pistols, each stockless and fitted with shortest barrels possible. Black finish, the one that Ayden wields predominantly in his right hand is engraved 'Canis Major' and in his left, 'Canis Minor'. Uses 9x19mm Parabellum ammunition, extended 32 round magazines in each.
→ Heckler and Koch MP5K personal defense weapon. A sub-machine gun, stockless and fitted with a black leather strap. Also uses 9x19 Parabellum ammunition with a typical 32-round magazine.
→ XM2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum. Collapsible, bipod fitted, and has a five-round box magazine.
→ Audi R8, GT Spyder. 5.2 litre V10 engine. Twin-turbo. Jet black interior and exterior. 0 - 60 in under four seconds. Comes complete with functioning radio, iPod dock, and various classical CDs.

→ Daewoo Precision Industries USAS-12. 12-gauge shotgun, automatic firing system, and a 20-round drum magazine. Uses 12-gauge HEAB frag rounds or just regular shells.
→ Amestrian FN Scar EGLM (Enhanced Grenade Launching Module) AKA FN40GL, or MK13 Mod 0. Break-action, single-shot, uses 40mm grenade rounds. Ayden carries, at any time, a variety of buckshot, typical frags, incendiaries, smoke, tear gas, white phosphorus, EMPs and his personal favourite, flechette rounds.


→ The Children are a brand-new M1911A1 model, one of the most reliable sidearms known to man. They fit into holsters strapped to the outside of Ayden's shins, and are his bread and butter. He never goes out without them. He never goes to sleep without them. He never takes a dump without them. They are on him at all times. Asmodeus is the pistol holstered on the left, and a small blood droplet has been painted onto the smiley in red. Astaroth is the pistol holstered on the right, and the blood droplet is identical, here, except painted in blue, almost like a tear. Ayden likes to think that it represents both his maniacal and creative sides. They're made with composite carbon fibre and reinforced steel frames, making them lightweight and clock in at about 1lb each, max.

Ayden uses the Children in conjunction with typical standard issue hollow point .45 Action Colt Pistol rounds (confirmed that Ayden uses Black Talon rounds, as shown below). They're reliable, accurate, and he's trained with them to the point that he can use them to their maximum effective range - around 100 metres. 150 at a stretch. His precision is almost surgical - up until a range of around 60-70 metres, he can aim and fire, almost guaranteeing a killshot (obviously, if he wants to).

→ The Fangs of Deliverance are a set of twin tanto, fairly generic. Ayden keeps them holstered at his back, and they're reverse-bladed thanks to the way he usually unleashes them in close-combat. They're wicked sharp, and were gained from a recent trip to the Aerugese border, another addition to his arsenal. Not so quintessential to him, but he loves 'em just the same. Designed with lightweight guards and grips, these are weighted only very slightly so that Ayden can draw and use them with ease.

→ The grenade satchel is very simply a bag containing a mishmash of grenades. Mainly State-issue (pilfered from a supply warehouse) flashbangs and smoke grenades, covering for ninja-like escapes and, well, helpful for blinding the silly idiots who get in your way when things get a little too much. Although they're usually breathing through a new asshole by the time they're that close, thanks to the Fangs. The satchel generally contains spare magazines as well, etc etc. This is now typically kept in the back of his car for weight limitations, and Ayden will only take a few reserve clips with him into the frey.

→ Considering one of Ayden's newer branches of alchemy allows him to isolate the hydrogen atoms in blood before detonating them, it's only typical he'd have his own stock supply. These phials are collected from a blood-bank (although some are rumoured to be from actual victims during a few of Ayden's colourful 'interrogation' sessions) and then strapped to his chest, whereupon they essential turn into grenades.

Now that he's fully perfected the bloodbomb alchemy, he actually has engraved each phial with the transmutation circle, so it doesn't matter which hand he activates them with. Simply for ease, really.

→ The Hunter is a single-shot spear pistol with rope attached, fitted with a pneumatic firing system. Because of the way it's made, Ayden can both pull himself to the target, and pull the target to him. It's rather sharp and usually well-maintained, although Ayden carries no more than three, four spears at a time. It's lightweight and usually also functions as a grappling hook.

→ Interceptor is a suppressed Five-seveN pistol chambered in 5.7x28mm. One of his most treasured purchases, it's usually found tucked into a concealed gunbelt at the back of his waist, and his aim with it is remarkable. It's used as a last resort, and a trump card to pull; it functions incredibly well, is well-maintained, and is polished completely black. It has no visible serial or engraving, and is balanced and weighted for the purposes of quickdraw amongst others. It clocks in at about 1lb.

It uses 20-round magazines with caseless ammunition. Semi-automatic only.

→ The Twins are Canis Major and Canis Minor, a pair of black-hued Brugger & Thomet MP9 machine pistols. They use 32-round magazines and are stockless, buttless, and built to be concealable. They generally find themselves strapped into Ayden's shoulder holsters, and are engraved with their respective names; Major is predominantly carried in the right hand, and Minor in the left. Because of this, they are holstered inversely (Major in the left, and Minor in the right). Both are fully-automatic.

Each MP9 is also, much like the Children and Perseus, built with a composite lightweight carbon fibre frame for practicality (Ayden has a lot to lug around, truth be told).

→ Andromeda is a true beauty of gunsmithery. It's a Heckler & Koch Amestrian-made MP5K, a beautiful sub-machine gun and personal defense weapon. It can fire single shots or fully automatic, has no sight equipped, and is painted of the darkest black, with intricate and ornate specialised chrome engravings. With no stock, a single grip in front of the trigger, a shortened barrel, and a 32-round magazine, chambered in 9x19 Parabellum, it is one of Ayden's most treasured additions to his arsenal, and he carries it practically everywhere. It slings over an opposite shoulder to The Hunter, and whilst Ayden can fire barrages from it one-handed, his accuracy and precision is almost unmatched when he holds it close. It's modified to be compatible with close-quarters combat, and means that Ayden can still dish out a good few punches and welts even with his hands otherwise occupied. He also sometimes carries it in a special metal broadcase, blacked-out and for use in the early moments of stealth missions. He occasionally carries a suppressor for it, too. It can fire single-shot or fully-automatic.

On another interesting note, Andromeda's case has a small hole which conceals the tip of the weapon whilst leaving it open. If concealed and fitted with a suppressor, Ayden can actually rig a cord up in a certain manner to allow him to pull off a silent, discreet public assassination, walking along and pulling the cord to fire shots. It's inaccurate and works best on the gun's single-shot mode, but is always a fun spin-off from Ayden's usual... methods.

→ Perseus is a beast of a sniper rifle that maintains only the bare essentials. Scope, barrel, bipod, magazine, trigger; the framework gives it the look of a prototype rifle, and that's exactly what there is. No screwing about. It's built this way to be lightweight, collapsable, and to allow easy reassembly after it's dismantled. Obviously, this is to allow Ayden a quick getaway after a hit. The body is made of a mixture between composite carbon fibre and reinforced aluminium to be as light as possible.

It has an effective range of over a kilometre, and Ayden's accuracy with it is SCARY. He only uses it as a total last resort, or as part of a larger plan. It comes fitted with a somewhat redundant suppressor, also black. It's single-shot fire mode only, and is bolt action, with a 5-round detachable box magazine, chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum. Official model designation is 'XM2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle', Cretan-manafactured and in use by only the best of the best in the ranks of the country's marksmen. The scope is variable zoom and custom-fitted for the XM2010 rail; Ayden's precision, when he uses the scope, is absolutely surgical - he likes to blow off limbs with it for a pasttime, too.

Considering weight limitations, if kitted in full gear, Ayden, whilst carrying Perseus and Andromeda in briefcase form, will only be able to run for a very limited amount of time, and will be nowhere near as agile as usual with them carried.

→ The R8. Audi, Amestrian-made, like a lot of Ayden's equipment. He drives it, and he drives it well; the two have bonded close in the short amount of time they've been together. Despite being frighteningly expensive, the car wasn't that big of a thing for Ayden; he admires it, and if anyone goes near it in a manner he doesn't approve, he'll blow their hands off, but the pair have some sort of silent bond... yes, Ayden bonds with inanimate objects.

This model, the GT Spyder, can achieve a top speed of around 200mph with a twin-turbo 5.2L V10 engine. It's a monster, and is deceptively quiet for it. It's road-legal, and black - with similarly coloured tinted windows - generally fitting in well in large cities such as Central or London considering its sleek, chic look. Ayden admires the fact that he keeps naught but the bare essentials in it. It's a coupe, and is designed to move fast. Ayden usually keeps his two briefcases and any other peripherals in the trunk (two briefcases containing Perseus and Andromeda).

The Audi also has a few more surprises fitted that are more suited to Ayden's line of occupation, truly making the car one in a million, fitted with an intelligent munitions and tracking system controlled by a cavernous touch screen interface concealed beneath the radio. Alongside warheads and missiles mounted on extendable compartments found in the side-skirt and number-plate, the back half of the car itself can actually fold back (a modification Ayden had hand-made) to reveal a minigun which he can control, a miniature Cretan M135. Makes car chases interesting.
Alternatively, this is (rarely, but it still happens) occasionally replaced with a Vektor Y3 AGL automatic belt-fed 40mm grenade launcher.

Also, as a total and complete last resort, Ayden has two Beretta M92FS pistols sewn into each of the two seats, although these are not made to extend outwards. He will have to rip the seamwork apart in order to get to them, and as such, he probably won't ever have to use them. Probably.

→ The pinnacle of Ayden's long-range weaponised arsenal, Typhon is a Daewoo Precision Industries USAS-12 automatic shotgun. It fires either fragmentation or regular shells at a comparatively blinding rate of 260 per minute from a 20-round circular drum magazine, which cancels to more or less 4 per second; it's nowhere near as fast as other automatic weapons (machine guns and assault rifles) but that's because they're nowhere near on par with this sort of destructive activity.

A single 12-gauge shell in itself can shear through bone, flesh, muscle, sinew... all with ease, at close range. A frag 12 gauge shell can do all this and more. Considering the ammunition's primary function to explode on contact, it can tear through walls, bodies, armour... just about everything you can think of.

The regular shells are fairly simple and almost just as destructive at a closer range. Alongside this, the weapon has been modified with a carbon-fiber frame to shed around 60% of its net weight, making it 2kg even with a drum loaded; even then, it's generally kept in the boot of Ayden's car alongside Andromeda and Perseus, his other heavy-duty weapons.

Fitted with a strap and coated in a charcoal black finish, the gun's probably at the very head of Ayden's arsenal. He can cut down many a man in his way with it, and considering its nature, despite its not exactly being the most accurate weapon in his arsenal, at close-range, it's devastating.

→ The MK13 Mod 0 grenade launcher, or, as Ayden has dubbed it, Echidna, is part of a two-piece set with its brother, Typhon. Worlds smaller than the automatic shotgun, Echidna functions with a break-action single-shot loading system, relying on 40mm rounds but able to wreak just as much havok as you can imagine with a single projectile.

It's black-finished, like all of Ayden's gear, and is fitted with a stock and guiding-manual sight. Ayden carries a variety of fragmentation, buckshot, flechette, incendiary, white phosphorus, smoke, tear gas, and EMP rounds, generally only carrying four or five and specialising for the contract. It's tiny, and the frame is designed to be light; it was archetypically mass-produced to be fitted as an underslung launcher, but is perfectly functional as a singular entity.

Fitted with a sling, too, this baby is multi-purpose, and, although, slow to start, and limited in terms of range, can unleash all varieties of hell, and is very much tailored to the contract. Trust me, getting hit with a flechette round hurts. The weapon itself is compact, as the stock is extendable, and even then, the compacted frame is only the size of an A4 sheet of paper.

Mainly, this is used for anti-vehicular purposes but doubles as an anti-personnel room-sweeper. It's pretty fun to hold such a little device in your hand and launch hell in a handbasket from the barrel. It can easily be held one-handed in conjunction with perhaps a number of other weapons, primarily perhaps one of the Twins or Children.

The Children:
An Assassin's Arsenal 34jdutd
Rounds: An Assassin's Arsenal Vglzs
The Fangs of Deliverance:
An Assassin's Arsenal 214yrty
Flashbang grenade:
An Assassin's Arsenal 2a5d7qu
Smoke grenade:
An Assassin's Arsenal 29dxxdz
The Hunter:
An Assassin's Arsenal 290zbf4
An Assassin's Arsenal Splintercellsamfisherfn
The Twins:
An Assassin's Arsenal Ifo3tz
Andromeda and Carry Case:
An Assassin's Arsenal K2059141165884024345

The case:An Assassin's Arsenal 61555658
Perseus and Carry Case:
An Assassin's Arsenal 2m5mf87

The case:
An Assassin's Arsenal 10rvadk
Audi R8:
An Assassin's Arsenal Wv27ad
Attachments guide:An Assassin's Arsenal 2gxla45
An Assassin's Arsenal 2afg1ud
An Assassin's Arsenal Vdllad


→ Please note that despite Ayden's unholy amount of weaponry, he has peak physical training, and has modified and tweaked each individual item, along with ammunition conservation strategies in place, to reduce the weight to below 20lbs total (as of level 4, I think it's around 19-20). It tires him at the end of the day, but he can carry this. He generally makes trade-offs and leaves Andromeda, Perseus, Typhon, and the grenade satchel in the trunk of his R8, along with anything else he's convinced he doesn't need. Ayden being fully kitted out is a rare occurrence - despite considering his motto of preparation that he recites rather a lot.

Added still onto this are several factors; limitations are put in place considering the comparative weight of Perseus, Typhon and Andromeda, two-handed weapons, and Ayden's movement speed will be significantly reduced when he's using them/carrying them. This applies for his alchemy equipment, too.


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