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Let's Read! Starring Luke!

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Let's Read! Starring Luke! Empty Let's Read! Starring Luke!

Post by Guest Sun Nov 18, 2012 8:26 am


Recently that had become one of Luke's favorite phrases. He was beginning to wonder why it wasn't officially in the dictionary yet. Aside from the obvious reasons, of course. With a sigh, he slammed the pages together of the book he'd picked up just a moment before. It was another one of those days meant to be spent lounging around doing absolutely nothing. For some reason, however, the alchemist was determined to make something of his day. Somehow, his efforts had led him to a library. Interestingly enough, the library always reminded him of how much research he used to do. Nowadays he didn't see much point in perusing the shelves for pointlessly random information. The only bit of info he read that day that he felt was of any use was the spiel about gynandromorphs. Though those were mostly butterflies, it occasionally happened with people, and he decided that would be his explanation if anyone ever discovered what was under all of his clothing.

With a sigh, Lucas forced himself to stand up and put the book on the cart nearby. Shoulders drooped, he ran his dainty fingers through his blonde hair, which he hadn't pinned up for once. Just a lazy day, he supposed, and that was his excuse for most of his behavior earlier, as well. He'd ordered a slice of pepperoni pizza somewhere, and after picking off the pepperoni, decided he was much too lazy to spend time eating the pizza after it cooled off. Though he made that homeless man quite happy to have lunch, he regretted it now. His growling stomach was his punishment for leaving his pizza to be eaten by some stranger.

Pulling himself back to the present, he realized he was standing in the children's section. Not that he particularly minded, as some children's books were very well done, but it had been ages since he'd read any. Scanning the titles, one in particular caught his attention: A child-friendly version of Hamlet. Now, Luke wasn't so great as to be able to remember every line from the play, but he knew all of the important plot points. It wasn't his favorite Shakespearean play, though. His favorite was "As You Like It," mostly because he felt a special connection to it, as much as he hated to admit it. Sitting down at the closest table (which happened to be quite low, as it was intended for children) he flipped it open and began to read. Much to his dismay, the plot had been over-simplified and cleaned up. In fact, he felt it almost had no relation to the real plot. After a grueling, minimal amount of pages, the torture ended.

"Bloody hell, that wasn't even remotely like Hamlet! Where's the incest? The poison? The sword fighting? Everything? And what the bloody hell happened to Yorick? They can't just forget about Yorick!"


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Let's Read! Starring Luke! Empty Re: Let's Read! Starring Luke!

Post by Csilla Angelis Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:37 pm



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