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On the job (Spotty)

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On the job (Spotty) Empty On the job (Spotty)

Post by Peyton Thu Apr 11, 2013 7:49 pm

"Ugh..." Peyton sighed softly as she worked on her notes. The hum of the air conditioner, scribbling, and small chit chat filled the room. For two months now, she had been working here. For three months now, her baby girl was living. For one month, she had been living with her boyfriend and the father of her child. For two months, they had been separated... Peyton shook her head lightly and pushed those thoughts out of her mind. Marcus and her were done, over with. There was no need to think about it anymore... and yet, she couldn't seem to stop herself from doing so from time to time. Maybe it was just because she was lonely. Then again, it wasn't much different from still being with him...

Peyton could help but lightly slap her cheeks in frustration. There was no use in being sad about it anymore. What happens, happens. There's nothing she can do about it. In the end, they weren't right for each other. Now she had to focus on raising Anja, her daughter, and completing her research! Yes, her research. The thing she had slaved over for years and years. Peyton had finally managed to get into a decent research lab, and had the grant money to pull herself out of that dead end she'd been stuck in for so long. Worrying over silly things like men and relationships would do her no good at this point.

A soft cooing sound pulled her attention away from her work for a moment. Peyton leaned over in her chair and looked down. Anja was playing on the ground at Peyton's feet. Normally, Anja would be with her sitter. But today her sitter had fallen ill, so Peyton had to bring Anja to work with her today. It's not like Peyton minded. Anja was a quiet baby and didn't really disturb her work. The only time she fussed was when she was scared, hungry, or needed to be changed. And her co-workers seemed to find Anja cute, which made Peyton all the more proud. At the moment, Anja was playing with her plastic rings. A soft smile crossed Peyton's features as she gently caressed Anja's fuzzy head and continued scribbling. She was stuck at the equations at the moment.

"Ugh.. this doesn't seem to be right.." Peyton muttered and rubbed her face.

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Post by Spotlight Fri Apr 12, 2013 9:44 pm

ALex sighed and smiled a little bit as he entered the lab. his little girls were in a stroller. the twins were dressed in pink and purple respectivley. he had found out the names his wife wanted when he talked to odd his nephew who happened to read her diary as he considered her his sister even though they held no relaition. so he told her and he named one daugher the name she chose as she never did expect twins. the second he named after her their names were Janice Mizore Corde and Evylyn Ashley Corde. as he walked through he made sure to pass by a few people ask if they could watch them before giving up and heading to the lab their bag in tow on his shoulder and his usual jacket draped over the back of the stroller out of their reach as he walks in. he looks around and sees another baby and the mother nearby working on theories. he honestly needed some advice and hoped a mother could give him some. so he walked over and asked "Hey miss can i ask you something well a few things?" he smiled at her nervously and ran a hand through his hair his other on the twins stroller keeping it there.*

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Post by Csilla Angelis Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:04 am



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