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Post by Aldrich Koenig Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:27 am

CASE FILE: Alchemist//Former Military
Aldrich von Koenig 2nixn42 Aldrich von Koenig 2nixn42Aldrich von Koenig 2nixn42
In the absence of willpower, the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless.
     → Aldrich von Konig
     → 122
     → Male
     → Central
     → Amestrian
     → January 13, 1889
     → 178 (with wheelchair)
     → 36 kg
Aldrich von Koenig Nithandiz-ac-1
     → Ancient and emaciated would be the two best words to describe Aldrich von Konig. He is perhaps the eldest mortal individual in all of Amestris at the moment and perhaps the world, but just like the man who wished for immortality but not eternal youth, he has been corroded by the waves of years. His torso is a concave pitiful thing, parchment-like flesh pulled taut against bone, each of his ribs looking as though they are moments from bursting from his chest. From his meager core, only one natural limb extends fully, his right arm, while his legs end in stumps at his knees and his right arm is a high quality automail of his own personal design. His left arm is withered by age but retains full mobility; however his hand is a series of mutilations and scars from his particular alchemical practices (detailed in its own section.)
His head is made of sharp angles, his high cheek bones and prominent nose give him the look of a predatory bird. Although slightly wrinkled worry lines trace his forehead, aging appears to have pulled his skin taut across his skull, giving him a dry and nearly mummified look. His immaculate hygiene leaves him with a beard-less face as he uses a straight razor shave every morning. However, his brows are somewhat bushy and their eternal scowling angle giving his venomous green eyes a violent appearance. As for hair, Aldrich possesses an extended widows peak but despite his age still grows the rest of his bone white hair long.
Perhaps due to his age, his wealth, or his personal sentimentality, Aldrich still dresses as though it were the late 1800's or early 1900's. Leaning towards the Edwardian instead of the stiffer Victorian, Aldrich has a taste for waistcoats, three-piece suits, and tailcoats on nice occasions. When he is on business, Aldrich tends to wear a tie (tied for him by his Nurse) but is more than likely to be somewhat less formal otherwise. Despite his lack of legs, Aldrich still pays for rather fine trousers of full length which are folded into themselves up to his knees. Perhaps the most important detail of his clothing in his two gloves, which he is never without. His right glove is inscribed in Hebrew with the word Met, meaning Death, and his left glove with Emet (meaning life.) Upon the palms of these gloves are Aldrich's signature Sigillum Dei Vivi circles. Note: The picture above has the gloves reversed due to artist mistake.

     → Aldrich is a man displaced in time, having lived far beyond his peers; a man whose sensibilities and perceptions are deeply rooted in a time before most living memories. To many, history has been divided into before and after Mustang's rebellion and the first defeat of Father; they look at history as though anything before that fated day was all but inconsequential. However, Aldrich has lived between these spans of years and refuses to glean such lofty ideas of a total cleansing of the past in the moment of a "glorious rebellion." He sees his own generation both as romanticized elite and as a lost generation, people who once were the height of sensibilities who fell into the abyss of the extended wars since.  As such he is a man who is prone to both idealism and cynicism, caught in the conflicting ideals of his rich beginnings and his sordid perceptions of world history since. He comes off as demanding, gruff, and rather rude because of this, however he has been known to having shining moments of extraordinary kindness.
Perhaps the most prominent feature of Aldrich’s personality is his one-minded obsessiveness. Given any particular situation, when Aldrich has his mind set upon something he becomes incredibly stubborn and focused. This has given Aldrich a very keen eye for detail and an immense concentration, both allowing for his very high learning curve, analytical prowess, and ability to plan in the long term. However this one-mindedness has harmed his ability to multitask and act within the moment. Furthermore his emotional states tend to be either much sharpened or much blunted, often either snapping at intruders upon his thoughts or barely taking note of them. This has made him to appear to be quite a distant and detached individual, unwilling to associate with many of those whom he seems incapable of forging emotional bonds to.
Noticing a number of individuals have mentioned battle patterns of their characters, I must too note Aldrich’s. While the old man is personally incapable of fighting at the moment, he allows his Golems or his Nurse to combat for him. He prefers, if possible, to stay out of range of the actual combat so that he may create his golems and be personally unharmed. If given time, Aldrich will prefer to use more powerful Golems in lesser numbers but if constrained he will create a number of Brutes to distract and overwhelm his enemies. If at all possible, he prefers as much planning time as possible before actual combat occurs. His Nurse will defend him at all costs, using her powerful mechanical body to beat enemies into submission, and he will personally strike with his strengthened automail arm if need be. If the situation turns against Aldrich, he and his Nurse will not hesitate to retreat.
     → Knowledge, Books, Himself, his "Nurse," Autumn
     → Men, The Ignorant, The Sedate, "Morally Superior" individuals, The Military
     → Aldrich is currently working on a way to create a Takwin, the perfect artificial body. He knows of homunculi in detail and finds them lacking, he wishes to create two perfect bodies so he can bind his lost love's soul into one and his into the other. He is more than willing to do absolutely dreadful things to achieve this.
     → Jabir ibn Hayyan, Paracelsus, Rodger Bacon, John Dee, Bernard von Konig (Father, Fury Alchemist)
     → Part One comes in the form of journal entries, chronicling Aldrich's first 20 years
The Memoir and Journal of my Life
Inside Cover
April XX, 18XX - August XX, 1909
Aldrich von Konig
The Memoir and Journal of My Life,
From the Incident to the End of the War.
In this book I have entrusted my most dear and horrid memories. I pray that one day it will be discovered by a noble person of who will learn from my life and be better because of it. I have started writing here at Central, where I am currently stationed as a scientist at the Labs. Like all autobiographical pieces I guess I must start with my childhood. I was born Aldrich Theophilus Choldwig von Konig to Bernard von Konig and Brigitte Anne Konig formally of the Gottschalk family. My father was a prominent businessman whom always found the business more important than his family. He owned Konig Alchemical Supplies Inc., which had been passed down father to son since my great great grandfather, Lazarus von Konig. He was a tall, strong, and dark man who seemed to have been aged beyond his years. The world revolved around him and his business, it felt like if a single mistake happened everything would end. My mother was a quite small woman who would always work on the fine details of things. She cared perhaps too much for her family, for she spent most of her time making sure that one day I would be as great as my father.
I was born a very sickly child, being a month early. My legs were never able to recover sufficiently and I was left with a horrible limp and weak bones that still bother me to this day. This, coupled with my mother's over protectiveness, made my childhood a very lonely one. I never played with the other children, nor did I often even leave the estate grounds. Most of my time was spent inside the great library that our forefathers had built many many years ago. Here my mother would tutor me in the ways of alchemy and of the other sciences. She hoped that before I took over the business, I could also become an alchemical doctor. However I was never to interested in saving the lives of people that it seemed I would never meet. I was restless and angry as a child, being often frustrated with my parents and my malformation. All I ever wanted really was a friend. I felt that I’d never find one, so I should make one.
With the massive amount of alchemical knowledge crammed into my head at an early age, I started out on my quest. First I started with small puppets and toys that I would transmute, and over time they got more and more advanced. However no matter how I tried they would not play back. I read through most of out library when I found an ancient script, in a dusty cellar dating, back to the beginning of the Konig line with Asamon van Konig. It told of an artificial creature that could be created with the sacrifice of blood. I realized that this was the answer to my problems, and I soon set to work on it. I worked hard day and night trying the transmutation on a number of things in a number of ways. However each time I met failure, creating half formed beasts that could not even stand their own existence. I eventually figured that I must try to create something more mindless, more dependent upon me. I reworked my calculations and my circle and then set off to make my friend.
I was fourteen when I put my plan into action. I fled in the night to one of the storehouses that father kept on the property. It was a massive stockpile of pure clay used in alchemical experiments. It was perfect. I picked out a large mass of clay and began with drawing a huge transmutation circle into it. Then I gashed down my arm with a knife that I had grabbed from the kitchen, and inlayed the circle with my blood. Without even bothering to close the wound I placed my hands onto the circle and concentrated. It shook and shifted and lo and behold a shape began to form. Before me stood my first success, a massive golem standing twenty feet tall and weighing a least several dozen tons. I was ecstatic, I felt that I must come and show my parents my success! I hasten to our mansion and along with me the great Golem followed on two huge stumpy legs. The rumbles of its footsteps were so great that father and mother had already gotten from bed by the time we had reached the house. But they did not react how I had hoped. Without seeing me, father assumed that my creation was a threat and he treated it so. He unleashed a horrible fury of alchemical attacks. I never saw my father do a transmutation much less something like this. But, alas, it was to no avail. His alchemical energies conflicted with those of the golem and drove it into a rampage. That night will be forever imprinted into my mind. All I saw was red from the fires and the blood, and I heard the horrible screams of my parents and the estate staff as the creature destroyed everything. Then, the rain. And everything was blank after that. I awoke several days later in Central Hospital; in the far distance I could see the massive creature standing frozen as a statue on the horizon. It shall forever be imprinted in my mind.
I was young to have this burden placed upon my shoulders. At fourteen I had taken control of the whole of the business empire that my father and his father before him had worked years on building, it was all in my hands in one night. I was not ready to return to the place that had left so many scars. I was not prepared to face the reality of it all. There was a number of businessmen that my father had trusted and I in turn trusted them to hold Konig Alchemical Inc. in my absence.
I was alone in this world of ours. My parents were dead, my mother's family would have nothing to do with me, I was the last of the Konig and I did not even have a friend to share in my sorrow. I have only one thing; I had only my alchemy. Only my research and my alchemy kept me from just giving up on life. I could get through it all if I could just finish my research. I knew of only one way to do this, and that was to join the military. I had the money, supplies, and knowledge, but I did not have the experience or ability to do it all alone. My final days in Central Hospital were spent preparing to take the tests for a State Alchemist. Looking back now I knew that it was the most important choice of my life. I am not sure if I'd be better or worse off now if I had not made the choice I did.
The word that the Konig heir and orphan was going to take the State Exam quickly spread about the city. I had known much beforehand, but over time I came to learn some about my father's military career as the Fury Alchemist. He was such a cold man, the idea of fury was simply too strange for me to understand. But...that final night playing still in my head, I could understand why he got the name. Many alchemists become known for their elemental uses or how they appear and act. My father was known for the sheer destructiveness and speed of his alchemy. He used any and all elements in the surrounding area to create a barrage of alchemical power. However in the did not save him....
In any case, back on topic, I was going to take the exams not long after my seventeenth birthday. The written part was of course a breeze thanks to mother's lessons and I feel that enough was known of me and my family that they did not even bother interviewing me. The final part was the practicality I needed to recreate my monster.... but I had to keep control this time. We were presented with the field of materials and told to do what we could. The ones before me created spectacles that amazed even me...but they were not even given a second look before they were shooed off. It was my turn and I shook in my boots, but I went out onto the field and selected a large mass of rock. I carefully etched out my circle upon the hard surface and gulped as I raised the knife to my hand. The judges seemed worried at my slow pace, but as I pressed my bloodied hands to the circle, their expressions changed. Bright red alchemical light pulsed forth and the rock shook and broke apart. Before us stood a beast seemingly made up of millions of smaller rocks once part of the large boulder. I commanded it to lift me and bring me before the astonished judges. Needless to say...I passed and I was given the name of the Puppeteer Alchemist.
*Many Entries about his beginning journeys, missions, and some research notes. This is now nearing the last written pages of the journal*
I am writing this from my regiment’s tent in the field of battle. It was decided that I was of little use to them as a research scientist since no one else was able to master my talents. Instead they put me on the front lines of a war that I never agreed to nor did I ever want part of. My golems are being turned into weapons, doing what I hoped they never needed to be used as again. This, however, is what I agreed to do when I joined the dogs of the military, it was my choice and I must stick to it.
I have a few friends among the regiment and that relieves me some. There is Henry who just joined several months ago; he is an enlisted boy who has a knack for artillery. There’s Jackson who dabbles in a number of alchemical forms giving him the title of the Jack of Trades Alchemist. Then there is the medical alchemist assigned to us...Elisabeth. She is a true wonder, I've never known before a woman so smart and beautiful. She is so kind, she even made me a salve for my legs, which seem to be weakening further from the years. She doesn’t know it yet, but when we get back to Central, I am going to propose to her. There is no way she can say no to me. I love her...
*the next several pages are damaged, as if someone ripped them out in a rampage. What’s left of one of them show a slightly torn photo. Three men and a shy woman stand in the picture, one of the men are staring affectionately at her, but her face is slightly ruined by what might be water damage.*
*The script here is rushed and very scratchy, near to being illegible. Tear stains and bloodied fingerprints are scattered across the page*
I feel cold, so very very cold. It happened so fast, that even now the memory almost seems unreal. But I cannot deny what happened, not with the reminders that I am now left with. It can never go back to the way it was, life, as I knew it is over for me. There is nothing left for me in this petty world of death and broken dreams. Even now as Jack and Henry try to console me, it is of no use. My will has been broken, my spirit has been broken, and my heart has been broken. I write now only so that I can try to find a release from these feelings, to find perhaps the mistake that caused all this. what happened.
Our regiment was called forth to the front lines and we were to begin an advance upon the enemy city. We were told that it was their base of operations and that this would end the war, should we succeed. Many rose up a cheer and charged forward hoping to bring it all to an end. I however was still pessimistic, war was never my choice and I doubted that any one battle would end it all. In any case I was still sent in as part of the main offensive line, summoning my golems to act like walking shields and as huge siege engines. The sheer effort was enough to bring me to the edge and the loss of blood that is required for my alchemy began to a great deal of strain upon my weak body.
I was to find that this was no "enemy headquarters". This was a refugee city where the force that opposed Amestris had hidden away their families. I argued with my superiors about the insanity of this mission, how it was a horrid bloodbath of innocents. However they paid me no mind. My golems were all they cared about and once I summoned them, they were the armies to control. I rushed back to the city where our troops had gotten through the weak defenses along with my golems. One of the Granite Colossus types engineered for breaking down walls had cornered a group of children. I called to it and screamed and commanded it to stop, but it was out of my control, the beasts had taken on the order to attack and they would not stop! I needed to do something, needed to deactivate it, I needed to save them! With all the speed I could muster, I forced my weak legs to run. The creature’s fist was closing in upon them; soon they would merely be stains on the wall. I could not let that happen and I leapt forward in front of the golem and scratched into the granite with my own nails to remove the circle. The beast let out a hollow unliving bellow like a boulder crashing down a mountain and then all went black as its bulk toppled down on top of me. I can remember hearing her call out my name....I can still hear her screams and feel her tears as she dragged me from the rubble...
When I next came to, I was in a makeshift hospital bed back in camp. Henry sat besides my bed weeping, he was trying to say something but I could not make it out. My mind was in a fog, but one thing stuck out: Elisabeth, I have to find Elisabeth. As I turned to look at Henry, my eye caught a mirror set up at the far end of the tent. I knew I saw me.... but my eyes.... they were not mine.... they...they...were Elisabeth's! Instantly I tried to struggle out of bed, I needed to find out what was happening! But as I fell to the ground another realization came over me, I could not feel my legs... but it was didn't matter then I needed to find her! I attempted to drag myself across the floor, to try and find her, but Henry and Jack stopped me. Jack's eyes were filled with such sorrow; Henry was still bawling and was unable to say a word. I realized what happened.... Elisabeth was dead. She sacrificed herself to save me.... she gave me her eyes, she gave me her blood, she kept me alive....I KILLED HER DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!! DAMN IT ALL TO HELL IT IS MY FAULT SHE IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*the next several pages are pure rant and madness, barely legible, the little that is seems to be only more self accusations. The final page only has a few lines written on it*
No longer shall they control me. No longer will anyone or anything come between us. We'll be together again Elisabeth, can't you see? We'll live together forever in my mansion, just you and me. It will be wonderful, just you and me, no one else will ever bother us. Just my wonderful Elisabeth and me.
*The rest of the book is blank*
Part Two: A Life in Letters
Central Hospital
In the care of Lt. Colonel Aldrich von Konig, Puppeteer Alchemist
1456 North Street
10115 Central City, Central, Amestris
For your service and contributions to the military and to the furthering of the Amestrian State, it is our honor to present you, Lt. Colonel Konig with the Honour Cross for Combatants. Furthermore for your service in the line of fire during the Ishvalan War, it is our honor to present you with the Iron Cross 2nd class. It is, however, with great regret that we now formally discharge you with all honors from the military. You shall retain limited benefits of your rank as well as a state pension, however your research done for the State is now classified for the protection of the State.
Fuehrer King Bradely
Konig Alchemical Supplies Inc.
1 Konig Estate
10115 Central City, Central, Amestris
Members of the Board,
As of now, I am returning to the legacy left to me by my father, Bernard von Konig. In my absence, Konig Supplies has flourished under your careful watch and for this, I am grateful. Because of this, I am paying each of you in full for your shares in the company as well as letting each of you retain 5% shares. In addition to this, each of you is to receive a pension for as long as you may live. As of now, the Konig Board of Trustees is officially dissolved and full control is re-established in my hands. Those who wish to file a complaint will receive none of the benefits I have thus mentioned and will be subject to persecution under crimes against the state, which are not beyond my ability to implicate each of you in.
Aldrich Theophilus Choldwig von Konig
Central Library Admission Form 17-B
Patron: Aldrich von Konig
Collection: Military Files
Reason for Access:  “Because it’s my damned research, a man should be entitled to the things that rightfully belong to him. I won’t let that research to be used for [REDACTED]”
Approval Denied
Experiment Log 01
Access to my research notes appears to be completely out of the question as long as King Bradely remains on his seat of power in central. Thus I shall begin anew, starting with recreating my Transmutation Circle, the Sigilum Dei Aemeth. Attempt one shall begin with a simple circle, an Octogram within a Triangle, and application of words El, Adonai, Daat, and Malkhut, as well as subsidiaries signs centered upon Alpha and Omega. Materials used include carbonized iron, copper, quick silver, silicon dioxide, and kaolin-type clay. Result: Statue, no movie parts, dissection shows quick silver veins, iron bonework, copper joints, and glass "organs." Failure.
Experiment Log 47
Symbols used: Heptagram, Heptagon, Pentacle, Duel Circle Oroubous,
Words used: 72 Greater Letters, 8 Names, Centered on Alpha
Materials: Clay, iron dioxide, silica dioxide, various trace materials
Result: 10 foot tall moving humanoid, incapable of actions beyond walking in a straight line. Dissection shows simple mechanical structure, promising direction.
News Clipping: Central Branch National Library Burnt Down by Mysterious Figure, all material lost.
Letter to Colonel Roy Mustang, Flame Alchemist
Colonel Mustang,
I have received your roses, thank you for remembering the occasion. They are particularly fine samples and must have cost a fair penny. I am enclosing compensation and I do hope you are successful in all your ventures.
Aldrich von Konig
Attached: Check for 72,000,000 Cenz (Approx. 950,000$)
To Aldrich von Konig
For your monetary support of the Coup against the homunculus Wrath, formerly known as King Bradly, we return the costs to you two fold and grant you back your former military title.
Fuehrer Grumman
Experiment Log 457
I have yet to obtain success in creating my original circle and my original alchemy, however I have stumbled upon a new path. While previous alchemists have found ways to create weaponry with their science, I have discovered a manner in which to create a fully artificial being, mobile without being powered by Philosopher's Stones nor continued alchemical energy. I have dubbed the being a robot, from a Drachman subsidiary language term meaning laborer, however  for the sake of tradition I am also continuing to call the beings Golems. Through study of clockwork and analytical engines, I have created a mind and a body without the need of a soul. Now I merely need to refine the technique....
Audio-Log 672
Begin Feed. I am now attempting the newest revision of my circle with the materials I have thus far reduced to the key-most components. I have redubbed this circle the Sigilum Dei Vivi, in honor of the living nature of the creations. Beginning transmutation in{KZZZZZZZCH} Success! Yes, rise beast, rise! The creature stands about 3 meters tall and given the materials, I calculate its density to be about 1700 kilograms per cubic meter. I have programed it to react to external stimuli and it is apparently working, the test subject walks around the room, avoiding collisions and following the walls. Wait, it appears to have noticed me….
Audio-Log 672-1 Addendum
{Heavy breathing, pained grunts]
Test is a failure, the Golem processed me as a threat and attacked…..I succeeded in stopping it by setting off my emergency sprinkler system causing the dissolving clay of its body to destroy its internal structure…There must be a way to imprint myself upon it…God damn that thing, I’ve lost too much…..Blood, yes..that is it!
News Reel January 1928: Mr. Konig, of Konig Enterprises, has acquired business rivals Heinrich & Sons in North City and Brahe Industries in West City. He has stated that this business move was in order to expand the diffusion of alchemical learning to a broader spectrum in order to lead into a brighter future. Critics, however, state that this move is entirely based in economics and warn of the building of a monopoly under the Konig hand. With these acquisitions, Mr. Konig has also taken control of a number of mines and resources across Amestris and beyond formerly held by the above said rivals.  This new organization of resources has driven down the costs of raw materials in Amestris and has thus far met with government approval. Mr. Konig himself did not offer any comment neither criticism nor government approval…
Audio-Log 1178
Begin Feed. I have obtained higher quality iron from Drachma and a much more mold-able clay from Xing, hopefully this will result in a finer quality specimen. Additionally I shall provide this test with 1 cc of blood for imprinting, reduced from the previous experiment from 3cc in an attempt to discover the absolute limit needed for imprints to take. Circle remains the same. Beginning transmutation in {KSSSSSSSSCHK}
Subject appears to be two and a half meters tall, roughly masculine, no definable shape beyond semi-humanoid. Subject has been given instructions to defend area of 5 meters surrounding it with the exception of the one imprinted upon it. Now testing imprinting. [The recorder picks up heavy nervous breathing and the squeak of a wheelchair, the breathing getting heavily until...] Subject has turned to face me, two glass eyes analyzing through which I can see the movement of some of its internal mechanics....[The breathing quickens once more and the sounds of frantic squeaking from his wheel chair] Back, back! I am your creator! Listen! Oh God! [The breathing suddenly halts and after a few moments of silence, Aldrich begins a nervous and eventually hysteric laugh] went around me, the subject went around me to smash a hapless escaped lab rat behind me....It left me completely untouched, noticed but ignored as though I were an inanimate object....This is a success...end audio feed...
To Aldrich von Konig
From Brigadier General Jack Vultee, Jack of Trades Alchemist
August 25, 1959
Dear Aldrich,
I send you and Harry a letter each year around this time even if I never got any of them back from you. You are still important to us, old man, even as you isolate yourself more and more, I cannot think of you as anything other than a friend and a brother-in-arms. I know the things we did were terrible and your personal loss was great. We all loved Elisabeth but nothing is going to bring her back. Its been fifty years Aldrich, fifty years since the end of the war and look how far this nation has come. Its a better world now and you've got to come out of your shell before you die alone. You never took a wife, you have no children, you've outlived all your relatives, but your friends are still here.....Listen, Aldrich, we're doing a 50th anniversary get together in memory of the end of that terrible war. It would mean a lot to me and everyone else if you at least showed your face. Think about it, old friend.
Brigadier General Jack Vultee
News Clipping: July 17th, 1960 Obituaries
Brigadier General Jack Vultee died this past Friday at the age of 71. He shall be buried with full military honors this Wednesday in his home town of New Optain outside of East City. He is survived by his wife, Juliana, his three children, Jack Jr., Elsie, and Thomas, and twelve grandchildren.  
Video Log-47
Aldrich is now quite a withered old man of about 83 years of age. He sits in his aged wheel chair in front of a massive circle, drawn out in the form of his signature circle. In the middle of the circle are a number of synthetics and earth-based materials, neatly sectioned off into piles. The screen flickered momentarily as the camera adjusts and zooms in on Aldrich. With a large knife in his left hand, the old man cuts a long groove down his right arm, allowing the blood to spray violently upon the circle, his groans of pain loud enough to hear over the feed but with obvious restraint. Dropping the knife, Aldrich pushes himself out of his chair and falls to the floor. Mania is cast across his face as he continues to bleed out and klaxons begin to blare to alert the mansion staff. He screams in his hoarse voice, tinged with madness, anger, and sorrow, " LIVE DAMN YOU, LIVE ELISABETH!." Arcs of Alchemical energy flicker across the camera's field of vision, distorting it and forcing it to go into white noise several times before it readjusts. Aldrich lies still upon the ground, his head barely raised. He looks directly at what appears to be a naked woman with pale white skin and long brown hair in the middle of the circle. The camera shuts off just as the sounds of an ambulance begin to appear.
Atelier Garfiel Automail
Payment of 706000 Cenz
By Aldrich von Konig
Consultation: 6000 Cenz
Model: Wahrheit B-78, Right Arm 500000 Cenz
Surgery: 200000 Cenz
Video Log- 205
Aldrich, now 96, sits in a wide study, illuminated by the light of a fireplace. His right arm is now a robotic prosthesis, a good quality automail but it is now over a decade out of style. Across from his wheelchair sits a beautiful young woman wearing a white nurse's uniform, her long brown hair draping over her shoulders. There is something unnatural about her, like that eerie feeling of a porcelain doll staring at you. With a tilt of his head, Aldrich beckons her over; she reacts in a swift and fluid motion that is entirely too smooth to be human. She kneels by his left side and he brushes the hair out of her face in a loving manner, leaving his gloved hand on her cheek. She stares into his eyes, her brown irises reflecting his withered image like a mirror. In that image, tears softly roll down Aldrich's face....
News Clipping: January 19, 1989
Aldrich von Konig, owner of Konig Enterprises, celebrates his 100th birthday today, becoming one of the select few to reach this age and one of the last survivors of the previous century. Although he declined to give comment, we at Central Courier have been given access to the surviving records in order to present to you, our dear readers, a profile on this powerful man who has influenced the world for the past century. Born Aldrich Theophilus Choldwig von Konig, the now powerful business man grew up under the tender care of....
Part Three: The Present Day
To this day Aldrich still resides on his estate, a well hidden and quite massive bunker-complex somewhere south of Central. His business still continues on despite the wars and the cataclysms, however he appears to be selling off large portions of his non-centralized pieces. He has spent the last number of years continuing to experiment and prepare, his only appearances in public have been his rare "walks" through Central when his Nurse would bring him out for fresh air. Otherwise his only know presence in the world have been the occasional appearances of large money orders for various materials, seemingly mostly building materials and foreign labor. What is he up to? Whose side is he on? How will the Puppeteer Alchemist pull on te strings of the world?
     → Aldrich specializes in the creation and control of Golems, an ability that impressed the Fuehrer of his day undoubtedly thinking of its applications towards creating Father's Immortal Army. Once far more powerful, much of Aldrich's old research was taken away by the State many years ago and his effectiveness has waned as he has aged. However through his perseverance, Aldrich has reached a point that balances his weaknesses with his remaining research. What was once incredible science defying Elemental Golems became Aldirch's robotic Golem Mk. 2, soulless automata absolutely loyal to Aldrich. The exact nature of the Golem depends upon the amount of time and sacrifice that Aldrich puts into them, giving about three rankings of Golem complexity.
The lowest ranking of complexity is his Brute-Type golems, created on the fly from near-by materials, requiring no additional circle and minimal blood sacrifice (a stab to one of the five smaller circles on Aldrich's hand). The limit of a Brute's processing power is simple one sentence instructions such as, "Protect this area from all intruders," or, "Defend me," or quite simply, "Attack." These "programs" are created by Aldrich's blood sacrifice and are written as a simple sigil on the Golem's tongue. The beasts themselves usually appear as 3-5 meter tall creatures made of an amalgam of local earth based parts, creating a vaguely humanoid construct. Their minds work similarly to analog computers, only at a more complex and advanced scale. That said, Brutes are incapable of deviating from their instructions and unable to react to situation changing stimuli beyond the scope of their instructions. As they are made from local materials (mostly earth and wood) their structures are quite resilient to piercing and bludgeoning damage, but things such as fire and water can do serious harm.
The Middling ranking Golems are the Clockwork-Dancer model, created only through time, effort, and careful planning. These creatures require at least an hour of prep work for the least advanced and can take days for the most. These are created wholly from metal and usually appear as 2 meter tall humanoids with blade-like arms and legs, which they move in an elegant and finely balanced manner, thus giving rise to the name Dancers. These constructs also require a much larger blood sacrifice, (requiring three of circles on Aldrich's hand and come considerable draining) and as such there can only be one active at any one time. Like their simpler brethren, the Dancer model Golems work through clock-work and a even more complex analog computer system, allowing for much more complex instructions as well as very limited adaptive abilities. Their hard metal outer casing makes them resistance to slashing and piercing damage as well as fire and water, but strong enough bludgeoning and electrical damage can disrupt their delicate clockwork innards.
Finally the most advanced type is currently a singular being known as Nurse Lisa. Constructed over the course of years, this Golem looks and feels human as it has been expertly crafted using plastics, rubbers, and other synthetic materials for that purpose. Underneath this, however, Nurse Lisa is an incredible complex version of the Dancer-type model, a clockwork being with no soul nor true mind, although she is complex enough to pass as a human, albeit an odd one. She is capable of receiving audio instructions from Aldrich and reacting to new stimuli with some ease. Her primary instruction, above all else, is the protection of Aldrich, and for this purpose she has been given immense strength and concealed blades in her hands much like her inferior brothers. She is, despite her complexity, incapable of speech and showing emotion beyond a simple blank affect. To create her, Aldrich sacrificed enough blood that his right arm was left a dead, withered husk, which is why he now has an automail for that arm.
These are not separate abilities so much as time and effort put into a singular ability. When/if Aldrich eventually levels up, Aldrich will be increasing the complexity of each of these beings towards his goal of creating the Takwin, the Perfect Lifeform.
     → If it is not clear by now, Aldrich is very old and is without legs. But that can be of little matter if his nurse is with him. Also as we see below, Aldrich speaks a large number of languages due to his very long life and a large amount of personal leisure time.
    → Aldrich is more mistrustful of men than he is of women, partially because of his closer ties to his mother than his father and partially because of his extreme distrust of the long time male dominated military.            
   → Also of note, Aldrich owns a vast business empire (Konig Alchemical Supplies Inc.) and a vast personal estate located somewhat south of Central. At this Estate, Aldrich possesses a large amount of raw resources and a large personal library, from which Aldrich possesses a large number of personal works, international alchemical works, and many copies from Central Library (before and after its various destructions.)  His Library is open in a limited manner to those willing to share research with him.
   → Amestrian, Xingese, Ishvallan, Cretan , Latin , Hebrew
     → Aldrich von Konig
     → Also Playing Brother Seven
     → N/A
     → The Mutilated Millionaire
     → The Puppeteer Alchemist

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