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pets and the lot

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pets and the lot Empty pets and the lot

Post by Guest Mon Sep 17, 2012 5:18 pm

Osamu sat down at the bottom of stairs. They were old, grey and riddled with the scars of wind and water. It was a fine place to sit in a city. It showed that even in the jungle of skyscrapers and glass domes, the laws of nature still applied to the most ancient of materials. For there will be, and always be, stone within the molten core. For which we call our eternal earth. Description of this is completely useless.

She was simply sitting in front of her apartment which was rented out. It had cold stone steps out front to which she would feed her pets. They weren't really hers, for the tenant never lets pets inside the already bleak circumstances that you would dare call a 3 room apartment. The various pets of cats, dogs, birds, and maybe even a tanuki now and then would gather about and wait for the food that always met with them at 7pm. Where the street lamps were on and the stars above blotted out by the artificial ones that blinded people with their luminescence.

Pulling a large pack of food, she poured it in the various bowls, making sure that the ever increasing beggars had an even amount and were happy. Osamu herself at the moment wasn't special. Black hair and covered eyes. With average skin tone and nothing but a pair of black t-shirt and pants clung to her petite form. Nothing special in the eyes of humanity. That is how she liked it. For all she knew, that is how it will always stay.

" Eat up. I need to do dishes soon." She whispered to a cat. The cat looked up and sniffed in her direction, the orange tabby licking the wet food from the white wispy whiskers. Then resumed eating. How typical for a cat so regal. Even when they are snobs, they are adorable.

Of course there weren't people leaving this small street deserted. They would walk to and fro, but always trying to avoid her gaze behind those black sunglasses. For a woman in black wearing those ocular mishaps and feeding random animals was one to be avoided. At least in the mind of the city. For all they knew, the city knew all and even in the heart of compassion, the iron jungle ruled over all.

Even the unspectacular girl had that thought in mind when looking at the rank of those below and above her. She simply thought of how nature was greater than the city. In all reasoning as to why she still followed the law of the city, was that it was closer than in nature. That was rolled over with concrete and metal railings. Forced away from the human consciousness. Now who would meet this unspectacular girl, in the steps, before the apartment, in the city, that follows the rule of iron and the reality of nature?

(if no one gets this then she's just feeding pets in front of her house)


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Post by Guest Mon Sep 17, 2012 6:18 pm

The sun was quickly fading on another beautiful day in the country of Aerugo, though this was not her beloved city that she knew so well. This was another place entirely, a different city for her to explore at her leisure. Izanami was currently wandering around the streets with her hands in the pockets of her red jacket, a white kimono with a floral pattern her choice of dress for the day. Her short hair swished on either side of her head, grey eyes wandering about the street in her quiet curiosity. She had traveled to Kyoto as a change of pace, a sort of mini-vacation to clear her head from all of the events that had so recently occurred. That, and her boss had ordered her to go and take some time for herself. Izanagi was busy with his duties, and Izaya remained missing in the ether of the world. Who knew where he could be now? Oh how she wished she could get to see him again!

She could feel her keys in her pocket with the new keychain that dangled from them, another gift from Izanagi to cheer up his little sister. It was a dancing cat, and she did love cats so. She had wandered around all day now throughout the city, seeing what sights she could see, and now? She was wandering back towards her hotel with little concern for what time of night it was. It wasn't like she was a defenseless little flower. So far this neighborhood was rather devoid of life so she really wasn't too concerned even as the street lamps gave off their soft glow. A sound made her pause in her step, for it was a sound she recognized and loved quite dearly. It was the sound of a cat meowing, a voice adding to it which made her raise an eyebrow. A person? Who was this? Other people seemed to be walking past and ignoring things, but Izanami was quite curious now! Was someone taking care of a cat?

And so she hurried forward, soon spotting a girl with covered eyes, causing her to pause and watch. She was feeding a little tabby! Though she wanted to rush forward, she slowly approached, completely entranced by the creature even as it seemed to sense her approach. "Shhh... I won't hurt you." She said softly, though she knew it might still run anyways, crouching down as she drew close. The tabby turned and stared at her, its body language showing how it was trying to judge what this new stranger was doing. "Do you take care of the strays that are here?" She asked the girl though she still wasn't looking at her, merely crouching there staring at the cat with a soft little smile.


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Post by Shula Brighton Sun Sep 30, 2012 5:06 pm

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Shula Brighton

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