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Taking A day off

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Taking A day off Empty Taking A day off

Post by Guest Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:00 am

The day was bright and crisp in the land of Carraig. The sun was warming the air and the streets were starting to fill with people going out for early morning shopping. A women smiled as she walked down the street, waving at everyone kindly and grinning as she let a hand run through her bright red hair. She wore loose long sleeve dress, it left her shoulders bare and ended around her thighs. She wore black high heel boots that ended just below her knees. Around her waist she wore a black leather belt that held a gun holster on one side and a case for ammo on the other.

She held a bag in one arm as she stopped at a few stands, getting fruits, vegetables, and meat. She smiled as she took a deep breath, enjoying the smells that mixed together in the morning air. "ah, i love shopping in the morning"


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Taking A day off Empty Re: Taking A day off

Post by Sec Invidia Sun Oct 07, 2012 12:46 am

Ah, the sun was shining so pleasantly on the island nation in which Sec walked. Was he, yet again, searching for his sister, as before? Nope! For once, and FINALLY, he was on a VACATION. A rather brief one, at three days, but a vacation was a vacation. As it was, he'd erm... Well, no. His sister'd found him, making his three to four months of searching... Well, laughable. Considering she found him in a day, plus traveling time. But no need to ponder that for the time being; he intended to enjoy his stay in Carraig quite thoroughly, despite not speaking the language. Some percent of the populace was bound to speak Amestrian, ne?

Actually... That may have been a mistake on his part, his not having at least learned basic Creig before coming to Carraig. But, oh well. He picked up a map at a stand at the airport, as he departed his plane. Having walked a fair bit beforehand, he chose now to read the map and find his way around. But, alas, as he opened the map, it was in Creig. DRATS! Hmmm... So he stared at it for a while, as he walked down the street, stopping in the midst of what seemed to be an outdoor market, with fresh produce stands and such, surrounded by a legion of red-haired Creigsmen, and the occasional non-redhead. So, not really paying much mind to really anything or anyone, he stood there, on the sidewalk, staring into the map with a bit of confusion; he was sort of making out some of it... Not needed some directions, it seemed. "Ahhh, how do I get myself into these messes, eh?" Scratching his head, he kept eyes on the paper, in deep thought, muttering to himself in Xerxian on the occasion, until a woman with likely the fieriest head of hair in all Carraig walked down the sidewalk, in his direction, as he turned his head to look at the face of the girl with the bright red hair, hoping that she might know some Amestrian, and was perhaps coming to his rescue, as it WAS a little apparent he was feeling a little awkward in this foreign place...


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Taking A day off Empty Re: Taking A day off

Post by Guest Tue Oct 09, 2012 12:01 am

Labelisa smiled as she took a break off to the side of one of the stands. She set her basket down by her legs, putting her hands on her back and stretching a bit "ahhh, much better" she said to her self before looking up at the sky. "i can't believe my luck, getting a day off on a day as nice as this" she said and grinned to her self. It was then that something caught her eyes. She noticed a man walking toward her, He had black hair that covered one eyes and a very lost look on his face. She blinked and tilted her head before noticing the map in her hand and realizing he must not be from around there. She picked up her basket and walked toward him "hello sir, do you need some help?" She asked first in Creig. If she had gotten a strange look, she would repeat it again in Cretan and finally Amestrain


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