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Moray, Roarke

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Moray, Roarke Empty Moray, Roarke

Post by Roarke Moray Sat Jan 28, 2012 3:12 am

CASE FILE: Chimerae/Creig Militant
Moray, Roarke 2nixn42 Moray, Roarke 2nixn42 Moray, Roarke 2nixn42
Run, scream, faint. Do whatever you have to.
But don't bother me while you do it, eh?


        FULL NAME:
        → Roarke Moray

        → 26 27

        → Male

        BIRTH PLACE:
        → Nenagh, Carraig

        → Creig – Bear, Wolf, Bull, Lion

        → Generation One

        DATE OF BIRTH:
        → November 13th, 1985


        → 7'9” when hunched, 8'3” when standing tall

        → 336lbs

The rough draft, courtesy of Shu <3 Moray, Roarke 307m9w1

        → Okay, you want to know what I look like? Lemme go get a mirror. OH! OH GOD! I'M... SO... AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

But seriously. I'm a BEAST. The most human thing about me (besides the fact that I talk and have an intelligent brain) are my eyes. Mum always said they were the prettiest royal blue. And they've just stayed this brilliant blue. As for the rest of me... fur. So much fur. Mostly it's a shaggy dark brown, although it lightens up in my mane. Yes, mane. I said it! I had to go through a hell of a lot of books on animal anatomy to figure out what exactly I was thrown together from. So let's see. Face of a bear. Fangs are wolf-like, though even I can't explain why they protrude. Ears of a wolf, horns of a bull. My right horn has the tip missing; some training session gone wrong as a mini-monster. Anyway. Fabulous lion's mane, that is a bit shades lighter than the rest of my fur. Always keep it well groomed, of course. My body is bear like, though I'm still really lean (and muscular, I might add! Any monster ladies out there?... No. Didn't think so). My legs and tail (YES, TAIL!) are from a wolf.

Yeah, the guy that made me was seriously fucked in the head to come up with me. I seriously thinking he put these animals and me in a blender. I'm light on my feet, being a gymnast. It's pretty sweet. Stalking people... okay, stalking NO ONE. But now that I'll be around people I could try it... OH. And YOU. Yeah, you. Stop being an effin' pervert. I wear pants. GOD. They're usually dark blue and a raggedy on the bottom. Don't even TRY finding me a shirt to wear. Won't happen. Besides, who needs one? I don't get cold. Fur equals instant jacket. ANYWAY. I guess I could say my voice is gruff. Must be the beast without. But it's pleasing enough to my ears. And my ears are pretty damned picky.


        → So I'm supposed to tell you about me? My personality? Ugh, fine. I guess so. I'm nice enough, I'd like to think. My social interaction has been minimal so you'd have to ask others if I'm a decent being or not. I'm definitely chatty though. Being by yourself all the time is kind of a quiet existence. So I started talking to myself... shit, now I sound like some psycho person. I swear I'm not. I would read my books aloud, “debate” different things. It was a good way to pass the time. Mum and Da had enough of influence on me when I was young, so I'm always “appropriate.” At least, I was. I kind of have an impulsive nature and a bit of a temper. I blame the monster without, but I'm sure some of it is the person within. Well, being corrupted like I was wouldn't exactly make you a decent person, would it?? Didn't think so.

I guess you could say I'm a person who enjoys a good laugh. I made myself laugh plenty of times at my place. God, I sound so lonely. I'M A MONSTER, ALRIGHT?? Monsters like me have a lonely existence. I'm trying to break out of my shell, so to speak. But it isn't easy. I've got lots of knowledge to share from all my reading and I do love to learn about what I've missed all these years. TV helped but it wasn't always the same. TV and movies reminded me of how to being a decent hu-... well, human being I guess. If I don't look like one, I can at least act like one. The shows and films also taught me how to be mean though. Although I didn't need much help with that. I don't know... do I have to do this anymore? That's me. Don't like it? Not my problem. Call me self-conscious, call me rude, call me polite, call me a dick, call me sarcastic. Whatever. Or you could just call me Roar.

        → Books, fairy tales, animals, ale (in small amounts), hamburgers, his house, scaring people, Shakespeare

        → Kidnappers, scientists who manipulate people and/or animals, hunters, close-mindedness, scaring people, salad

        → The Beast from Beauty and The Beast. Dick actually found someone to love him. I'd settle for a friend.


        → Once upon a time in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle. Although he had everything his heart desired, the prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind.

Hah. Yeah. Right. Me, a prince? I don't think so. And my home a "shining" castle? Bullshit. Although... they do say that a man's home is his castle. I guess my home NOW is my castle. But it wasn't always. I don't even remember having a home when I was a kid. Not really. Mum and Da were nomads, so we were always on the move. I didn't mind too much, it was nice to see the world. I can't really call myself selfish or unkind. I was a quiet kid, doing what I had to do to help my parents earn a few coins as we roamed. I was a sprightly youth and was quite adept at tumbling and flipping in the air for amusement. Combined with my father playing the flute and my mother singing, we made a great spectacle. It wasn't the only way we earned money to buy food, but it was one of the most entertaining. And I always made quite the impression, since I was such a "pretty young boy." Dark blonde hair, blues eyes... they said I would grow into a big, strong man one day. Too bad I never had the chance.  

But then, one winter's night an old beggar woman came to the castle, and offered him a single rose in return for shelter from the bitter cold. Repulsed by her haggard appearance, the prince sneered at the gift and turned the old woman away.

It was cold that night. Winter was coming; you could feel it in the air. I was eleven at the time. We had recently arrived in Amestris, us and a few other nomads. Over the past couple of years we had formed a "traveling show" of sorts, for own amusement and the extra coin. Amestris was a large country so we knew we would have a good time there. It was to be a new experience for all of us. We were up outside of North City and had gathered a large crowd that night. Everyone did their piece, myself included. I had just started a growth spurt, so I was lanky and lean. It made my tumbles and jumps even more spectacular, as my mother said. The crowd definitely loved it and we all ate a feast that night. Then it was time to turn into our vans and carts and take a well-deserved rest. 

But she warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within. And when he dismissed her again, the old woman's ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress.

I was awoken by a screech of one of the other women in our troupe. Someone had entered into our little camp! The men were leaping up, grabbing for the guns. But the people in black who invaded our camp had one goal; to get me. And they succeeded. As I grappled a gun of my own, trying to appear the man, I was struck from behind. All was black for the longest time and when I finally awoke... there was white. So much white. I didn't know where I was or why I had been taken, but I was scared... so very scared. A man came into the room, one I recognized from our show that night. He explained that he was pleased with my skill... that I would have the pleasure of receiving a great honor. I didn't want it. I just wanted to go home.

The prince tried to apologize, but it was too late, for she had seen that there was no love in his heart. And as punishment she transformed him into a hideous beast and placed a powerful spell on the castle and all who lived there.

A BEAST! A MONSTER! That was the HONOR I received. It was torture, what he did to me. He took my growing form and contorted me... he twisted me into his own disgusting creation. He was excited that the "experiment" had gone so well. I would continue to grow, as I was still young. My mind and my voice would remain, my natural skills. Yet now the strength I would have! The longer life I was getting by implementing others into my existence! What a great first test I had been! What destruction I would bring to his enemies! That cruel man kept me locked up, watching me grow larger as I aged. Everything was meeting his expectations. Except... I wasn't as malleable as he wanted. And he learned that the hard way.

Ashamed of his monstrous form, the beast concealed himself inside his castle, with a magic mirror as his only window to the outside world. The rose she had offered was truly an enchanted rose, which would bloom until his twenty-first year. If he could learn to love another and earn her love in return by the time the last petal fell, then the spell would be broken. If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast for all time. 

I would be a beast my entire life. Those days of constant observation... my disgust slowly turned to acceptance. If I was doomed to remain like this forever... then I would live my own life. The man had told me that my family had been "taken care of" in order to eliminate the chances of coming after me. I had nothing left for me, except myself. Ten years after I was first tortured and corrupted... I knew what I needed to do. I was a beast, after all. Why shouldn't I act like one? It was easy enough to break out of my confines. Being so large and strong, with my own natural gymnastic ability made it a breeze. They never expected me to run; I had led them to believe I was the perfect little monster. Well, their perfect little monster ever so perfectly snapped their bodies in half. My eyes went red with the anger that had burned inside me all those years. They took my family, my friends, MY LIFE. And I took theirs. Fair compensation, I would say. It was liberating, to be free and out in the world again, weighed down by the amount of money those bastards had lying around their "lab." Too bad I was a monster...  

As the years passed, he fell into despair and lost all hope... for who could ever learn to love a beast?

I left Amestris, where I had been kept underground all those years. Monsters (or "chimera" as I called by my creator) of my type were not often seen and as such, I repulsed many. I found it best to travel through the wilderness, staying away from the populous. It was slightly more complicated to find passage home. But a few extra hundred dollars slipped at a boatman and a "crate" was shipped to Carraig. An uncomfortable ride, that was for sure. But I was finally home. The green land where I had begun my nomadic journey so many years ago. I spent a few years in a home I had bought for myself, a monstrous mansion that fit my bulk. It was off in the wilderness itself, an old home of a long ago lord. But it suited me. It kept me away from the world. But I wasn't content. Reading books and practicing my animalistic gymnastics wasn't enough anymore. I needed action. I need to see people. To remind myself that I was still a person on the inside. So I traveled to the capital and terrified my way into the throne room. Almost got myself killed once or twice; but I made it. The king seemed willing enough to listen to a coherent and might I say, eloquent, beast such as myself. And Gavin Etheridge helped me find my purpose. He let me into the strongest military the world had seen. Sometimes, I want to go back and thank the bastard who made me this way. Then I remember... oh. Yeah. I killed him. Because he was a bastard. And then I smile.


            → Is a skilled gymnast, despite his size and bulk. He enjoys tumbling, doing back flips and jumping around.
→ He has great strength due to his chimeric form, able to lift roughly 625lbs and up to 700lbs “on a good day.”
→ He has an animalistic sense of smell and sense of hearing, able to pick up sounds and smells that the human nose/ear cannot pick up.
→ Despite his smartass demeanor, he's terrified of being rejected but knows he needs human interaction to survive.
            → Speaks Creig, Cretan and rough Amestrian.


        → Andrea, but I also go by Csi (or Cissy, to a SELECT few)

        → Csilla Angelis, Xiao Yu, Patience Vinrouge, Marcelina Henriquez de León, Vladmir Ivan Asarov, Hans Ludwig Reinhardt, Nayeli

        → ONE DAY, BITCHES. ONE DAY TO WRITE THIS CHARACTER. -faints- Actually, 7 hours collectively. But over the course of the day. He seriously started talking to me as I listened to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack on the way to work. And the rest just... happened. Super love to Shu for drawing him <3333

        → The Beast

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Post by Iris Sun Sep 01, 2013 9:39 pm




"There's more to this than just black and white. The world can't be divided into that. There's reds and blues and greens and even more colors. How can you judge someone by one of two shades? It just doesn't seem fair to remain blind to rainbow, just because there's a puddle in your path."

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