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Hunter's Cigarette Based Alchemy

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Hunter's Cigarette Based Alchemy Empty Hunter's Cigarette Based Alchemy

Post by Guest Sat Mar 02, 2013 12:20 pm

CASE FILE: Transmutation Equipment
Hunter's Cigarette Based Alchemy 2nixn42 Hunter's Cigarette Based Alchemy 2nixn42 Hunter's Cigarette Based Alchemy 2nixn42

Hunter Kieff
→ Caustic Breath

→ Alchemy: Basic

→ Level 1

→ Form of Weapon: Liquid, gas or powder.
→ Any kind of cigarette.
→ Hunter's custom transmutation circle is tattooed on the roof of his mouth.


→ The Caustic Breath is an offensive technique that works off the vast amounts of chemicals located within cigarette smoke. In order to use this technique properly and avoid injury, the user MUST know the molecular composition of every chemical or element stirring about within their lungs. With the transmutation circle being located on the lower lip, Hunter has to be extremely cautious about when he attempts to convert the smoke passing through into something else. If he were to be inhaling while the transmutation was taking place, everything meant to be exhaled would become trapped in his own lungs and provide a slow, agonizing death. If there is a strong breeze in the area, the user needs to adjust where they exhale in order to make sure that it hits the target area.

Considering the fact that his brand of alchemy is completely dependent on a cigarette, if his opponent were to; remove it from his mouth, put out the flame or even soak them all with water, he would be rendered useless. He isn’t very useful in rainy conditions that can kill the embers and if his opponent knew how his ability worked, they could interrupt him in several ways.

1. Striking his solar plexus shortly after his lungs are filled. This would make him cough violently and gasp for breath until his lungs were cleared of any foreign agents, ruining his attempt at transmutation.
2. Striking the solar plexus while exhaling. The sudden impact would nullify his ability to control just how much he exhales by forcing him to cough and sputter. While this may seem to be a very effective way to hurt him, do not forget that in order to hit him like that, the limb used to strike would take the brunt of whatever he decided to exhale.
3. Striking him in the throat. While this could incapacitate any human, it is particularly effective during both inhalation and exhalation.
4. Watching both his nostrils and chin very carefully. If his opponent were to know exactly what physical steps were necessary for him to perform this brand of alchemy, they would be able to see what he was preparing to do. After the initial inhalation of cigarette smoke, Hunter MUST ALWAYS click his tongue and take one final breath through the nose. One can tell when the tongue clicks because the space between his chin and Adam’s apple pulses. It is an extremely subtle and hard to read gesture, but do not take your chances with him. If it looks like he’s swallowing after taking a drag, treat it as a sign of aggression. This precaution could save your life.
5. Listening carefully for a muted ‘tink’ sound. If you’re unsure of what that is, click your tongue while your mouth is closed. While it is a very, very faint sound to those who aren’t the source, in areas without much background noise it can be heard clearly at distances up to fifteen feet away.
6. COVER HIS MOUTH COMPLETELY! This will force him to exhale whatever smoke was trapped in his body out through the nose as relatively harmless secondhand smoke.
7. Force him to breathe.

The effectiveness of the attack depends on the physical state. If gas, it can travel and linger in the air as long as wind doesn't blow it away. If liquid, then it is most effective at short to medium range. When spitting a liquid at his target, it exits his mouth as either a stream or fine mist depending on how he purses his lips. Much like when a person spits water, the closer the target, the more concentrated the spray is. For example, if a person that stood at Hunter’s height was standing two feet away from him when he spits, their face would be hit by most, if not all, of the liquid. But if they were standing, say, six feet away their entire body would be covered by droplets, their effects dependant on what type of liquid was sprayed.

Here are the steps involved in the use of Caustic Breath.
1. There must be a lit cigarette placed in the user's mouth
2. The user inhales deeply, filling their lungs with the smoke.
3. Activate the transmutation by clicking the tongue against the transmutation circle located at the roof of the mouth
4. One final breath is taken through the nose to expand the lungs as much as possible and avoid harming the user.
5. Exhale.
6 (Conditional). If the product to be exhaled is a liquid, purse the lips as if spitting to prevent a simple stream.

Warning: DO NOT activate the transmutation before inhaling. Do not take the final breath through the mouth.

Hunter's Cigarette Based Alchemy 3063264855_2fb9d1642d_z



→ The first and, arguably, one of the most unpleasant chemicals Hunter is able to manipulate through the cigarette smoke is H2SO4, also known as, Sulfuric Acid. There is an abundance of all three necessary elements to generate this extremely caustic acid and it would take a very long time to list them all. The main sources of Hydrogen come from; Butane(C4H10), Nicotine(C10H12N2), Acetone(C3H6O), Methanol(CH4O) and many more. The sulfur necessary for the chemical is fused to the paper used to roll up the cigarettes, providing a form of accelerant to ensure the paper will continue to burn. The oxygen necessary is present in; Carbon Dioxide(CO2), Carbon Monoxide(CO) and whatever is present in the air that passed through the burning cigarette as he inhaled.

While the sulfuric acid could very well burn him to death from the inside out, the writing within his transmutation circle is a form of incantation meant to protect his mouth from the harmful effects of what exits. This is only a one way street, however, and if he were to inhale smoke after clicking his tongue to initiate transmutation instead of exhale, his lungs would fill with the acid and he would die.

The only way he can control the direction and amount sprayed at his current level is by the positioning of his head and regulation of exhalation. It is completely out of his control after leaving the mouth.



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Hunter's Cigarette Based Alchemy Empty Re: Hunter's Cigarette Based Alchemy

Post by Guest Mon Mar 04, 2013 10:16 pm

Ready for review.


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Hunter's Cigarette Based Alchemy Empty Re: Hunter's Cigarette Based Alchemy

Post by Bronze Degan Tue Mar 05, 2013 3:25 pm


Enjoyable read, and rather unique! Carry on this way please!
Bronze Degan
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Hunter's Cigarette Based Alchemy Empty Re: Hunter's Cigarette Based Alchemy

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