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Chulainn, Theodore

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Chulainn, Theodore Empty Chulainn, Theodore

Post by Theo Chulainn Sun Apr 01, 2012 5:12 pm

CASE FILE: Alchemist
Chulainn, Theodore Acra2 Chulainn, Theodore Acra3 Chulainn, Theodore Acra4

You've got suckers' luck
Have you given up?
Does it feel like a trial?
Does it trouble your mind the way you trouble mine?
Does it feel like a trial?
Did you fall for the same empty answers again?


→ Theodore (Theo) Chulainn

→ 26

→ Male

Castle Chulainn

→ Creig

→ 17th September


→ 185 cm

→ 70 kg

Chulainn, Theodore 129727c5c1f451face383242946191f3 Chulainn, Theodore Lancer66 Chulainn, Theodore Bc00a5d2e551c222d2de2b3b8ff4830bChulainn, Theodore Mpsm84zmw19tadx208Chulainn, Theodore 9a6a13fbfa0d23df5b26032b831bfd25Chulainn, Theodore 2c5c9e1ce0a6a665796585b50bc08eb1Chulainn, Theodore Cf954ea58c242a1850f22fd7fb548a64Chulainn, Theodore 0de971495ba99f3c12cce1acf7c90213d716616aChulainn, Theodore 9e21023bd8a69377234b22167822bbb7

→ Theo is rather odd to look at. With long royal blueish hair that other is tied in a sleek ponytail and spiked at the front to his blood red eye's he holds the full traits of the Chulainn blood. Though he dose sometimes leave his fringe to flop forward in short thick bangs he rather it gelled back. But when one is on the run that is a luxury. His hair is often tied back with a golden band clasp. His ears are adored with silver earrings and a gold chain sits round his neck.

With little clothing and money Theo has gone from the life of luxury to having to work hard for basic food and board. He dose seemed to of managed to gather collection of ugly Hawaiian shirts and loose fitting jeans that he wears normally. He also has a body stocking like outfit with armoured plates with extra armour set that he paid a maid to smuggle out with his weapons.

Under the armour years of agility training shows from the slim muscled framed with powerful calves and a soft but chiselled stomach muscles giving him a decent set of abs. His legs are well muscled as are his arms but he is built for fast strikes and retreats. He's very good on his feet when he puts the effort in and luck is on his side for once.

He had the clan's crest tattooed onto his back. Every member of the clan has it placed onto an area on choice on there body after being made part of the clan. But to most member’s the back is off limits as that is where the Clan leader's and heirs must have it placed. The crest is simple. But be cautioned part of betrayal requires them to skin it off you.


→ For most of his life Theo has been a happy go lucky and extremely carefree person. Even though he knew from a young age he had a lot of responsibilities and expectation on him in the future he still remained rather kind. He loved being with his friends and younger sister. Always the type of person you could rely on to be there to support you and help you out. Yet at the same time Theo is lazy. Often preferring to nap out in the sunshine or fishing to actual work he often had to be chased up to get things done. Generally using his narcolepsy as an excuse he would avoid hard work like the plague. But don't get him wrong when he has to be he is a force to be reconned with.

Though he tries to hide it he is extremely broken over the events of everything that has happened. The fact the last words he had with his father were tainted with anger and bitterness. The murder of his sister by his beloved weapon and the fact his friends believe he did it and planned to betray his king and dear friend. Bottling it inside he often find himself breaking down when faced with reminders.

Theo is a great believer of Celtic stories especially the story of the creation of his lance. Calcifer was created by a fire spirit being trapped in steel and crafted into a wondrous blade. Thanks to the stories from his brother he even believes it can talk to him so he imagines the voice of his lance in his head. He also believes his brother's spirit resides in the earrings that once belonged to Connor and now resides on his person. Almost a comfort and security he makes sure he wears them every day.

→ Relentless (energy drink)
→ Sleep
→ Fishing
→ Relaxing in the grass
→ His friends

→ His cousin Kieran
→ Any car that isn't a sports car
→ Work
→ Being up early
→ Being away from all the people he loves knowing they all hate him

→ His deceased brother Conor


→ "Theo." ........"Theo?" ........"Theo, wake up you lazy bastard!"
He startled awake, red eyes opening awake to the sight of his laughing brother. The young scrap yawned loudly and rubbed at his eyes. "Did I pass out again brother?" The older lifted the smaller up placing him on broad shoulders.

"Yeah....Did you hit your head?" Theo shook his head.

"No doesn't feel dad mad?" He whimpered playing with the short blue ponytail.

"Of course not pup....he's worried that you're not well." The teen clucked his tongue. "Well the doctor is coming soon." He patted the younger's knee. "It'll be alright. Sure it's nothing wrong." The glitter and chick of his brother earrings, a sound when he heard it offered comfort. His whole world....down to a single 17 year old named Conor.


"Theo..." ..."Theo wake up..." ..."BROTHER!!"

He jolter awake eyes wide as he grumbled. "What's wrong Caoimhe, It's late?" He yawned, sitting up, now not caring he was only in boxers. The pretty nine year old was only five years his juniour, unlike the ten year age gap between him as his older brother.

Looking to the alarm clock he huffed. "Caoimhe! It's four A.M. Conor is back in the morning; I want to be awake for that." She shook her head and for the first time he noticed the tears that glistened in her eyes.

"It's Conor...The patrol group....Conor's group...they got attacked!! The don't think he will make it..."

He felt numb, like he had been plunged into a tank of ice cold water which had seeped to his bones clawing at his core to the point he couldn't feel it. He felt numb dressing himself. He felt numb walking down the cold stone steps to the point he couldn't feel the castle's stone under him and felt he was walking on nothingness. He couldn't even feel the plush seats of the car as he sat numbly comforting his sobbing sister as his father could only watch, quiet and stoic.

The drive felt like a eternity, as if the car was suspended in time and no longer moving. But as the car pulled up to the hospital the feeling of dread washed over Theo and threatened to drown him. Hospitals always made him feel this way. The horrid lurking feeling of death and hopelessness like an extra layer of gravity pushing him down trying to crush him against the sterile white tiles that layered the floor. Following the nurse almost automatically to the room the horrid stench of over-clean burning his nostrils.

The white door opened and the hissing of machines was all that greeted them. Royal blue contrasted to the white pillow. Red eyes were barely open, barely alive. "Hey..." A weak voice called out, all strength ebbing away into the void of sterile. Suddenly Theo wasn't so numb anymore. He heard the squeak of his trainers as he darted forward.

"Conor! Please...please don't die..." His voice died off as he sobbed, clinging to the blood stained sheet as he buried his face into his brother's shoulder, not caring if his got tears or mucus onto the horrible crisp sheets that stank of bleach. A weak, shaky hand soothed his hair and the soft chiming chink of his brother's silver earrings caused his heart to stop. Everything will be fine....

"Hush now don't need me to protect you anymore..." The soft, calming words were weak, fingers soothing his scalp as Theo hiccuped. He heard the soft shutting of the door as his father had taken his sister to leave the two alone. "You need to protect Caoimhe now. She needs you to be strong..." How could his brother lie like this? How could everything be alright when his world was falling apart?

"But haven't shown me how to do the special trick with Calcifer....or taken me out on patrol..." His voice died as a soft chuckle escaped his brothers blood stained lips.

"Calcifer will show you when the time is right.... " Lukewarm lips pressed to his forehead. "I love you Theo...I'm so sorry..."

He was asked to leave for a moment while his father and Caoimhe said goodbye. Sitting in the hard plastic chair outside, the errie calm as he waited to be allowed back in felt unreal, like a horrid nightmare that he just couldn't wake from. But instead of the shrill alarm clock the horrid screeching of failing machines and crash teams startled him awake instead. Jumping up he tried to run in. Conor needed him. He was dying he needed him beside him but his father's arm stopped him from going further into the room even though he fought and screamed. Tears ran down his face as he reached out, calling his brother for one horrid moment until he heard the soft clatter of those earrings and a haunting soft smile on his brother's lips, those once beautiful red eyes now lifeless and dull.

“Theo...asleep again? It's time for training.”

Sighing through his nose without out opening his eyes, he lifted an eyebrow. The warm sun on his face made this the perfect napping spot while below him the grass was still cool from the night. “Forget's too nice to waste.” A chuckle made his lips twitch to a smile.

“Your father will be angry if he found out you were skipping training to sleep.” He snorted loudly, this time an eye cracking open. Gold eyes were looking back at him, an oddly cute beauty mark under the right eye.

“Tell him it was my narcolepsy then. It really is a convenient illness to have.” The other tutted and pouted.

“You promised you would train us.”

Oh no not the pout...with a sigh he stood up reaching for Calcifer, the familiar warmth of his trusted lance as it met his palm. It was almost comforting. “Fine, only because I can't bear upsetting you.” He teased the other and took a step forward. The soft chime of the silver earrings as they moved with him made his heart clench. For a second...he could almost pretend his brother had been there napping with him. I miss you...

Looking to the other male, he pushed back the sadness to smile. But I'm not alone....after all, sent me wonderful friends. He reached up to fix his ponytail and give the silver jewelry a quick brush. His father had given him the earrings his brother wore daily which now in turn he wore to remember the sibling he had lost nine years ago. He had kept to his word to protect Caoimhe. He loved his little sister more than anything in the world. Now being eighteen she had started to socialise and even catch the attention of men with her beauty but he'd have none of that; no man was good enough for his sister.

A chuckle from some of the men as they approached the training field made him realise he was physically growling. “Wow Theo, you're rarely even awake let alone fired up,” said the calm voice of his cousin Kieran, just older then him by a year. Theo chuckled and embraced the other.

“Morning Kieran. Guess I got carried away with my thoughts.”

The training was the usual routine. He would spar with the lancers while Kieran trained those in the arts of sword and shield. It was a routine that worked and one that Theo kept relaxed and merry. The sound of clashing weapon of lance on lance and the striking of sword on shield soon filled the air. Yes, each man was still trained in the art of gunmanship, too, but the traditional way was kept. Theo would always pick Calcifer over his gun. As he clashed lance with his golden-eyed best friend he took note of the other's improvement.

Drai was getting better each day. Opening his mouth to comment he suddenly found the ground vanishing under his feet and Calcifer flying from his hand. The ground met his butt hard, causing him to gasp as the wind was knocked painfully from his lungs. Theo gulped as he saw the unfriendly end of the lance and held what little air he had left in him still until it relaxed and moved away. Looking up Theo was just about to complete that comment he was about to make before he was blown off his feet when he stopped. Red met gold and he felt like the wind had been knocked out of his lungs again. Ah...there it was...the moment you realise you may be in love with your best friend....

He was watching them train. Well to be more specific...he was watching a certain someone train. That and his eyes where focused on a certain part of that someone. He sighed loudly as he longed, not hearing the approaching footsteps until someone sat beside him. "Stare any harder and you might burn holes in it." It teased in a cold voice causing Theo to jump.

"Ah Kieran...What are you doing here?" The other sat beside him and sighed.

"You seem distracted as late... your father is worrying..." He followed Theo's line of vision. "Some things aren't worth you being distracted over, Theo... If your father knew... You know your duty."

Theo huffed, an almost imaginary burn of his back reminding him of that duty. "I know... but... there's nothing against browsing... It's not like he would return any feelings." He sighed again, letting his eyes run over the other's face. "I need to spawn a brat, after all. Unless he's hiding a big secret, that wouldn't happen there." He flopped back turning his eyes to the clouds. "I rather anything then have to take that responsibility. I like training our troop, but... To lead the whole thing? I'd give anything to just not have to..." His eyes drooped shut, unaware of the dark smirk that played on Kieran's face.


The crash of the shattering platter hitting the wall beside him made him wince. "You think I should what!" His father yelled, making the room shake. Theo winced as he turned. "Theodore think about what you're suggesting!" Theo worried; never before had he seen his father this angry. He had only mentioned maybe Drai would be the right man to handle his brother's lances that sat gathering dust on a mantle. Another desk item flew straight past his ear shattering and slicing across his cheek. Warm blood oozed down his cheek. Then again, if his father had said about handing the duel lances down to someone before, Theo would have hit the roof, too. Theo wiped the blood away and walked forward, hugging the man now only a bit taller then him.

"Shush, calm down father... Getting worked up is bad for your health..." He nuzzled lovingly and smiled. "I know the feeling, but do you think Conor would want them to sit and gather dust? Drai is an excellent lancer."

"Drai... That hireling Keiran says you fawn over?" His father snarled causing Theo to back up. "Theodore wake up and start to take the world more seriously!" The boy's eyes widened, reflecting the stinging pain of his father's comments. "With Conor gone you have to take over this clan when I can no longer! You would need to produce an heir to do the same for you. Even several of them. That boy is nothing but a distraction. Stop wasting your time on fantasies and grow up!"

Theo regretted opening his mouth as soon as the words left his lips. "What if I don't want to?" He winced but the word vomit just kept coming up, making his heart pound so loudly anyone near by could most likely hear it. His hands shook and for a brief moment he thought he was about to have a heart attack. "Why does my life have to be dictated by your wishes? I hate responsibility. Recruit training I can handle, but running all this? I don't want to!" He turned running out the door slamming it behind him making the room shake. He would never know the expression his farther held; the one of guilt.


Red eyes fluttered open. Had he dropped again? Why did his limbs and head feel so sore? He must of really fell hard. For a brief moment as he reached out to gain his bearings, he felt something warm and wet on his clothing until his hands touched something stone cold, yet soft; something so familiar. Focusing on the sight ahead, he couldn't help but scream and shuffle back fast. His father's head was severed roughly from his body; the blood was everywhere. Looking around he realised he was in his father's study and the blood-soaked weapon on the floor was his own short blade. Theo's breath caught as he tried to call out to his father in a choked sob. He had read of this happening centuries ago but not this day and age. The Merc clans generally got along in the new neutrality of the nation; the fights over land and jobs no longer were needed. Who would do this...and use Theo's weapons?

The door burst open with a bang that shook the room to its core. Looking up and squinting he saw his beloved cousin Kieran, flanked by several other men. "Kieran..father... he's dead..." Tears ran down his cheeks. Reaching out he stopped when he saw the cold stone gaze.

"I'm sorry Theodore...but the act won't do. I found all your plans." The voice was cold as his cousin's men walked forward grabbing his arms and yanking him up to his feet.

"Plans?" He croaked out weakly. "What plans? What act? Kieran what's going on?"

His eyes flicked over to Kieran in panic only to widen as his breath caught in his throat. He stood there beside Kieran. His eyes that normally looked at him in happiness, respect, and sometimes Theo would pretend to be love, now stared at him as if he was some mangy mutt on the side walk eating trash.

Kieran clucked his tongue. "Don't play stupid. Your plans to overthrow your father. To murder him and your sister to make you the only successor to the clan. Though most shocking was your plan to use us to overthrow the King." He felt his heart stop. What were they accusing him of? He was one of the last people on earth who could even bear the thought of losing his family; how on earth could they consider him there killer? Not only that, but betray Gavin too? Gavin, Sorcha, Artemis, Fia and all the others where his friends. He would never want to hurt them; nothing was worth it. He shook his head and weakly laughed.
"Funny one dad's going to walk out and throw confetti in the air and shout surprise... I hope he used the good stuff... that would look better on youtube..." His voice trailed off as the lump formed. Please, anything to god he couldn't lose his father. What of Caoimhe? His beautiful sunshine?

A cold tut caused him to look up. "Theodore... This isn't a joke." He looked over his father's body slumped in the corner. His short blade sat there, the culprit of slicing through his neck and spine, severing his head that lay closer to them. Theo felt bile in his throat but it seemed unable to complete its journey up.

"Kieran you know I wouldn't do this!" Theo panicked, his eyes flashing to Drai. "Drai, please, you know I could never!" He was shaking but the horrible feeling worsened when one of Kieran's squad members walked in.

"Kieran...we went to check on lady Caoimhe... She's..." Theo then saw the body in the man's arms and screamed, struggling against his holders. Not Caoimhe... His beautiful sister. His entire world. Breaking free with a growl, he rushed forward snatching her from the man's hold. Cradling her to him he petted her cheek.

"Caoimhe... Wake up..." His voice broke as she didn't respond. The hole in her chest must have killed her instantly, her heart pierced.

Falling back on his knees, he sobbed openly into her hair, not caring if everyone saw his breakdown. Who chose for her to die? The soft trail of blood from her lips. "Caoi..mhe..." He whimpered out her name though heart beat no longer. Her eyes were lifeless. She would no longer laugh or sing. She would never dance at her wedding or have beautiful children which he would have gushed over. Her life was taken at such a young age. The breath caught in his throat. His father was gone too... The clatter of something hitting the floor caused him to look up, not caring for the tears streaming down his face for the whole world to see.

Calcifer was lying there, having been dropped by Keiran. "The murder weapon..." He said coldly. What? That was a lie! He had given Calcifer to the weapon smith this morning to be sharpened. He had filled in all the paper work... no way could it have left. He hadn't signed the release forms marking it out of custody. But there it was... the blade tainted with Caoimhe's blood. The sobs were stuck as he paled, trying to take in the horror. His own lance.. .part of his heart and soul had killed her. He might of well had plunged it in himself. The pained scream that escaped from his throat echoed through the room, but even still he could hear the sound of his heart breaking.

He clung to her, her blood soaking into his clothing as he sobbed his soul into her. Hoping maybe by some chance his tears would revive her, he prayed to every cruel god who was watching to allow him to trade places with the young girl below. But his pleading was never answered. Her eyes stared lifelessly into his, accusing him.

A soft tut above him caused him to look up. There stood Keiran, a cruel smile playing on his lips. It was clear who truly had done this. “Keiran....” He snarled grabbing Calcifer as he gently laid Caoimhe down. Theo....wait....this is a trap!! Too consumed in his hatred and rage, he charged. But lance met lance as the one he held dear blocked the attack from connecting with its target. “Drai....” Theo grunted. “Get out of my way...” He snarled red eyes flashing.

“I can't allow that... You need to be taken for trial for your crimes.” He faltered as he stumbled back from the harsh blow.

“ believe him? You know I would never... Drai...” Tears choked his vision but he managed to knock the smaller male back. “Drai I will make you believe some day...” He charge forcing his shoulder into the other male's gut, feeling bad for wounding his best friend and beloved.

Turning to the window to escape, Theo cast a look back as he turned to face the man who was slowly struggling to stand. Staring down at the younger he bit his lip. More men were circling Keiran; he couldn't do this alone. Offering a hand. “Drai... you are my best friend... My brother in arms...” His hand was shaking, as a lump formed in his throat. “Please believe me and help me prove my innocence.” Red met gold.


Burning pain like fire spread across his chest from his right shoulder. Looking down he gasped and coughed as blood boiled up his throat, choking slightly on the coppery taste, blood flowing from the bullet wound in his left shoulder. “Kei....ran...” He choked as his world blurred and felt the sensation of falling out the window. Wind whipped around his ears and the cold shocked him as his body broke the water's surface.


“Theodore Chuulain....wake up.”

The world swam into focus and revealed a world of white. The smell of disinfectant and antiseptic made his heard whirl once more. This wasn't his room... Was last night a crazy dream? “ I?” He looked around weakly realising he was in a hospital. Urgh he hated this kind of place... especially after Conor's death. “Doc....did I pass out and hit my head? Dad knows I hate hospitals.” He tried to sit up but his shoulder erupted in pain.

It was then he noticed his hands cuffed and a officer stood beside his bed. “Theodore Chuulain, you're under arrest for the murders of the Chuulain clan, the attempted murder of Keiran Chuulain and the plot of treason to our King.” Theo's eyes widened.

“No, that not true... It wasn't me!!” He was forced to stand and helped to change into a suit.

“We are heading to the station for question.....” Theo tuned out the man stating his rights. How could this happen to him....? Gavin would believe him right?


→Is narcoleptic
→ Is cursed with bad luck
→Drinks an unhealthy level of Relentless a day in hopes it will keep him from dropping asleep. He is rather addicted.
→ Wear's his brother's earing's the soft chime they make comforts him.
→ Though outwordly appearing happy he is suffering badly from the betrayal and the faulse accusations.
→ His lance is named Calcifer. He believes it talks to him and hears it's voice in his head.
→ He like's to rate people's ass's. >:3
→ Currently under arrest. ( Will though be broken free by some loyal clan members and escape the country)
→ Fluent inCrieg Creta Amestrian and Xingese and Calcifer


→ Reaver

→ Reaver~Artemis~Emma~Hikaru~Seamus

→ -staring at that ass- .... oh can he have the level reset?

[b]Fate/Stay, Fate/Prototype/TYPEMOON[/b]/[i]Lancer (Cú Chulainn)[/i]

→ Dat Ass

→ Lance of fire fang


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Chulainn, Theodore Empty Re: Chulainn, Theodore

Post by Reila Tsukino Fri Apr 13, 2012 6:03 pm

Archive date is the 15th~


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Chulainn, Theodore Empty Re: Chulainn, Theodore

Post by Robyn Fri Apr 13, 2012 6:23 pm

Aki can I get extension as I am at con??

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Chulainn, Theodore Empty Re: Chulainn, Theodore

Post by Dai Fri Apr 13, 2012 8:43 pm

I'll approve of this extension. You have until 5 days after your last day at the con. Most likely the 20th.

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Chulainn, Theodore Empty Re: Chulainn, Theodore

Post by Guest Thu Apr 19, 2012 5:35 pm


In your trivia, it says that he is on the run from his clan and the special police, yet he was under arrest and caught in your history. Are you perhaps insinuating that this is to apply for later history and serves as a basis for a plot point to which you break free anyways? Or at least that is the gist of it I am getting.


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Chulainn, Theodore Empty Re: Chulainn, Theodore

Post by Theo Chulainn Thu Apr 19, 2012 5:38 pm

Oh yes. Me and Shu wanted to have Gavin and Theo talk before he runs. I can change it.
Theo Chulainn
Theo Chulainn

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Chulainn, Theodore Empty Re: Chulainn, Theodore

Post by Guest Thu Apr 19, 2012 5:41 pm

Alrighty then, all you need is just to tack a note to it is all, like put it in (insert extra info here) tidbit in that same trivia section.


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Chulainn, Theodore Empty Re: Chulainn, Theodore

Post by Guest Thu Apr 19, 2012 6:21 pm



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