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Hartmen, Aaron

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Hartmen, Aaron Empty Hartmen, Aaron

Post by Aaron H Sat Oct 27, 2012 7:16 pm

   CASE FILE: Alchemist/Cretan Militant
   Hartmen, Aaron 2nixn42 Hartmen, Aaron 2nixn42Hartmen, Aaron 2nixn42
   "To live is to love, to love is to lose, to lose is to forget, which is to live.  The cycle never ends it starts over again just different victims."

           FULL NAME:
           → Aaron Hartmen

           → 28

           → Male

           BIRTH PLACE:
           → South City, Amestris

           → 1/2 Amestrian 1/2 Cretan

           DATE OF BIRTH:
           → February 3, 1984


           → 5'11

           → 134 lbs

Hartmen, Aaron Tumblr_m8pwubHSbJ1qiptgio1_500

           → There are no outstanding features on Aaron.  He has a generally blank face with two eyes and a nose and mouth.  Ears sit on the side of his head and eyebrows that match the color of his hairline.  It's obvious Aaron TRIES to fix his hair, but to no avail.  It is always  a mess.  His eyes are a narrow and generally uninterested brown that also border black and gold depending on the brightness of his own mood.  His face is normally scrunched up thoughtfully or relaxed and distant.  Aaron rarely smiles, but when he does he makes sure his teeth don't show.  He's often slumped when he walks, kind of shuffles a bit.  It's obvious he isn't out to be seen or really heard and when traffic hits he's the kind to slip into an alley away from them all.

His body is pretty well-built but not muscular.  He has a moderate body frame with a few scrapes and scars over the course from momentary idiocies.  He keeps his nails cut short and has hands that are a bit calloused from labor and guitar practice.  He likes to wear tennis shoes and often times his apparel is just a t-shirt with a jacket over top.  His pants are a pair of blue jeans.  Aaron does not dress to impress, but nor does he dress in stained clothing.  He has well kept and trimmed scruff on his chin(when he doesn't shave) and no sideburns.  All in all, he looks like an average man with no real stand-outish qualities,  At least, that is until he removes his contacts.  His eyes are actually heterochromial and one(his left) is actually red in color.


           →Aaron is what would be described as a 'typical' male.  Not in the aspect a woman says 'typical male' but more of the 'average guy'.  He doesn't seem to do much and lives his life day by day.  When he's done with work, he goes home, eats, plays some video games or surfs on the computer and then goes to bed.  He doesn't have much of a 'life' but he is quite alive and in general he's 'okay with life'.   He has no knowledge on the 'supernatural' aspects of the world so Hommunculi and Father do not exist in his mind, HAD he even heard of them.  However, he will sit and google Big foot sightings until he passes out at his desk.

Aaron is a tech wizard.  He loves to sit and tear apart computers and figure out how they work.  He's always had a sort of pull towards technology and the functions of it.  He's an effective repair man.  His love spurns even more with new stuff.  HE always has to have two, one he can tear apart and one he can use.  His past time usually kills it away. He's a curious man, constantly examining things, figuring out how they work, almost like a detective in his own way.  He investigates what he doesn't know and tries to justify it as real or fiction and that involves people as well.

To some people, Aaron can be a real dick.  He shows an apathy and nonchalantly, he will poke and prod a person's buttons as if to figure out how they work as well.  In truth, He just gets bored easily.  His disinterest is a mask to hold of the feeling of pain.  rejection comes often and if he has a shield, it doesn't hurt as much.  Not caring is his shield and because of that, he tends to have throws where even his friends are pushed away from him.  It makes him a 'suffer in silence' kind of guy while being someone who WISHES he didn't feel the way he does.  Aaron has a lot of pride and doesn't exactly accept help well.  In some instances, it has to be FORCED on him.

When it comes to friends, Aaron is very attached.  The few friends he gets he almost clings to, but fearing his own clinginess, he remains distant.  When in an actual relationship (as in dating), he tries his hardest and gives his all without taking anything back.  He's old school, buy things, take them out and give every dime he can to someone and treats them as he would a potential partner.  His view is that 'dating' is trying out the person to see if the relationship would work for the rest of his life.  If not, he will try and get the person to break up with him, too afraid to break someone's heart.  He tends to over complicate things and do things the 'right way' as opposed to the 'easy way'.  

In a case of an emergency, he keeps his head level and approaches logically.  What should happen first?  What is the next course of action?  What is happening now and who is involved?  This makes him seem a bit slow, but he's simply focused.  In some situations, Aaron is likely to succumb to instinct and dive into a situation.  If someone's life is in danger, Aaron jumps into action and does the best he can.  He doesn't feel he has leadership skills, but he DOES know when a situation needs to be controlled.  

If someone can finally get Aaron involved on a complete level, he's a very laid back man with a lot of worries worrying his mind.  Constantly his mind is a mess on who is okay and what he can do to make the lives of others, while debating on irritating the hell out of the people who annoy him. He doesn't have much patience with those he dislikes and will say something harsh under his breath to them.  Naturally, he is sarcastic and a bit of 'dry humor' type of person.  All around, he gives money to charity when it comes around and he believes very strongly in 'karma'.  As well, he tends to keep his mouth shut to avoid confrontations.  

           → Breaking Benjamin, Rise Against, Various other Rock music, technology (cell phones, laptop, video games), schedules, Mystery novels, tearing things('machines') apart, coding, snow, rain, fast food, tearing things apart

           → BEING INTERRUPTED, being unheard, Being ignored, being called a 'pack rat', remembering Brielle, cold coffee, rain, cooking, broken pieces

           DEEPEST SECRET:
           → Illegally downloads music online:  He also is going blind from soul binding


           → "Everyone has a story.  This is simply mine."

Aaron was born to two unwed parents in Amestris.  A passing fling developed into something more, but being from different countries, the two couldn't decide on who should have custody.  So even from a young age, he was passed back and forth like a hot potato, but both parents seemed to love him dearly.  He never knew what it was like to be a broken family because, well, he'd never had a complete family to start with.  His parents rarely talked to each other, but when they did it was simple conversation as if they'd been best friends.  

As he started school, he found it was rather difficult to get a handle.  Every summer was spent with his mother in Amestris and the school year was spent with his father and then alternative three years he switched.  His friends he had made when younger never really remembered him when he came back and the constant bouncing continues until he finally graduated when he put his foot down and decided to stay with his father.  Aaron had nothing against his mother, but he knew bouncing around wasn't going to get anything accomplished.  He apologized to her, but still would go to visit on holidays and summers to see her.  

He pursued getting money for college and Aaron found himself sinking into a world of studies and hard labor to keep up the expenses and pay for tuition fees.  Aaron never stopped studying and in the meantime, he pursued his advancement in a new ability he had heard of: Alchemy.  His research brought him to the military where he would enlist and later start practices of his own.  

There was a time Aaron was close to someone.  A woman he deeply cared about.  The two were inseparable and he never stopped talking about her.  She was someone special, he scrounged up everything he had and even when she'd bitch at him about petty things, he was there.  He caught her cheating on him multiple times and though it stabbed at his heart, he denied it constantly.  He began to bury himself in school, work and everything else he could.  Whatever he had that could block the pain away and shield it from him.

Unfortunately, it was all a ruse.  Something didn't sit right and this girl started avoiding him outright.   Day after day, she slipped further away.  "I'm out with friends."  He'd let her.  He knew she had a drug problem.  He knew she was out partying and yet he didn't care.  He wasn't going to fix her, that wasn't his job.  He let her live in the celebratory word she daydreamed of, even though it hurt him.  The pain was jealousy he would convince himself constantly.  A consistent reasoning of how it was irrational to hurt over it.  His every cent and every dollar pocketed was for a gift to her.  Some of his closer friends had to watch the poor man mistake denial for jealousy.  The thin pain that sat in his heart only deepened as his own purchase came closer.  After eight months of dating, he sacrificed his first computer (a gift from his mother) and sold it to make the biggest exchange of his life.  That special screen of his own was traded in for a golden band encrusted with diamonds and with it, he took a big step most men his age couldn't dare.

His feet shifted nervously as he stood outside the door.  A box in his pocket that clutched nervously and a shy look on his face.  Confidence was key.  He could make it through this.  It was for the better he at least tried.  The woman opened the door.  Her hair was a mess, her lipstick smeared and of course most unattractive mixed with the smell of illegal drugs and lingering frat-boy scent.  Jealousy crept up on him, but he reached for his box with a smile, but his heart sank.  

"Look, Aaron.  It's cool and all you decided to visit again and all, but look.  WE.  Are over, in fact we were never really anything to begin with."  Words came as cruel and harsh reality, shattering into pieces and cutting out his heart.  "I only dated you because Judy said I wouldn't do it and promised me some good stuff if I did.  And the only reason I stayed with you was because well.. let's face it.. you're kind of pathetic."  

The rest of her words were nothing on his ear.  Aaron couldn't hear over the sound f his own flushing cheeks and humiliation.  It had been a game- a joke and she had played him.  She stood in the doorway, giggling as her friends came to escort her back.  It had been a rude.  He had been lied to and now, he'd sold something so important to him, for no reason.  Well, no other reason but to buy the heartbreak.  In the end, that's all he did, was buy heartbreak.

The following week was like a haze of nothing to him.  Pain suffocated his throat and bled through his eyes until he passed out at night time.  There was no comfort and no reprieve. Eventually, he shut down from the world.  Rejection was terrible.  He'd had it before, but on such a level.  He could never get rid of the ring, though he was tempted many times to obliterate it.  It didn't matter how he sliced it, he had loved her and lost her in one day's time.  It was a Thursday night when he got a call.

Sitting at his desk and doing nothing really, Aaron found himself awoken by the sound of phone's ringing.  Midnight had come and passed and so, out of pure intrigue, he picked it up and answered.

"Hey Aaron, it's Tony.  Look, I figured I should tell you."  The voice crackled through static or tears, he wasn't sure which.  "But uhh.. this is really bad.  The gang were partying as always.  Someone had too much pot and well Man, I'm sorry.. Brielle is bleeding a lot.   I-I think her arms busted.. she's -she's not screaming or anything.  Sh-She's okay, right?"

"Where are you at?"  Was all Aaron could mutter before hanging up and calling 911.  He, himself didnn't move.  In fact, he just sat and stared at the screen in front of him.  A good hour went by, before Aaron pried himself up and went to the store.  He purchased a pack of cigarettes and lighters and for the very first time in his life, Aaron smoked.

His following days through college were focused solely on School and graduating.  When the funeral and memorial was brought around, Aaron wasn't there.  He completely avoided the area like the plague, not wanting to remember.  There were no tears shed for him, because in his opinion it wasn't worth hurting over.  Back in the depths of his mind, he would still be upset,and the pain was enough to bother him.  He subjected his own emotions to experiment and looked for ways to keep them away.

Aaron proceeded to graduate from his college and go out to find a new job and place within the world.  This brought him to his active duty, but with his degree it was focused more towards the 'technological' aspects.  Of course he still did boot camp and worked his ass off in training.  The years peeled away like nothing and it didn't take too much longer for Aaron to prove his grit.  Effort and days pushed through until he got a position worth having.  He sought his own research on Alkahestry and when he got bored with that, finally, he began to tinker away at his machines.  The alchemy he developed helped as he started his process at figuring out how things worked, tearing them apart and slowly trying to rebuild, just like alchemy itself.  Unfortunately, Aaron had yet to reach the rebuilding point with most of his machines so his house is full of scrap computer parts that are either broken or uselessly separated.  

A call one day left Aaron in a staggering emotional heap.  His body rushed to the hospital where a close friend of his had attempted suicide and lay slowly dying.  It was hard swallowing  the memories and tears that he had ignored for such a long time.  There was no chance Aaron would let his friend slip away and do nothing.  He begged and bartered and even hassled for anything to save his friend and when that was for none, he did the unthinkable.  Aaron took his hands, created a seal and as the soul was passing, transferred it to a new body.  The process lit his body like a fire and a light engulfed him for a moment.  When it died down, Aaron came to a slow realization..

The walls around him faded in and out of his vision and man did his head hurt.  The feeling of his own arm stung like a bitch and the body before him was possibly the worst decision he had made and yet, he would never undo it.  Panting, his eyes clutched shut and when they opened, he couldn't see anything more than blurs.  As if being underwater, everything was distorted and instantly the man crumpled to the ground in pain.  What had happened?  Was it even worth it in the end?  His whole body hurt like an inferno, but his mind was sailing with pain only to be described as ripping skin.  

After realizing he couldn't see, Aaron wondered around until he was found by a nurse and himself, put through testing. His knew knowledge was astounding and harmful to his mind, but it was a consequence.  Aaron was going bind and in a few years e would completely lose his vision.  Never again, would things be vivid without glasses or contacts.  His voice never spoke of the words.  When his friend asked, Aaron simply smiled and lied through his teeth.  "I hit my head hard.  It should be fine in a while."  False hope given not only to himself, but his friends as well.  It wasn't like anyone noticed anyways.  The fake and sad smile that placed on his lips to hide the forbidden acts committed.  Time passed slowly and even so, it seemed no one noticed or cared that Aaron's vision was dissipating.  He was announced legally blind and without his glasses or contacts, Aaron was walking in a word of floating colors.  His actions were clumsy without them, fumbling for something through his fingertips.  It was worth it to him, in the end.  He was willing to suffer for his choice and was grateful for the outcome.  It was a secret he'd carry to his grave.  

In his mass of tinkering, Aaron developed a chip at the age of 25 that allowed him to help decode binary.  Though he's still unsure of how it works, he's looking into getting tested with it.  Could it possibly be the escape he needed? For now, he seeks a way of trying it out.  His fading vision is also something he doesn't speak of.  He believes when it comes to be gone completely, then he'll concern himself, for now the blissful denial was so much sweeter.


           → He loves the color blue
         → Cretan (lightblue) (sometimes with an Amestrian accent) and Amestrian(darkblue) (Often times with a Cretan accent)
→ Aaron has a picture perfect memory.
→ Aaron has a paranoia disorder
→ Believes in Karma
→ Right handed
→ A technological 'whiz' .  He's good at tearing things apart and figuring out how they work not yet able to put them back together yet, though.
→ One of his favorite songs is Time is running out by Papa Roach
→ Aaron is legally blind without glasses or contacts. His contacts are also colored brown.   As well he is slowly going completely blind; an incurable sacrifice
→ He's self conscious of his teeth
→ Went to college with 'Spade'.
→ Loves hot coffee with two sugars and three creamers
→ His favorite food is chicken marinara
→ His house holds enough spare pieces to build five whole computers a few printers and a handful of ipods with some parts left over.  IF only he could figure out how to build them.
→ He loves love songs, but won't outwardly admit it
→ He has a tenancy to smoke only when something is on his mind.
→ He still has the ring he bought for Brielle.


           → Ammy

           → Val, Lian, Iris, Yoshi, Caj, Tat

           → He is replacing Dei(Marissa).

[b]Psychic Detective Yakumo[/b]/[i]Saitou Yakumo[/i]

         CUSTOM RANK:
           → Techie Junkie

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Hartmen, Aaron Empty Re: Hartmen, Aaron

Post by Csilla Angelis Wed Oct 31, 2012 10:28 pm


Upgrading automatically to level two, due to free character event. (Just remember to do two levels for the alchemy app!)

Also also, he sounds fun! Also also... I forget =D


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Hartmen, Aaron Empty Re: Hartmen, Aaron

Post by Reila Tsukino Sun Sep 01, 2013 9:57 pm



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Hartmen, Aaron Empty Re: Hartmen, Aaron

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