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Tsukino, Iris

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Tsukino, Iris Empty Tsukino, Iris

Post by Iris Sat Jun 30, 2012 11:27 pm

CASE FILE: Homunculus/ Amestrian Militant
Tsukino, Iris 2nixn42 Tsukino, Iris 2nixn42 Tsukino, Iris 2nixn42
" Everyone starts somewhere. Greatness is only formed in effort. "
→ Iris Tsukino

→ 19

→ Female

→ Kyoto, Aerugo

Human-based, Aerugese


→ November 16, 1993


→ 5'5

→ 112

Tsukino, Iris 23864-guilty-crown-yuzuriha-inori.d70f77d3691d1bc679829b4cead6d45e
Tsukino, Iris Yuzurihainorifull131626
Tsukino, Iris Yuzurihainorifull123986
Tsukino, Iris Yuzurihainorifull123985
Tsukino, Iris Yuzurihainorifull115926

→ Iris is a woman with soft skin. The color a bit light and glowing with health despite her ease of getting sick. Her face curves gently and a general quietness simply speaks of her very cheeks and eyes. Her hair is a soft pink color with her eyes oddly matching her eyes that are a few shades darker. The color a gentle petal pink over her somewhat rosy cheeks and fair skin. It's obvious she would burn easily if out in the sun too long. Her hair is long enough to reach the lower of her back. the tresses are silken, clean and soft to the touch. It flows well when she moves, swishing with her every step. Her eyes are sort of thing and often looking a bit distant in thought. Her lips are a pink a shade lighter than her hair and eyes often curved in a very just smile. Her left shoulder holds the symbol for alchemy carved in red and black upon her back.

Her body is thin, her whole being a bit smaller than most would think. Her ribs show a bit when she stretches, the flesh still retaining a gentle gleam and her muscles look almost non-existent. Her fingers are small and feminine, tapered fingers leading to fingernails often painted a sea green or light blue color. On her right hand on the ring finger sits a silver ring with a light blue stone of no power but small form in the curve of a circle. Her ears are not pierced as she has never has worn earrings before. Her neck sports a silver chain with a small heart on it, shining a bit of diamond. Her toes are gentle and feminine as well, with nails cut short as to reduce scarping on her uniform boots.

As for clothes, when she isn't in uniform, she tends to wear things in a 'fashionable' way. She loves scarves to wrap around and keep her warm and likes to wear a tan jacket over her white and blue blouse and a skirt of black color. Her waist sports a belt with circles as a slant upon the black skirt. Her feet sport black and white tennis shoes or black combat boots. Her jacket reaches longer than her skirt, making it look like a dress. Iris has a new 'tattoo' on the back of her neck. The ouroboros of dark red symbolizes her changes hides beneath her pink locks often times.


→ Iris doesn't talk much. Her voice often held for important times when she's needed to be heard. Though she won't ignore people when they speak to her, she DOES have a tenancy to go off in her own little world. This causes discrepancies often and people get upset at her. The woman won't know why the person is upset at her and simply will ask if they will repeat themselves for her. In some situations she will stutter and hurry her words. A rush of sentences oozing out of her mouth, though hushed. She has a bit of nervousness that her words will be of no worth to the people she speaks to, when it comes to the military and has reached for more of a 'listen to your boss' card. Who needs to think when someone thinks for you?

When the time comes, Iris is reliable and innovative. In the instances she needs to take her own route, she has the confidence to do it. Though she gets a bit crestfallen easily, she is determined to not let broken plans get her down and constantly seeks for a new road to lead her. She is the type who is more confident when independent. She despises seeming weak and in the case tends to avoid getting attached to a lot of people. Her own pride prevents her often times from allowing help. In cases of being near death she will do so though with a bit of a grudge at herself and the world for things not going as planned.

Iris seems a bit in her own little world. Her words usually not coming. She's not the type to go out and meet new people and rathers to on-look at others quietly. She cherishes everyone that happens to be close to and would do whatever it takes to defend them. Though she fears death, she is still willing to defend them even in beats that leave her near death. She is a loyal being who usually follows orders to a 't' even if she doesn't like the outcome. Iris takes her job seriously. She does not like to play games about it. She believes work should be work and or it to be done when it should be done. She is not a slacker and is in fact on some terms an over achiever.

There is nothing she loves more than the arts. If she had the choice, Iris would spend her every moment drawing, painting or making origami. She adores all sorts of arts and her truest home is in a museum of sorts. Her hand is constantly going when she sits, drawing a picture or a comic strip. Keeping herself occupied is something necessary to avoid the evils of the world. She currently creates a Manga called 'Delirium' though she does switch the title when she finds better titles. She does not bring it up in conversation, unless the other person mentions it. Drawing relaxes her and lets her calm after a long day.

Though she has seen confidence, inside Iris is paranoid and self conscious. She worries often that she's not good enough and that she will never be. Though most people don't know of this flaw, she keeps a diary log of the depression when it sinks in. Her process of getting over it is repeating confident lines to override it and that she shouldn't care. In these times she will not respond for a few minutes while she regains herself. She's not quick to get mad, but she is quick to get mad. Her main target who are obviously hypocrites whom complain about hypocrites. It annoys her to know end and in such cases she temporarily loses her patience. Otherwise, she's relative quiet and the sort that keeps mainly to herself in fear of being a burden to others.

Iris is hard to get to know and kind of pointed. She loses her patience quickly and dislikes when people hit on her. She likes to state her mind and if something is out of place, she won't hesitate to address it. Though she is still extremely naive, she betters herself through living and learning. She's not at all weak, but she does blame herself a lot of times for things that are out of her control. She sees herself as weak and even hates her last minute decision. The fact she ate the stone makes her believe she is a coward and the only survivor of the assault on Drachma. It hurts her to even think about it and part of her was buried that day. She now seeks answers on that question that everyone had asked her. "Wasn't Reila your sister?" No. It had been a no for so long, but now.. She is beginning to wonder and in a way, she wants to avenge them.

→ Sweets, Tea, Art and art related things, Music, talking about art, gloves that are missing the fingers, the color silver, the moon, the night sky, the rain, snow, Spaghetti, hamburgers, the numbers 7 and 2, Soccer, Fort Briggs

→ Hypocrites, Seafood (Thank god she's allergic 8D), hot days, getting sand stuck in her bathing suit, Hot days, Hot dogs, Kielbassa, singing in front of people, tennis, being hit on, nails on the chalkboard, large crowds of people, being weak, RIOTE

She was born premature. She doesn't tell anybody about it, since it makes her seem weak. She chose to be a homunculus as opposed to dying. She HATES this fact and therefore does not admit nor talk about it, to ANYONE

→ Iris was born in a world that didn't want her. From the second she was born, she was spoken to in a groan by her own mother. A secret whisper of good luck from fortune as all of it abandoned her soon. A baby that barely knew anything started in a household that didn't want her. Her other three siblings in a relatively similar circumstance. Her world, however was cut much shorter.

From her first breath, she was sickly. A child born premature that had such small chances even in living. It was pure luck she survived her very first months. tears unshed by parents who didn't seem particularly excited in helping her and only said the are minimum needed to not seem like horrid people. A world unlike any other where she was only kept alive for the sake of impression and by the pity of the nurses who saw a baby fighting desperately. It was painful sight, wires hooked up as the life of a born being slipped away slowly. It seemed as if she wouldn't pull through. Concern was only upon the doctors who worked their ways to make sure the young child lived. It was a last minute decision, but surgery was required.

A few hours in the infirmary and the young baby was soon healing well enough, though tiny compared to others. It was half angrily the parents took her. When the time was for her to go home, neither parent wanted to take her. A sad day indeed, but they knew better than to just let the child sit in the doctor's hands. Who knew what crazed ideas that selfish people could gain. A fake happy family that was sewn horribly together and the pieces broke off. There came a day when they would no longer take care of such a problem child. She required too much attention and care for a girl they didn't WANT. One child ditched, her older sister was pushed from the picture. Iris, when she was younger asked fervently for her sister. No one answered her and as word started to get out of hand, they decided one more child needed to be rid of.

Barely a year later, Iris was led by a servant to a world far away from their palace. the man looking anywhere but at her, ashamed that he had to do such a thing. He could not kill her, so instead, he prayed to his ancestors as she was tricked to look away. When she turned back the man was long gone. The little girl cried for what seemed like forever at that spot. No way to protect herself, the world had once again turned on her; hoping to place her six feet in the ground. All she had left was a piece of paper, a picture of her missing sister and the clothes on her back. A park to sleep in and a whole city to scrounge and beg.

It was a few months that Iris could live like that, though barely, if not for the help of other homeless people in the area. Their help in finding food and teaching her small things like colors and other words that helped her create a vocabulary more. A particular woman had taken a shining to the small woman, the time simply flying with a not-family that was more together than her actual blood relations. Her name, was Nina. She was an elder woman, in her 40s and her home had been destroyed in a street fight, having no money on her person to pay for repairs they kicked her from her house and her job soon laid her off. She was left with nothing, not even children. The young three year old was a blessing for her. A mother more than her own mother, raising her until winter months came through.

A sadness came upon Nina, realizing the child had special needs and as Winter came she could only watch helplessly as the young girl was dying. A sickly child with no home had no way to make it through a winter's snow. Iris became very sick, her body covered in hacking and sickness, a smile still there that made Nina simply cry internally. She could barely take it.

Nina, worried that the small child would not make it, devised a plan. Though she didn't know the young girl as long as she would have liked have, she was attached. Her plan led her to robbing one of the Aerugese banks in hope of getting the money. However the plan with three others failed miserably and the four never made it back. In the streets, Iris simply felt herself dozing off on a bench. Death coming to get the young soul; abandoned once again by fortune. Fate had other plans though and a passing family of tourists found her. It took no geniuses to see the little girl was homeless. A picture was all she clutched beneath her over-sized jacket that once belonged to the newly late Nina. Of course to make sure, they would go to the station, an older woman whom was the daughter of two members sat down and proceeded to curl up against Iris, in hopes to keep her warm. Softly asking her name as she stirred. "Iris.. Tsukino." The little girl muttered as she shivered and coughed. The daughter called her parents and announced it.

The records had no memory of the girl. A Tsukino, Iris was never in their archives, so no paperwork was needed, except the forging of the birth certificate. That was unneeded for the time though. A worried look on the daughter's face as she pointed out the little girl was unwell. They rushed to the hospital.

For once, fortune shone upon Iris. Her life was turning uphill. The doctors claimed it was just in the nick of time. Though at first they were suspicious as to why the child was allowed to get in such terrible condition. The parent kindly explained that she had been found on the streets and they were concerned. It was a few days she remained in the hospital, but soon, she was patched up. It was about a week later, the girl was sent home with her new family. Not knowing her birthday, they forged a birth certificate stating that they were her parents, signed and dated on the day she was born, three year sago. After all, Iris never stopped talking about how she was three years old.

Her following years were a lot better than the first few. though not much of Iris's actual history was known, she was taught the native tongue of Amestrian by her new family. They took her in as their own, teaching her new wear, new customs. Everything was soon fixed. Her picture was tucked into a locket for safe keeping that they draped over her shoulders. the gold glistened and shone proudly to remind the family of the strength of one small, little girl whom had pulled through a Hell they'd only scratched the surface of.

After a year of adjusting and settling, Iris began to fit in Amestris better than her actual homeland. Though she was a bit shy, she got along with the other kids well enough to make friends and grow into a normal life. Laughter and the occasional normal pains of an average life. though she was adopted, she was at home. Her older sister was old enough to tutor her in most things and when Iris got sick, she took care of her. A bond to be shared as the two were close.

Starting school, Iris buckled down. She took interest in sports like soccer as well as taking a hobby in drawing. Though as any, she wasn't very good to start, but her family protected and supported her art (no matter how terrible it was). Through training and hard work, Iris found her artwork steadily getting better and as she reached her middle school grades, she was given a tutor to help. Her sickness had died down a lot, her health seemingly fine. As all surprises come, she had an emergency trip to the hospital. A word with the parents and she was tested to have diabetes. The girl in shock was given her kit and the family was sent home.

Things at home began to break up. The seemingly perfect family began to fight and Iris's adopted sister moved out. The mom and dad, arguing so much, became a hassle and as she turned 14, iris began to search for something more to focus her studies on. She found alchemy. It was pure luck that she had the talent and slowly she began to hone it. The diversion kept her from realizing how broken the once happy family had been. She distanced herself from them until she turned 16.

The divorce papers were signed and there was going to be a fight for custody. Iris felt it unnecessary and instead requested the papers be signed that she could live on her own. Though the two were upset they agreed and Iris started her life as a working student. Her days were busy, bursting to the brims between work, hobbies and schooling. A routine of getting up, exercise, taking care of her sickness and then going to school were so embedded in her mind that a single inch off made her feel a bit abnormal.

By the time she had graduated, Iris found herself signing up or the Amestrian military. She was stationed to train at central, where she learned the loops and how things worked. Her training days were long and fruitful, tiring but worth it. A life in the boot camp was a tolerable Hell. Her friends few and scarce, but family in arms always there. Her hard work paid off and after about a year in the training fields, the young woman was placed to work in Central. Working without a trainer was a bit different than the real field, no one to take the fall for the mistakes a person made. No one to blame but oneself. It was enriching as she'd seen it.

She worked in Central for less than a year and was soon pushed into the facility known as Fort Briggs for training. A woman leading who comically had the same last name as Iris. After packing her things, she shipped out, working her way in Fort Briggs and proving her grit through hard work.

Fort Briggs was everything that made her and it was too what had undone her. During her time in Fort Briggs, Iris gained friends, grew trust and care for those around her and relatively enjoyed herself. Her first friend made there was a man named Tobias. The day they had met was hit off well. Though Iris had poor aim and even worse gunhold, her determination impressed them and they quickly became study buddies. Though nothing else happened between the two, Iris found herself attached to Tobias as a fly gets stuck in amber. They constantly had each other's back and he worked as almost her manager. He made sure her art got done on time, gave her pointers and when she was down, he made sure to help her up. Despite only knowing each other for a few months, they got along surprisingly well. Even through her dating Murazar Dauthi (Whom Tobias detested), Tobias was there for her. Even when he broke her heart and vanished, he stood by her side.

Flames were engulfing Fort Briggs, she'd failed as a defense and he was right beside her. In a feat that saved her life, he was shot down. Iris in return shot the shooter and Tobias was carried away from her. "See you again" her eyes said, but his were full of a hidden doubt. It was pure luck that he had even lived through that. Iris fought still while he was in the clinic. She had escaped to safety just barely and her friend slipped away. There was no time to mourn, as their leader had to be retrieved. Driven by pain and determination, she and a team of others were led by Daigoro Ito into Drachma. It was most unfortunate that it became a suicide mission.

Iris was encountered by a woman she didn't know who beat her within an inch of her life. Only moments from death, she was offered. Fearing death, she abruptly swallowed her betrayal and walked out, surrounded by bodies. fort Briggs was dead.. her sister was dead and part of her as well, died with it.

The funeral service was beautiful, but not the kind that Iris wanted. This beauty was to never be put on paper and there weren't words enough to describe what she felt. Part of her very soul felt ripped out. Tears never stopped falling and for a week, Iris could feel nothing. It took a rather gutsy text to get her off her ass and to pursue a new meaning. Maybe one day.. things could be right again. She dove to spend time with the one living bond she had left, Toss.


Iris' abilities are pretty basic. Along with the multiple lives and the slow regeneration of her own Sin, she has a stronger and faster movement chain. However, the power unique to her own involves an aspect very close-knit to the sin of Sloth. Look deep into her eyes and find the body tired and quickly drifting into a deep sleep. Basically, looking her into the eyes puts people to sleep. A peaceful and relaxing sleep. The muscles go limp, the mind shuts off and all that is seen is from the flickering waves still alert. The lingering affect can last anywhere from five minutes to an hour or anywhere in between. A common side effect may be slight memory loss of the five minutes before making eye contact. The effect is nearly immediate, taking place only a matter of seconds after the contact was made. For now she has no control over this power, so it happens every time, despite her wanting to or not.

With level two Iris also has the ability to jam signals. Radios, cellphones and all the like are shut down. Nothing can go in or out, everything turns to static and no signals are had. T.v's will shut down and only scattered snow channels take over. There are no electronic feeds of any source. Phone calls will be dropped. Even the mind is a bit randomized by the ability she has.

Another ability is her memory power. With the touch of an inanimate object, she's able to relive the last memory. Each object has a mind of its own. These memories are then replayed with ease through Iris' eyes. The last person to touch the object will have left some of their own thoughts of the what last had happened when they touched the object. These thoughts are received and lived as if they had truly happened. No matter the object, no matter how old, how long ago it happened, its as if finding a fossil in the wake of the item's mind. The more recent doesn't matter, each memory is replayed with ease.


→ Speaks Aerugese, Amestrian, Cretan, Knows small bits of Xingese
→ Has to sleep on her side.
→ Loves sweets, cannot have sweets, well not many. (Diabetic)
→ Has to carry an insulin pen on her at all times.
→ Allergic to seafood.
→ Reila's long lost sister. (Does not know this)
→ Has a picture of Reila and herself with their names and ages on the back.
→ Always has a sketchbook and some pencils on her, in a bag
→ Is a Mangaka. Her current work is of a group of people seeking to find a gem, facing things called 'Syns'.
→ Never met a hommunculus, though she is curious of them.
→ Has a tattoo of the crest that Edward Elric wore on the back of her left shoulder. (The snake and staff) It is a tribute to alchemy.
→ Adores art and could talk hours unend about art and art related things.
→ Spends almost all her money on arts supplies.
→ Right handed
→ Loves to play soccer
→ Gets a bit squeamish easily
→ Has never flipped someone off
→ Doesn't mind needles anymore
→ Has to carry an EPIpen around just in case there's seafood around.
→ Loves to count things when she's bored.
→ When she doesn't know what to do, she doodles the numbers 2 and 7 all over her sketchad along with bubble-lettered names and the like.
→ The first thing she'd ever drawn was a very poor pony.
→ Has a poor Immune system
→ Iris' symbol is on the nape of her neck
→ She loves cute hats
→ Hates cake, but loves it at the same time
→ Doesn't drink, smoke or do drugs
→ Loves to procrastinate
→ Does not like to step on cracks.


→ Ammy

→ Valeria, Lian Dan, Cajetan, Izanagi, Tatyana, Aaron

Trading Ran Uhmm update/Level up, revamp?

[b]Guilty Crown[/b]/[i]Inori Yuzuriha[/i]



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"There's more to this than just black and white. The world can't be divided into that. There's reds and blues and greens and even more colors. How can you judge someone by one of two shades? It just doesn't seem fair to remain blind to rainbow, just because there's a puddle in your path."

→ Speaks Aerugese, Amestrian (Magenta), Acented Cretan (darkcyan), Knows small bits of Xingese (Jade)
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Tsukino, Iris Empty Re: Tsukino, Iris

Post by Reila Tsukino Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:01 pm


Wow. That is an excellent character. She's definitely worthy of being Reila's sister. <3


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Tsukino, Iris Empty Re: Tsukino, Iris

Post by Reila Tsukino Sun Dec 09, 2012 2:17 pm


Toss Approved 8S


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Reila Tsukino

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Tsukino, Iris Empty Re: Tsukino, Iris

Post by Reila Tsukino Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:18 pm



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Tsukino, Iris Empty Re: Tsukino, Iris

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