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WHY AREN'T YOU SIGNED IN!$#%@? -sends Aurel after you-
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Yes, sir. Empty Yes, sir.

Post by Emmelin Sat Sep 29, 2012 11:22 pm

Well the mission had been a mix between a failure and a complete victory. It danced the line and a lot of relationships followed. Now, came the true question.. what affects did it have on Valeria? She seemed.. indifferent now, she felt indifferent. A man she'd met once for a brief moments had convinced her to join his cause and yet now, she was conflicted. Was it worth the strife? Should she fight for some man she knew NOTHING about? His name and face were a foggy place holder for personality that from her memory he seemed to lack. Or was that a- lie? She couldn't be sure. Nothing was solid and in all honesty, Valeria was considering dropping out. This place, wasn't right. Her life was a mess and she just didn't know if she was even getting anything done. As if all challenge was gone in her life. All good fighters had struggles to get better, but where did one go when they reached the top? She felt nothing, Her death count was up and over one hundred and yet- she felt unchallenged and unfazed. There was only still water, stagnant and unmoving. It was as if she were looking into a glass, just watching the water sit. No excitement made Val for a very unimpressed and bored girl, rather longing. She lusted, thirsted the wants of something worth while.. something to steal. Petty crime was not enough and after so many murders.. it wasn't enough either. She needed more. It had to feed that hungry beast in her soul.

With nothing right now, she hoped maybe speaking with the man would ignite some sort of flame. If she was bored enough, she could always cause drama among her ranks. That was always a possibility, but it wasn't really worth it. Not right now, anyways. The twitch of her lips and a sigh, she hoped for SOMETHING. Even if she could just prod at this man for reaction, it would be good. The emotions were building from stress and she just didn't want to deal. Distractions were life-savers after all. If she thought of the pain or the way it made her feel, she'd be stuck in Neverland. Well, emotional pain, anyways. Physical pain? That was an exciting second story. To feel the thrill of blood was short of orgasmic when it came to the psycho demon-woman. What other names had she been dubbed by now? She couldn't even keep track, anymore.

As was natural for her, she fixed her hair. Her only hand, of course. ran through her locks. Fix and primp, to always look your best. Purple eyes shone with intrigue as she braced herself. After she dusted off her skirt and fixed her blouse, she raised her hand and rapped on the door. Naturally, the woman stood and awaited a greeting of any sort. The day was still young, snow was outside as always and the scent of cooking food could be caught on her nose. What was that-? It smelled kind of weird, but then again, maybe she was just imagining it all. That was always the most active part of the mind. It morphed her wonderful plots and unleashed unholy hell. Anything could be created from even a few seconds of explored thoughts. Unfortunately, the only thoughts Valeria had for now, were her thoughts on trying to get a yes or no answer on her staying in RIOTE. Naturally she wasn't going to speak of her problem, but she would probe the man for response to see if he was even worth her time. After all, Valeria was a busy woman.


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