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Standing around

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Standing around Empty Standing around

Post by Guest Sat Apr 13, 2013 11:45 pm

Wolfgang had gone somewhere with someone he knew. Amadi wasn't quite sure where, but it left her alone (she was ordered to have fun anyways). This was... an unlikely occurance, but then again, anything with her leader was to be unexpectedly expected. So she was stuck, standing rather awkwardly on the streets of Creta without much to do. What was a soldier to do when she never really took time off? She didn't have time lately to explore her own likes and dislikes, so she simply watched people pass and stare at her. It was almost sweltering, but no one would be able to tell. It felt like a good hour that Amadi just stood there and waited for her leader to find her. Would he be able to? A strike of concern hit her. What if he couldn't find her? Creta was a huge place! Did he have his cell phone on him?

After a while, she gave up and found an area she could sit in relative silence. Nowhere near was specifically alone, so naturally children still wondered when that 'new statue' got there. A couple ran over and poked her, but she remained unflinching. Night rolled in and Amadi stayed, silent as stone. In all honesty, she had fallen asleep within the armor.


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Standing around Empty Re: Standing around

Post by Csilla Angelis Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:00 am



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