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Richelieu, Vincent

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Richelieu, Vincent  Empty Richelieu, Vincent

Post by Vincent Richelieu Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:23 pm

CASE FILE: Ciel Militant
Richelieu, Vincent  2nixn42 Richelieu, Vincent  2nixn42Richelieu, Vincent  2nixn42
"Have you ever been dead? Because I could arrange that for you."

      FULL NAME:
      → Vincent Richelieu

      → 19

      → Male

      → Doig’t, Gelemorte

      → Gelemortian

      → Infantry

      → October 17, 1993


      → 6’0”

      → 180lbs

Richelieu, Vincent  2d9uys5Richelieu, Vincent  Pixivid1865153_Richelieu, Vincent  Tumblr_static_shiiRichelieu, Vincent  110552Richelieu, Vincent  Heiwajima.Shizuo.240.1281417Richelieu, Vincent  Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR6U9Zp7Ebg4Y49WYjJRYiPy2tjys_qdG0luFb8UgFcHC19MZNdRichelieu, Vincent  Heiwajima.Shizuo.240.160054Richelieu, Vincent  Heiwajima.Shizuo.240.204133Richelieu, Vincent  Heiwajima.Shizuo.240.1412823

      → Vincent, in his own words, is a sexy beast. His face is effeminate and his skin is smooth and soft with no wrinkles or acne.  His soft blonde hair lays stylishly messy atop his head but he figures that it looks better that way rather than when he slicks it back. His eyebrows are slightly arched and dark despite his hair being blonde. He thinks it give his face contrast. His eyes are light brown, something he prides himself on. On his right cheek bone there is a small mole which he covers with his hair. He views it as a blemish and his only imperfection and wants to look his best all the times.

While he isn’t buff or anything, he is a bit muscular. Only slightly though. The clothes he usually wears are expensive and finely tailored, consisting of suits, dress shirts, scarves, and ties. Occasionally he will add sunglasses or some sort of non prescription glasses to his outfits. His lips are almost always turned up in a devious smirk, only adding to the impression of cockiness. He holds himself with an air of dignity and visually regards everyone else as lower than him. He walks elegantly with his head held up high, as if strutting down a red velvet carpet. His tone of voice, if you listen to it, even sounds snobby. His voice itself is semi deep and smooth unless he is speaking any other language than Rouenian, then it is still deep, but no longer smooth.


      →Vincent’s personality? He has a personality akin to that of a spoiled rich kid, which is exactly what he is! He is incredibly snobby and believes he is better than everyone else, physically and mentally. His personality before and after joining the military are very similar with the latter being slightly worse. Before he joined the military, his life was exactly as he wished it to be. He got exactly what he wanted from his rich parents and therefore grew up to a spoiled rich kid. His snobby attitude was soon to be taken note of. He held his head high and refused to do anything for anyone else except for himself. Why should he bother himself with other people’s problems?

Vincent’s parents, noticing what their son had become, signed him up for the military in hopes that they could destroy the monster they had created. Wrong. How they couldn’t have been more wrong. By signing him up for the military, Vincent just became worse. Yes, now he did start doing things for other people but not in a good way. Vincent would do his hardest to help others out but he would only do so to make himself look better and in hopes of getting something in return. So pretty much, he does the right thing for the wrong reasons.

Vincent regards himself as being much higher than everyone around him, even though he may be a low ranking officer. He struts around with his head held high as if he were walking down a red carpet. He does do hard work a lot of the time, but this is because he has this complex where he has to prove himself to anyone and everyone.

As with most narcissists, he gets really jealous of other people and even depressed if someone beats him or doesn't believe that he is as amazing as he thinks he is. It would be no surprise if he tried denying ever being beaten in the first place, often times twisting something negative into some sort of positive. If that doesn't work he has been known to sulk in the corner when he doesn't get his way or if someone beats him. If someone else steals the spotlight from him, he is liable to show off or force the attention back to him. If he fails, he will get outwardly angry and inwardly depressed. He feeds on attention. He lives off of it. It is is power source.

Confidence is something Vincent has plenty of. If anyone needs someone to do a daunting task, Vincent would more than likely do it. Why? Because he knows he can. Rarely showing any signs of outward insecurity, he believes he can do almost anything he puts his mind to. Almost.

Romantically, Vincent hasn't got much experience. His standards are quite high and no one has really stood out to him. Everyone seems lower than him. Due to this, he has never had a girlfriend and doesn't plan on finding one anytime soon. Though several girls have had crushes on him either in his own mind or in reality, he's never been attracted to them. However, despite all of this, Vincent has vowed that if he ever finds a woman as amazing and as beautiful as him, that he will treat her with the utmost care. He would be everything for her. She would be the only one (besides his parents, of course) to see him vulnerable or upset. She would be the only one to see him weak. He would be her's and only her's. So ya see, Vincent would be romantic if he felt anyone was worthy of it. So far, no one has.

If there is anything Vincent loves more than anything, it is computers. Thanks to his parents' computer company exposing him to technology at a young age, he is quite skilled with it. He could spend hours working with the things. Tinkering, hacking, etc. When working with computers, he becomes very determined and even more confident. A computer game could keep him busy for hours. A new program could keep him busy for days! He may be a little bit obsessed with computers, but not more so than himself. Computers often bring out the best parts of his personality as they distract him from his physical appearance. However, if he gets to talking all techy and someone doesn't understand what he's talking about, his arrogance returns.

Now, it may seem like Vincent is a big mean jerk, he isn't all bad. While it is true that he mainly cares only for himself and his image, he does many nice things. Just maybe not for the right reasons...For example, if someone is in trouble, he may play the hero since he likes the praise and attention. He also doesn't like to seem foolish, so he is often seen acting very gentlemanly, holding doors for ladies, serving the king, and aiding his country valiantly.  

Now our big hot shot Vincent is tough and snobby in just about any situation as long as it doesn’t involve water. Given his past with the liquid, Vincent is terribly afraid of the stuff and his attitude quickly crumbles when he gets wet. This is about the only time anyone will ever see him when he’s weak, so he tries his hardest to stay away from the clear liquid. It often arises questions as to why he refuse to go to places such as the beach, pools, or even public showers that he just brushes off.

      → Internet
      → Manspray
      → Computers
      → Technology in general
      → Mirrors
      → Himself
      → Looking at himself in mirrors
      → Expensive clothes
      → Money
      → Maple syrup
      → Roses
      → Chances to prove himself

      → Water
      → Thunderstorms
      → Very hot temperatures
      → Falling
      → Esparia
      → Being forced to do things he doesn't want to do
      → Power outages

      → He is a huge aquaphobe due to an incident when he was 17. He is extremely scared of water and will try to avoid going near water at all costs. He doesn’t like to shower but he does anyways. He actually prefers to use moist toweletts and manspray to keep himself clean.

      → Valentino Farese


      →Vincent was born in Gelemorte to a rich family that owned a successful computer company. His parents were so happy that they had a son that was so beautiful so they spoiled him. They gave him everything he wanted. They praised him for all of his good deeds that he did. He enjoyed this and kept striving for perfection both physically and mentally. Eventually he became a big snob. He expected everyone to treat him the way his parents treated him. He also became extremely cocky and arrogant.

As a child, Vincent was exposed to lots of technology due to his parents owning a computer company. He would often go to the factory and tinker with the computers. He broke his share of computers-which earned him a good scolding later-but he eventually learned how they worked. As he grew older the computers evolved along with him. Every time he mastered a computer model, another more complex one came out and presented him with a new challenge. It wouldn't be too long before he mastered the new model anyways. Big ego boost for him since every time he mastered a model his parents would shower him with praise. He ended up growing to love computers and other technologies. Even now, he loves computers.

Around when he was 17 he was hanging out with his some guys and his best friend of the time, Matthieu Dubois. They were hanging out at Matthieu’s house where there was a pool and one of the guys suggested that they go swimming. Vincent, not wanting to hurt his reputation, agreed to swim despite never learning to swim. It was only swimming. How hard could it be? He got into the pool and watched what his friends did and easily duplicated the actions. He started to get brave and decided that he could jump off the diving board into the deep end of the pool. There he was on the diving board with his signature smug smirk on his face concealing any inner doubt.

When he jumped off and into the water, he realized the mistake he made. The moment he hit the water his body went stiff and he sank to the bottom. He couldn’t see. He couldn’t breathe. He started to panic and splashed around, momentarily forgetting about his reputation. In the midst of his splashing around he managed to hook his leg onto the ladder of the pool and was stuck in the water. He called out in pain and Matthieu came to him. Vincent desperately tried to get his leg unstuck but he just kept panicking. His friend was trying to calm him down but it didn’t work. Matthieu went under water and saw that Vincent would have to go under to be able to free the leg without pain. Of course he tried to tell him that to no avail. The next thing he knew, Vincent was being dragged under the water again. Eventually his leg was free and he was being dragged out of the pool unconscious. His parents were called and proper medical attention was given.

Once he was conscious again his parents lectured him on how he scared them. When asked why he jumped in knowing he couldn’t swim he responded “I thought I could do it. It looked easy.” His parents weren’t very happy about this answer. From that day onward, Vincent gained a severe fear of water. Very severe, to the point that he had trouble around any water.

This whole incident is when they realized that their son had become too cocky and it was becoming dangerous to his health. They knew it was their fault. They decided that action had to be taken! His parents chose to send him to military school where they hoped he would be taught that life was precious and that things won’t always be given to him on a silver platter. They intended for the military to straighten him out further and forced him to join the CIEL Military once he was old enough. Vincent at first declined and didn’t want to go to military school or join the CIEL Military. Unfortunately for him, his parents had a plan. They told him they would cut him off financially if he didn’t join the military and that he had no choice but to go.

Then off he was sent! At first he found the work to be difficult since he was used to living in luxury. Physical labor wasn't exactly his strong suit. At first it seemed like his parents plans were working…but then he got good. He got fast and strong. The training wasn’t as soul-crushing as he previously thought. This was a huge confidence boost for him. He still didn’t want to join the military though but unfortunately for him, a few months later he was 18. That is when he begrudgingly he joined the Infantry but he wasn’t too happy about it.

Anyways, his parents plan ended up backfiring. Now he is cockier than ever before. The military simply proved that he was superior cosmetically as well as physically, in his own eyes anyways. The fact that he could pass the training and survive the intense things that happened in the military after being a spoiled rich kid whose main talent was working with computers just went to show him that he was indeed as awesome as he thinks he is.


    → His hair isn't naturally blonde; he bleaches it, hence his dark eyebrows.
    → He is quite good with computers.
    → His zodiac sign is Libra.
    → After joining the Infantry, he took up the habit of smoking.
    → He visits the salon so much that the salon people know him by name.
    → His favorite color is electric blue.
    → His toughest times are when the internet goes out or when he
          can't find his comb or mirror.
    → Androids and cybernetic humans fascinate him.
    → He refuses to speak any other languages fluently.
    → He speaks Rouenian (Gelemortian Dialect) fluently and broken Cretan and Amestrian with a very strong Gelemortian accent.


      → Axis

      → This is my first character created for the second time because I dropped off the grid the first time.

      → Thanks to Alaina LeClair/Alder Finch for the help!
[b]Durarara!![/b]/[i]Heiwajima Shizuo[/i]

      → Sexiest PC

Vincent Richelieu
Vincent Richelieu

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Richelieu, Vincent  Empty Re: Richelieu, Vincent

Post by Vincent Richelieu Tue Sep 10, 2013 10:46 am

I'm ready for evaluation, commanders!
Vincent Richelieu
Vincent Richelieu

Posts : 8
Points : 18
Location : United States of America <3

-Case File-
Level: 1
Rank: Head of Fort Rose
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Richelieu, Vincent  Empty Re: Richelieu, Vincent

Post by Jay Furor Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:53 pm

Big Ole Stamp of Approval

You've no idea the level of strife I went through approving your app, Axis. The lag has eaten my soul. 8D


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Richelieu, Vincent  Empty Re: Richelieu, Vincent

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