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Post by Guest Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:12 pm

Huan Geist was always a quiet and strict woman. When she spoke he words came forth with an authority that none could claim to know where it came from. Her father was a Xingese militant, her husband an Amestrian State Alchemist, and now her son was following in the footsteps of the man she had fallen in love with. Her life was never an easy one, and it never seemed to get easier. Today her son, Wynter, was bringing a woman over for dinner. In her mind she could only think of how soon it was for him to be thinking of being with anyone romantically, but she would keep those thoughts restrained. The small woman prepared rice balls quietly in her kitchen as she awaited the new face.

Wynter Geist, however, was still busy at work. He could leave soon, but there was still so much he needed to finish. After his first date with Peyton a week prior, the two of them had grown much closer. Still, with work there was only so much time he could put forth into trying to keep their relationship stable. He didn't want to disappoint anyone, and sometimes that was the hardest thing to make sure didn't happen.

Looking around to remember where he'd placed his pen, when his eyes caught the utensil he snatched it up and swiftly filled in a block on his work schedule form. It wouldn't be too much longer before he heard word from the official overseeing his exam. Ayden Derocha, while Wynter had only met him once he could already tell, was one of the more strict officials in the military. He definitely didn't want to anger such a man with a lack of preparation.

Putting down the pen, he gave a quick sigh before standing up and walking over to the door. Looking around for his assistant, he gave a small smile before calling out for her. Today she would be meeting his mother, and while this made him even more nervous, he was still happy for the fact. He really hoped his mother would like Peyton.


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Mother Empty Re: Mother

Post by Peyton Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:32 pm

"Hm?" Peyton looked back when she heard her name being called. She was just walking back from grabbing a cup of coffee in the break room. Coffee helped calm her nerves. Why she was nervous you ask? Well, she was meeting Wynter's mother after work. Peyton was honestly just trying to not freak out about it. Wynter spoke of the woman often, and seemed to be very fond of her. Peyton just wanted to be deemed worthy by this woman, in hopes of gaining Wynter's complete approval as well.

Wynter was a bit of a mama's boy from what Peyton could tell. So she knew that if mother didn't approve, Wynter might not either. Peyton just had to do her best. She wanted his mother to be proud and impressed by the end of their meeting. His mother's approval would be their blessing to continue dating, Peyton figured. And Peyton REALLY wanted to keep dating Wynter.

Although they had only been dating for little more than a week now, Peyton was absolutely head over heels for Wynter. The slightest affectionate touch from Wynter turned her into a blushing mess. One would assume Peyton was a silly virgin if not for the fact that she had a child. Wynter made her feel that way though. He made her feel like she'd never before felt a man's loving touch.

She saw Wynter was the one calling out for her and smiled softly. "I'm right here Wynter, what is it?"

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Mother Empty Re: Mother

Post by Guest Tue May 07, 2013 12:07 am



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