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Post by Yoshida Izanagi Thu Sep 13, 2012 9:32 am

The deed had been done, a new person in place of the old. What now, he wondered. Well, first was taking care of those who wouldn't be loyal and then a little redecorating? The woman before had been a demon in disguise(in his eyes) and that horrid chi would be all over the palace. He didn't need it jumbling his head any further than it already was. As well, he had to kick out a great money of questionable people. Who they were and what they did, he wasn't sure, but he didn't need servants or eve- What the hell were some of these people? Did someone let strangers live inside the palace? Maybe, he was simply being harsh and biased. It didn't feel good to give the the boot, but these people, weren't to be trusted, yet. It wasn't as if he were making the homeless, he assured they had a place to stay. Of course, this would probably be later. For now, a more important thought was on his mind.

"Ah, where to start now?" The nation was in shambles as it were without the lead of Yuuko and family. Of course, it had been a wreck before, but now, it was at least it was given some medicine. The gray eyes of his were wondering over assets to check for potential threats. At anytime, someone could jump out and attempt on his life. It was too soon for that, though he expected it. Some people disliked change and others embraced it. The ones who feared it were the ones to be wary of. In fact, Izanagi could hear approaching footsteps, his body twisting to embrace the approacher with any necessary course of action. The body could not be seen yet, but a figure was dancing in the dim lighting. Izanagi craned his neck, hoping for a better view, to no avail. It must've been him. He wondered if the man needed something or had Izanagi called upon him, without recollection? He blinked a few times in thought and raised his head towards a building. Crooked pictures of unknown people... Dislike. What made it worse, was that he had to ignore it. The shop was closed and he couldn't just barge in and fix a picture. Being seen as a criminal on top of it all was the opposite of what was needed.

Standing there, he awaited the other man. His body still in waiting, eyes closed to listen to the air. So many questions, so many ideas and yet, not the one to start with. His people? That was an odd term to even think, let alone know it would probably fall from his lips at some point of time. His eyes fell and he wondered. What of his brother? Izaya had been gone for years and not a word spoken to himself, nor Izanami. Was the eldest alive and well or was he in a ditch? Had the rebellion killed him or was he not even IN the country? He couldn't search, now. There was too much to do otherwise and yet, it killed him. A heavy sigh later and he felt.. disappointed. How could he and his brother be so different? His words continued to float around Izanagi's head.

"Why don't you do something about it? You're so useless!"

What about now? Even with the country at his fingertips, he barely managed to keep the ones closest to him. His little escapade, what if it had ended up killing Izanami? The thought alone made his stomach lurch. His little sister. Maybe she wasn't so little, anymore, but it didn't change the fact she was the world to him. In fact despite the apathy shone at times, he cared for everyone in some way, just some more than others. This was for the country's betterment, but the times ahead would get worse before they got better. A ,leader couldn't be seen as weak or his people would surely jump at the weakness. A sad world it was. He awaited the man while deep in thought. Daydreaming of a new world, an ideal world less painful and less violent. It would never be gone, the fighting, but for the time they could recover from what he saw as something pointless. Fix what is had before the new stuff is brought. it would be too much, in his opinion. More land when the people of the first lands didn't even cooperate. Then again, maybe that was just him.


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Post by Shula Brighton Sun Sep 30, 2012 5:05 pm

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