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Hikaru Empty Hikaru

Post by Hikaru Sun Jan 08, 2012 5:50 pm

CASE FILE: Alkahestrist
Hikaru O005 Hikaru O018Hikaru Wakaav
If a single wish could be fulfilled?What would I wish for?
I think I'd say farewell to my old self


       FULL NAME:
       → Tanaka Hikaru

       → 20

       → Male

       → Near Kyoto

       → Half Amestrian, Half Auregese

       → 20th of April 1993


       → 157.5 cm (187.5 cm's in his getas)

       → 57.15 kg

Hikaru 2 Hikaru 5Hikaru 4Hikaru 1Hikaru 6Hikaru Waka_by_iya_chen-d4co4lg

       → Hikaru is slight of build and almost female looking. Narrow faced with delicate jaw bones. Soft slanted blue eyes with long blonde lashes and short plucked eyebrows. Hikaru's long blonde hair is cut short at the front and slightly longer by his ears in the tradition square cut with centre parting. His long golden hair is also straight cut at the bottom.

    Hikaru would appear odd when out in public due to his choice of attire. He wears a pink kimono with red trim and red pom pom like decoration on the front. Which is tucked into a purple Sashinuki-Hakama pants tied with a white sash at his hips. White tabi socks adorn his feet which balance on red single tooth Geta's which stand at 30 cm's high. His long hair is tucked into a headdress of a jade falcon head with long  white silk wings that flow behind him with feather like decoration which is dyed a slight pink to resemble feathers.

Hikaru is trained and licensed in the way of the Samurai. Being trained from the young age of eight, he know is honing his already quite skilled ways. He carries on him four swords. As he was trained to use two blades more then just using one. He carries on his right his daishō. Handed to him by his master when he was deemed skilled enough to have them. The katana crafted by one of the elite sword makers in Aerugo is a Soshu Kitae forge. The strongest method of forging and a mark of the legacy of its maker. The handle is wrapped with a pink grip and the handle tip is a polished golden brass. It sits in it's sheath on his right hip. The sheath itself is decorated with falling sakura leaves. A mark and reminder of his home and mothers eternal protection in the forum of a blade.  The second sword of his daishō is the Wakizashi. A short blade that is only 45 cm's long. Forged by the same man as his Katana but forge in a different style, Orikaeshi Sanmai. It too bares the same decoration as the Katana but with one difference. A dragon is carved on the underside of the Sheath to show of his father's love and need of his safety.

On his left hip sit's his second Katana, Tsumugari. A strong blade of a Soshu Kitae forge. Said to be made by the legendary sword maker Masamune. It's beautiful Blue and silver handle and a blue and silver sheath. It sits on his left hip. The last weapon he carrys is a small knife like blade called a Tantō. The small blade with decorative handle and sheath was given to him on the  day he left by his Father with the credit card. It was a peace offering after there constant fights about Hikaru's venturing into the world and a symbol of the promise that he would one day return to his father. Hikaru keeps it under his kimono close to his heart as he can.

He also keeps a flute inside his kimono that was a gift from his Nanny. She taught him how to play so he keeps the golden flute close and always has a song to compose or play. Its a simple golden brass but on the understand the characters 'いつも歌' Which stays for 'Always a song'. In which his nanny always told him no matter the situation there is always a song to be played.

 His long nimble fingers are rarely found far from his beautiful flute or either of his katana’s that sit on his hips ready if need be. Adorning his right wrist is a silver alert bracelet on one side has his name and 'Hemophilia B' In craved into it. The other side has a Alkahestrist circle which allows him to heal himself. Due to his Hemophilia his skin is very pale and delicate and doesn’t take much to bruise.


       → Hikaru is a very noble and generous person. His ultimate goal is to be able to heal people and set up clinics to offer help for those who can not afford it. Having lived a trapped life in his home his curiosity for the outside world is peaked yet he still dislikes most modern changes.

He’s very found of nature. And often comments the concrete world of today is a crime. Slightly technohobic to a degree. He seems to have a cursed touch which causes machines to not work. Suits him fine though. He rather books to internet, Walking to cars and nature to television. Though he will not condon those who use them he dose wish that people would appreciate nature more and stop destroying it for selfish needs.  He dose tell children who listen to his stories that they should more often everyday stop and appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

He holds a lot of honor being trained as a samurai. He is polite and very traditional. He's very charitable, making him the type who would carry an old ladies’ bags back to her house. then help her unpack them. He struggles to say no to someone in need which can cause him to find himself in trouble.

He loves to tell stories and play music. He travels around exchanging his stories with others as he tries to find the secret to the best healing arts. He loves to leave a place with smiling faces and touched hearts. he accepts no payment for any service he dose be it tell a story or heal as he see's a story has no price and should be shared.

Being trapped in his home for most his life and only know a handful of people. He’s rather shy at a lot of things. He doesn’t understand customs of people in social situations. And though he has read books he still doesn’t get it. He will quite often get flustered in some situations mainly human contact and affection. After all his father treated him like glass.

       → Nature
       → Cherry blossoms
       → Books
       → Reading and telling stories
       → Music
       → His flute
       → Fine Katana's
       → Tea and Dango

       → Electonics and Technology
       → Being teased about his clothing and looks
       → Blunt blades
       → Forks....I:<
       → Being interupted when telling a story
       → Atm machinces...he dosn't get them...where dose the money come from D8?? Is there a demon in there?

       → The Samurai who trained him - Inori


       → ( )
A Man sat on a fallen tree log playing his flute. The gentle wind blew the silk wings of his hat around in a soft dance to the melody. A child approached with curious eyes. "Mr What are you doing?" A pause of the fingers before the pipe was lowered. "I am composing a song which is a tail of the healing Samurai..." He said softly Azure eyes filled with kindness. The boy's eyes widened in joy. "Samurai's!!! I wanna hear the story!" He cheered. A soft smile graced the flute players lips as he placed the pipe in his lap. "Of course..."

Mukashi Mukashi

There was once a man who lived in a mansion surrounded in fields and rice patties. Through arranged marriage he found a wife and then has a son. At a young age the son was well socialised. At a social gathering of many people even those from different nations. He met a young Amestrian girl. Like in fairytales of old it was true love at first sight.

Years later they where married and the son, now a man, ran the estate and land. To show his wife how much his love of her was he planted two hundred cherry tree's around the manor. Saying even at there full blossom they could not rival her beauty.

After ten years of marriage the wife fell pregnant with there first child. But as the pregnancy progressed the wife became weaker. When the baby was due the husband fearing his wife’s safety searched the land for the best doctor to help her. Though the doctor could only give the man the grave news he had be dreading. There was a chance both wouldn't survive.

Soon the fated day came and the wife went into labour. After many gruelling hours the baby was born but the wife was lost. The man sunk into sadness at the loss of his love. He wanted to blame his newborn son for his birth into life had taken the life of his wife in exchange. But as the doctor handed him the babe and he stared down into the azure eyes that looked the same to his wife. And his fingers stroked the tuff of golden head that adorned the babies head he couldn't hate it. In fact he couldn't help but fall in love with his newborn son.

But the doctor bore terrible news. The son was cursed with a blood illness. The slightest and smallest of wounds could be the child's death. Worried of loosing his son he swore the boy would never pass the forest of Cherry trees.
As the boy grew his hair grew long and golden like rivers of gold. His father loved to brush it for him and told him to never cut it. The hair was a gift from his mother and to cut it was to disrespect it. Many more cherry trees where planted which grew into a forest that kept the house hidden in its centre.

The boy grew with a alkahestrist nanny at his side consently. As a precaution of what may happen. Trapped in the manor, isolated from the world the boy spent most of his time in the library or being told stories by his nanny. The nanny also taught him how to play the flute. And gifted him with his treasured instrument now.

In the boy's eight winter when the father was away leaving only the boy and the nanny in the manor. A knock echoed through the building. When the pair opened the door a weary samurai stood there. Weary from fever yet frozen. The nanny rushed him in and started to heal him. The boy had seen his nanny heal his own wounds many times and how much it drained her. He had wondered if he could perform the art of healing his father would let him pass the forest of cherry trees. When the woman stopped for a break the boy asked her. After pleading with her the two made a promise that in secret he would be taught the art of Alkahestry.

After two day the Samurai awoke. The man was grateful and introduced himself as Inori. The boy requested the samurai to stay and recover from his fever. The samurai stayed with them for a month and when he finally was well and recovered his strength he promised to return after he finished his task and repay them for there generosity. The boy couldn’t help but be excited for the mans returned.

So he continued to study the arts of healing in secret and when the cherry trees were in full bloom once more Inori returned. With him he held a long wrapped bundle. He bowed in front of the almost nine year old and promised he would turn the boy into a master samurai so he would never be able to land a blow onto his body. His father was furious scared of the risks. But Inori promised he would never allow harm to come to befall the boy and that they wouldn’t leave the manor’s ground or pass through the forest.

Ten years of hard training in both aspects and the boy now a man was present with the bundle that Inori had kept hidden. Inside where three swords. Carefully and beautifully crafted. His very own swords and the mark of a true samurai. He now could leave. The last obstacle was left. His father.

He bowed in front of the elder and begged. Pleading to be able to leave his cage with cherry tree bars. His father refused and all they could do was argue. He tried to prove he was strong enough. Prove he could heal himself. That his blood disease would not be the death of him. The argument lasted a month. But soon the father yield. He presented his son with the family Tantō. With the promise that he would return to give it back.

The young samurai was free to walk through the bars of his prison and step out into the world. Now he wonders the globe seeing what he couldn’t read in the books.

The blonde chucked softly as the boy stared up in amazement. A shout called the boy away to his mother and Hikaru couldn’t help but look up into the sky as the sun was beginning to set. Okay…he had sugar coated his story a lot…But…The truth was not far…but that story was for a different day. He wasn’t quite ready to go over that one quite yet. Lifting the flute to his lips his graceful fingers danced over the holes producing a beautiful melody as he played the tale of the moon princess hoping his son would dry her tears. After all…his own wouldn’t stop falling.

He has stepped out into this world. But it wasn’t what he had expected. The beautiful nature he had expected had been concreted over. The sky wasn’t as clean as it was at home and part of him wanted to run home and cry to his father promising he wouldn’t leave the fairytale manor again. But no…he had to fulfil his dream. He promised Inori…he promised Ayume that he would help people. His mother’s cursed genetics wouldn’t hold him back. His fathers cage wouldn’t seal him. He wouldn’t let it….



       → Hikaru somehow manages to tuck his extremly long hair into the jade hat without aid. It will remain a mystery.
       → He is licensed  and permitted to carry his swords in public.
       → Suffering From Hemophillia he is cautious about himself. The pipe he carries is made from a strong metal. It doubles as a emergency block.
       → He loves telling stories that he has heard or read.
     → Hikaru has spent many years stuck in his home manor. Leaving him with little to do. So he spent alot of time reading and teaching himself things his tutor didn't. This included alot of languages. :-
        → AERUGESE
        → AMESTRIAN
        → CRETAN
        → XINGESE
        → CREIG
        → CERISIAN
        → Stories


       → Acra

       → Acra Reaver Artemis Emma and Fenris

       → This is my prettiest Character ever XD
Reaver: D8< Excuse me duckie!!!
Ah sorry Reaver Q3Q

Also please appreciate the amount of research I had to put into this character XD

       FACE CLAIM:

       → Wandering Story teller

       → Healing Samurai


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Hikaru Empty Re: Hikaru

Post by Iris Sun Sep 01, 2013 9:34 pm


Minor detail I'm being picky about, but please insert year for birthday <3


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Hikaru Empty Re: Hikaru

Post by Reila Tsukino Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:18 pm


I just did the math for her and stuck in the date. S'cool yo.


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