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Pocket Full of Snakes

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Pocket Full of Snakes Empty Pocket Full of Snakes

Post by Guest Mon Apr 01, 2013 2:40 pm

Early mornings were bummers to Mariette. It was always so cold in Gelemort and if it weren't for her timed area heater that lied on her bed, there'd be no way for her to wake up early, or at all. And so, at 5:00 AM her heater kicked in and blasted hot air into her face. Her eyes cracked a bit, amber orbs behind squinted lids. Her massive snake tail, shimmering from the heater's glow, was coiled around a body pillow, her head resting on the exposed fluff. Her hair was strewn across the bed, fanned out by her midnight movements. She angled the heater to her tail which began to unravel as it grew warm. She sat up and stretched, her lavender nightgown falling over her frame. She yawned lightly, starting to force her tail to shift back into human legs: the second biggest hassle of waking up. Once that was taken care of, her full thighed legs hit the ground and took her to the closet for her uniform. First went on the knee socks, then the frilled black dress. Once her apron and flats were on, she was ready for the morning route.

She took her feather duster and flicked it about on everything, a quick brushing before anything serious was to be done. Mariette smiled as she patted around the halls and foyers, keeping her steps as quiet as possible. She turned up the heaters in the rooms (they were kept down during the night to conserve cost) to prevent from collapsing in a temperature induced sleeping spell. Next on the agenda was...Mr. Degan's room. She'd been informed of its...unacceptable condition and started her way up the stairs. This was going to take at least 30 minutes. Maybe more. She reached into her apron pocket and pulled out a ring of keys, almost hundreds of them on one large key ring. One was a marijuana leaf. Bronze's key. She slid the key in, turned it, then carefully and quietly pushed the door open.


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Pocket Full of Snakes Empty Re: Pocket Full of Snakes

Post by Guest Thu Apr 11, 2013 1:18 am

Foo stretched wide and let a huge yawn crush her furry features, she had been up for the last two days or so and wasn't probably going to get sleep for at least one more. Her jaded eyes danced about the walls as some of them spun gently causing her to rub them. She was probably lucky to be alive from all those crazies she had to deal with on her last mission. She spat out the toothpick she was chewing on and replaced it with a some gum that she had stashed away in tail #2. She was okay with not sleeping but she figured that it made her fur stand on end if she kept doing it, not that she cared while in combat. People didn't look at you and go daww so you could slit their throats. She huffed as she turned through the briefing; as usual everything she did she wasn't really allowed to talk about with people out of the military. She bristled a bit when she noted that something was labeled top secret within her binder; she had clearance right under top secret so she wasn't allowed to look at it but she was curious. Maybe her boss would let her look if she asked nicely. This would be the first time she'd report to him in person too.

The chimerae's bare feet clacked on the floor of the building she was in, she never really liked this place.. Too warm in the winter, it made no sense to her why she couldn't crack a window... if she could even find one that she had a key to or something. She rounded what she hoped was the last corner while straightening her loincloth, the only piece of clothing she currently was wearing. In fact it was the only piece that she ever wore. She started to play with one of her whiskers, it dis-charged gently causing her to bite back a string of curses. She wasn't hurt but still that surprised the hell out of her. She halted when she saw someone standing in front of what she was told was her boss man's room. Why they'd send her directly here is beyond her. Pursing her lips gently she'd call out in greeting her heavy Lohkyn accent murdering some of her words.

Gewd morning... Is this... Boss man Bronze Degan's rewm? Her ears twitched while she spoke her hands going to her curious orb that sat in tail #1...


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Pocket Full of Snakes Empty Re: Pocket Full of Snakes

Post by Bronze Degan Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:36 am

Bronze hated waking up in the morning. He ALWAYS felt groggy, he ALWAYS had a back ache and he ALWAYS had to deal with the real world. It annoyed him to no end that he was forced to be a some what respectable man on a weekly and some times daily basis. He missed the by gone days of partying, sneaking and dancing. He cracked his eyes open and quickly shut them again and groaned... It seemed that he was having a rather late wake up call. With a sigh he sat up, and once again cracked his eyes to let in the light that filtered into his... Office? It seemed that he had spent yet another day away from home. His head pounded and he lay back down, covering his face with a pillow as he did so to help drown out the faint noise that permeated the room. He knew he couldn't keep doing this to him self, it was killing him... He could feel his life slip away piece by piece... Day by day... But he wouldn't no, couldn't stop. After all what was he if not a man of addictions and thrill seeking? And there was no bigger thrill, nor adventure then the one that was found at the end of life.

"I-" His voice caught in his throat as he tried to speak, dry from to long with out liquid. "Is someone there" He tried to move the pillow from his face but the pain that shot through him was to great... So he lay there in the semidarkness of his office waiting for his current hell to end.
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Post by Csilla Angelis Sun Apr 28, 2013 11:57 pm



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