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WHY AREN'T YOU SIGNED IN!$#%@? -sends Aurel after you-
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Post by Shinku Kamogaya Wed Sep 25, 2013 3:50 am

Buildings, and rubble, and humidity, and birds. Rouen was the first thing that came to mind. Empty cities as if everyone was raptured in an instant. Rusty vehicles littering the streets, with earth trying to reclaim the iron and steel. Vines strangled the last signs of humanity out of the concrete buildings, a battle of engineering and raw nature. Trees and shrubs jutted out of floors and windows,  and at one point, Shinku found a river that ran straight through an old business center. A way of life discarded in a flash. Was that what Riote suffered now? Shinku felt this ancient ruin's pain.

Shinku wasn't one to be paranoid. He never locked his car or place of stay, and wasn't apprehensive of walking through the slums of Philadelphia at night. He learned the ways of the predator at a young age. He was never the prey in his own mind. Until now, he didn't feel caution. Aurelius made him change that. Shinku didn't know if Aurel knew he was sick. In fact, he hasn't seen Aurelius since the incident in South. Shinku wanted his illness under wraps and out of view. At one point in his frustration, he ordered the hanging of 12 Riote soldiers in front of the other members, unbeknownst to Aurel and the other heads, just to prove the essence of secrecy. Aurel wasn't the one to keep sheep by his side. He lead a pack of wolves, and Shinku needed to stay useful. Once it was known he was sick, he would be trimmed. A failed experiment. And that was last to do on his list. Shinku wouldn't be prey?

No.. He'd kill before he was terminated or sold to Amestris! If Aurel or any one of his other cohorts so much as gave off an air of betrayal, he would make them suffer. Riote, a once glorious and noble cause, reduced to rubble?! This was beneath him! It still had it's advantages that he could still utilize. It was better than being alone for now. He had a feeling that he was expendable in the eyes of Aurel. Or that winged child. OR THAT FUCKING CAT!!!

Sitting on the edge of a decayed sedan, an armed soldier got his attention. The 3,000 or so people under his wing really treaded lightly around him. Some knew of his illness, but after his display at a makeshift gallows, they knew better. "Sir, everyone is present and accounted for at the new zone. All ordnance and vehicles are as well." The soldier sat in silence as Shinku slowly swung his gaze towards the soldier. It almost seemed this young jarhead was immobilized by his deathly gaze. As his lips slowly formed an unnerving grin, he looked on as the company got to work, fortifying what appeared to be a very large hotel back in the day. "Excellent. Have a perimeter erected for our king Aurelius. We don't want to disappoint the royalty." Shinku sat up as he immediately turned his way to the soldier. Stopping before him, he gave a solid hook to the man's face, the man decked easily.

Kneeling to the disoriented merc, he patted the man's helmet with a seemingly kind disposition. The man recoiled some in fear and confusion."Sorry there, bucko! It is just that I am SO fucking piss at "Aurelius-sama" for making ME, his ultimate weapon, set up his fucking castle! Now now now, I am grateful and I OWE my fucking life to the sinister bastard, but he LOVES to keep me on a leash and play house! Not to mention I don't have a god damn friend with any of these people because of this psycho persona!" the man gave a fearful nod as shinku pick the man up and placed him on his feet."Thanks for the therapy session Dr. Expendable! Run along and direct work flow!"

The man ran as quickly as he could. Shinku cough a hbit as he wiped the blood away from his lips. He would play dumb. He would play as Aurel's dog. If Aurel kept him, he would be grateful. If not, it would be a mistake.


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