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Howdy Neighbor

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Howdy Neighbor Empty Howdy Neighbor

Post by Kit Estenial Sun Sep 09, 2012 1:16 pm

Well, after getting a good amount of change in his pocket, Kit had finally decided to look throughout several newspapers for apartment ads. He really was tired of having no place to call 'home', so might as well get a place close to everyone he knew, with which a bit of math and geography, South City was his favorite solution, very close to very interesting cultural pieces along with an incredible bazaar with quite the amazing assortment of exotic food, many of which were wrapped in a paper sack nestled in his arms. Kit also had within his pocket very lovingly was a single rose. Kit had only been around his apartment for only a week but there was this woman who lived next to him that he had always tried to talk to, but she never heard him. Kit wanted to at least get a conversation with her, so he decided that the best way to get her attention was with a flower.

He walked through the bustling bazaar as he wandered onto the apartment complex, very modern, block architecture, a high rise with an open window on the top with a clothesline coated in a few new articles of clothing drying in the light breeze that tussled his snowy hair and ears ever so gently as he peered up to the balcony. Maybe she was out today, but god he hoped not. He didn't buy extra salmon and wine just for him, oh no, Kit intended dinner with her, to find out more about her neighbor and to show her his hospitality.

Kit shifted his groceries back into his arms and trudged his leather clad feet up the steps to his door, taking out the rose and the card, along with a pen, and starting scribbling onto the card. After a small moment, soon onto the card read, "Hello, miss, I'm Kit Estenial, your new neighbor. I wanted to ask if you'd like to come over sometime for dinner, tonight perhaps?" Kit then realized that this seemed like a date proposition...oh, well, maybe that would make her more interested? Kit laid it gently next to her door, as he spun the key onto his finger and unlocked his door, rushing into the kitchen and flicking on the stove, hurriedly preparing for the the hardest part this "date": making the dinner.
Kit Estenial
Kit Estenial

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Howdy Neighbor Empty Re: Howdy Neighbor

Post by Csilla Angelis Sun Sep 23, 2012 1:16 pm



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Csilla Angelis
Csilla Angelis

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