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Jack's Foolin' Code  Empty Jack's Foolin' Code

Post by Guest Sat Apr 20, 2013 10:34 pm

CASE FILE: Transmutation Equipment
Jack's Foolin' Code  Banner1_zps3a7a267e Jack's Foolin' Code  Banner2_zps2c72e260 Jack's Foolin' Code  Banner3_zps82e079f3 Jack's Foolin' Code  Banner4_zps7c5e9e39

Jack Marques
→ Lightning
Labrose Alloy

→ Alchemy: Elemental
Alchemy: Digital
Alchemy: Basic

→ Two


→ Jack uses a black cotton glove and the copper-nickle alloy in his his left automail arm to create the initial static.
His handheld device or any other smart device, but otherwise none.



→ The transmutation circle that Jack invented amplifies static by making the negative electrons move faster and increasing the amount of built up electricity tenfold. It’s only opposing element is humidity and moisture, but even on the most humid of days, the transmutation circle acts in the same way and will force the negative electrons and positive protons to produce the same amount of static as it would on the driest of days.

The circle consists of four main alchemic symbols, they are: Air, Water, Lightning, and Copper. The meanings behind these symbols are their cooperation together to create the thunderstorm from Jackyll. The copper comes from his staff, the air from the space that is charged with the static, the water from the air, and the lightning that is then created. Together these are surrounded by four other alchemic symbols, which are: Moon, Earth, Aqua, and Mars. The meaning behind these even Jackyll can only give an educated guess. From what he figures, the Moon represents the height of the lightning, while Mars emphasizes the distance traveled between the lightning and the ground, which is seen as Earth here. Aqua, again, is the water, or in another sense, the rain that falls harder when the lightning strikes.

The circle itself is meant to be offensive in a way that is also defensive. By literally charging in, it always acts a shield to ward off further attack. Its drawback is that one false move, such as the static not being strong enough, can lead to a fatal rebound.

What Jackyll has to know is the presence of enough charged protons and electrons to create enough static to produce the electrical circuit needed to mimic the cumulonimbus cloud.

The transmutation circle that he invented himself amplifies static by making the negative electrons move faster and increasing the amount of built up electricity tenfold. It’s only opposing element is humidity and moisture, but even on the most humid of days, the transmutation circle acts in the same way and will force the negative electrons and positive protons to produce the same amount of static as it would on the driest of days.

In order to even attempt this alchemy, Jack must know the binary code through and through, inside and out, and all that. He has to be utterly fluent in it's uses to a complete level. He also has to be fairly talented with breaking and rendering firewalls useless. He has to be good at programming, inventing viruses, and know how to extract information from coded files.

To create Labrose Alloy, Jack needs a few supplies at his disposal. One of which is iron, which is easily acquired from the ground and Neon that is composed in the air. Then, he needs a combination of various other, unknown substances found in the ground, oh, and with a splash of whiskey. It just like mixed a drink, but instead, it creates the rarest metal on earth, produced, found, and sold only at Marques Industries.


Lightning (None):
Jack's Foolin' Code  TsuneCircle_zps937b76a0

Binary (Phone):
[img]Jack's Foolin' Code  Vlcsnap-2012-05-08-03h33m05s10_zps283493b6
Jack's Foolin' Code  Vlcsnap-2012-05-08-03h32m38s236_zps529bdf4e[/img]



Jack is able to use any form of alchemy without transmutation circles and where ever he desires (be it the air or whatnot). Due to The Truth, he is more adverse in breaking down elements in objects, capable of piecing together what makes up things.

Lightning: To initiate his alchemy, Jack rubs his gloved hand together with his bare hand up and down in a praying position. By doing this, he is able to transfer the loose electrons into any conductors. The more he rubs his hands together, the more the electrons move and the stronger the static created (not because of the intensity of the rubbing, but because of the meeting of two different materials). When Jack wants a higher intensity static, he will use his hand without the glove. In order to use his actual hand though, he must make it completely void of moistness.

Once the electric static is created, he separates his two hands and places his left automail arm below his normal one, mimicking the ability of a cumulonimbus cloud. When his two arms touch along with his hands, the negative charge from his automail and the positive charge from his normal arm connect, forming an electrical circuit. This all happens within, at the most, a few seconds.

Once his hands had first met in the praying position, he had initiated the alchemic reaction. Because of this, he is able to manipulate the electric circuit and discharge the built up electricity as lightning to be directed at his opponent through his forearm. But this is not always effective since the assumption is that he cannot aim it. It was for this reason that Jack was forced to invent a better way to direct his lightning. He came up with the idea to channel the lightning through his metal arm and out of his pointer finger. He then would hold out his hand like a gun, aim it, and pull the 'trigger.' This way he was able to aim the bolt of lightning at a smaller say a human.

When lightning is created in general, it is common knowledge that thunder must follow. When lightning shoots through the air, it causes it to heat up five times hotter than the surface of the sun. This heat then causes the air to expand and contract, making thunder. In order to avoid blowing out his ear drums each time, Jack wears a specifically made ear filter that is in the form of a black earring in his left ear that deafs out sounds that are above a certain frequency (100 Hz). Without them, a human would be sure to go deaf at least temporarily.

After more practice, Jackyll is now able to manipulate smaller amounts of electricity and channel it throughout his body. While doing this, he passed out many times before he was able to immunize himself to the electricity coursing through him. If he did the calculations correct, it acts as a shield on the surface of his skin and if he touches someone, they will be shocked with 1,300 volts of electricity--enough to render them unconscious or if not, lose the ability to move. The only downside to this is that he can only do it five times before he loses consciousness himself.

Binary: Using the binary code of any system (be it a phone, a computer, or a smart device of any kind), Jack is capable of rewiring it to his command. It requires no physical rewiring of any kind; in short, this alchemy simply changes the system's code. To do this, he has to just touch the device in which he is manipulating. The alchemic circle forms from his mind and across the surface of the screen, reformatting it in a matter of milliseconds. The device, then under his control, holds the ability to tap into any system connected to a satellite, be it a laptop in Gelemorté or a smartphone in Xing. From there, he has the viable options of withdrawing the information held by the device he asserts or inserting a virus of his making that he keeps on him at all times.

Now, nearly all digital devices in Jack's corporation building already have these capabilities, including a see-through smartphone that he carries around with him everywhere. This alchemy is a precaution in case his device is destroyed or misplaced. Or, in the off-chance, that a computer is heavily blocked with a firewall able to block his alchemy from a distance. If he can access it himself, it will immediately succumb to his control.

To withdraw information, he has to merely scroll through the code that transfers to the screen of the device he performed the alchemy on. Reading it like a book, he can translate it into images, programs, documents, and savable files. Another option is to infect the chosen device with a virus. With direct connection to satellite technology, he can easily send a virus to up to seven devices per transmutation. And if he can transfer a virus, he can just as easily transfer other things such as documents, images, text messages, or any file type readable by said devices he is sending it to.

Using this same satellite function, he can gain access to audio transmissions between radios or stream the projected PA system straight to the device he has under his alchemy. Anything that is connected to a satellite is thus under his control. However, it must be carefully noted that if Jack's alchemy is overexerted, his heart ailment prevents him from using too many transmutations in sequence.

Labrose Alloy: This is an alloy completely resistance to alchemy. It can act as a shield against alchemically created substances as well as stop a transmutation from taking place by being placed within range of the circle. Labrose Alloy appears as sterling silver, however is equivalent to the strength of steel. It can be bent into any shape, it can be sharpened into knives, forged into swords, melded into bullets, and much more. To create this alloy, Jack must have access to iron, neon, and a combination of various other substances found in the Earth's crust. That is why, usually the transmutation circle appears below him, under his feet where he then pulls up the materials into a shape of his choosing.

Labrose alloy can be used very simply as well. By creating a tiny ball of it the size of a pin head, he can toss it into a transmutation to disrupt it. However, obviously the more alloy in the designated area, the more prone it is to stopping the transmutation. In the process, the alloy can very well be destroyed depending on the user and the strength of the alchemy. It is completely ineffective towards alkahestry, and has no effect whatsoever.



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